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This is a Wiki posting artwork of your own design in rememberance of your favorite Childhood TV Show.

The Artwork must be your own work. It is also not limited to only "Live Action Shows" Cartoons can be considered as TV favorites as well.

Here is one of my favorite old TV Shows as an example.


Cartoon Entry

Please feel free to message me with your entry.

Another Wiki of a friend you should visit. All Things 80's

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2007-01-31 [Malnu]: I looked for Golden Monkey on actual valid DVD collection, but alas there is none. A shame really, as I kinda wanna watch it now.

2007-01-31 [Lothuriel]: Yeppers but those cost lots of monies. Of course I did splurge the other day and bought the D&D cartoon box set. I have yet to get to watch any of it...

2007-01-31 [Malnu]: I haven't gotten it yet. Maybe you can burn me a copy of it. *sly grin*

I of course would feel obligated to make you a back up of hmmm one of my many series of TV shows. For backup purposes of course, and not for profit.

2007-01-31 [Lothuriel]: of course of course...I would never ask you to *announcer voice* do it for profit or for any other reason except for back up purposes...and what not* Hmm, I will have to try to make a "back up copy" of it.

2007-01-31 [Malnu]: I might try and see about putting a list together of what I have bought on DVD, and as soon as I can get my systems back up and running, I'll see about making some of those said "backups". of your choosing.

2007-01-31 [Lothuriel]: Ah, yes...I could do the same....<img:44166_1164144907.gif>

2007-01-31 [Malnu]: some of the ones I have right off the top of my head are complete series of "Greatest American Hero", "Gummi Bears" complete. "McGyver" (first few seasons), "Airwolf" (first 2 seasons), "Knight Rider" (S1), "Dukes of Hazard" (first few seasons), "Tour of Duty" (Complete Series). Well just a few of the ones I have.

2007-01-31 [Lothuriel]: I have Greatest American Hero and Knight Rider, some of the Dukes bu the others I only drool over. Especially the Tour of Duty one...where did you get your hands on that??!! *is jealous* I also have He Man, Transformers (all seasons), She-Ra, Superfriends, Animaniacs, and *hides face* Alf...

2007-01-31 [Malnu]: oh... I have season one and two of Alf... don't hide away. No shame in that. *grin*

2007-01-31 [Lothuriel]: Whew...I am glad I am not the only one!!!

2007-01-31 [Malnu]: no way... I loved that show when I was younger. Watched it as a whole family in fact. Can you believe that one?

2007-01-31 [Paul Doyle]: I pity the fool!

2007-02-01 [Lothuriel]: Ah, yes!!! I have the A-Team as well. One of the perks of working here...well, where I work. Lots of cheap stuff.

2007-02-01 [Paul Doyle]: I used to think Murdock was also cool. "I wanna trash-BAG!" and the rest of his shenanigans, which were crazy with a purpose.

2007-02-02 [Lothuriel]: Crazy with a purpose....I never quite thought of it that way, lol...

2007-02-02 [Paul Doyle]: Well, he turned the trash bags into hot-air balloons, and was able to escape the mental ward that way.

2007-07-12 [Malnu]: Seeing as I have had no input to this wiki. I decided to upload another of my own.

2009-05-13 [Malnu]: No one wants too enter any artwork here??

2010-01-25 [Malnu]: *crickets*

2010-02-20 [Anvikit]: *cherp* *cherp* *cherp*

2010-02-23 [Paul Doyle]: Just like the majority of the rest of this website, though that new image-uploading fiasco is causing some activity in the forums. :-/

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