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Wanna ask me something? Go ahead! All questions accepted, from the personal to the perverted to the obscene. I'll answer them all!
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[Greatest fear:] Being used.
[Would you die to save someone you love:] Yes.
[Favorite movie:] Napoleon Dynamite or Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure.
[Favorite comic:] Hellsing (well, Hellsing is actually a manga but whatever).
[Favorite actors:] Jim Carey.
[Is there someone out there just for you:] If there isn't then I have no idea why I'm still alive right now.
[Where is your dream place to get married:] Not really. I want to get married eventually, but it doesn't have to be anywhere special.
[Ever been kissed:] Yes.
[Do you like extreme sports:] Cool to watch…not cool to play cuz I suck.
[Where is the place you would most like to visit:] Japan. Or England.
[What do you live for.] True love. (Yes, I know it's corny).
[Where is the place you would least like to be:] At home.
[How many kids do you want:] One or two.
[Do you drink?:] No, though I've had a drink before. I'm underaged.
[Longest you've gone without food?:] Three days.
[How many scars do you have?:] A couple little ones. The biggest ones are the ones that can't be seen…

[Dated one of your best friends:] Yes, once. (That one ended well note the sarcasm).
[Loved/Liked:] Yes.
[Cried:] Yes, but only once and it was kinda odd. The only time in my life that I've cried was when Aeris dies in Final Fantasy VII. 
[Drank alcohol:] Yes, once.
[Done drugs:] No.
[Broken the law:] No.
[Broken a bone:] No.
[Cheated on a test:] No.
[Skinny dipped:] No.
[Played Truth or Dare:] Yes.
[Ridden in a fire truck:] No.
[Come close to dying]: Yes.
[Burned yourself:] Yes. It was on accident and I feel really stupid about it.
[Given someone a piggy back/shoulder ride:] Yes.
[Eaten a worm/mud pie:] No.
[Stayed up till four on the phone:] Yes.
[Tipped over a port-a-potty:] No. (What an odd question).
[Fell asleep while eating:] No. (See above comment).
[Met someone famous:] Yes.
[Been in a school play:] Yes.
[Cried in public:] No. (See # three on this list).
[Seen someone die:] No.
[Been in a fist fight] No.
[Given someone a bruise:] Yes.
[Gotten a bruise:] Yes.
[Knocked someone out:] Yes. I pushed my sister down the stairs once…
[Been knocked out:] No.
[Flipped any vehicles:] No.
[Cut someone:] …No…
[Been cut:] …Yes…
[Cut yourself:] Used to.
[Burnt any buildings down:] ...Almost...
[Had sex:] ...Next question...
[Mooned someone:] No.
[Flashed someone:] (See above).
[Kissed an ass:] Figuratively or literally? No and no.
[Blew something up:] Ya. Nothing important.
[Caught your yard on fire:] Close, but no.
[Threw a firecracker at someone:] No! How stupid do I look?!
[Stayed up all night:] Yes!
[Slept all day:] Not that I know of.
[Watched the sunrise:] Ya, it was neat.
[Rode a motorcycle:] Nope.
[Driven a car:] Yes.
[Wrecked a car:] No.
[Gotten a tity twister:] Eek! (No).
[Given a tity twister:] Again, eek! (Again, no).
[Been suspended:] No.
[Been expelled:] No.
[Been arrested:] No.
[Been in jail:] No.

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2005-12-28 [Gone4Eva]: Lol i like thows ansers you should feel out more

2006-01-04 [THE^SQUIRREL]: thnx, but no one's asked me questions.

2006-01-05 [Gone4Eva]: get thows list ppl have that there houses

2006-01-06 [THE^SQUIRREL]: huh?

2006-01-08 [Gone4Eva]: go here StoneSoup there you will find list of Q?s

2006-01-09 [THE^SQUIRREL]: it's empty

2006-01-09 [Gone4Eva]: put a space in there and try that

2006-01-10 [THE^SQUIRREL]: ah...thanks. that works.

2006-01-12 [Gone4Eva]: KK

2006-01-26 [Black_Dragon_123]: blahblahblahblahblah

2006-01-30 [THE^SQUIRREL]: eeergh

2006-02-01 [Gone4Eva]: sorghge

2006-02-15 [Black_Dragon_123]: nyemeh?

2006-02-15 [THE^SQUIRREL]: guuurguale!

2006-02-16 [Black_Dragon_123]: chalsfd,?

2006-02-16 [Gone4Eva]: yeah

2006-02-21 [THE^SQUIRREL]: bleurgkx

2006-02-25 [Black_Dragon_123]: anywho...

2006-03-06 [Gone4Eva]: funk

2006-03-06 [THE^SQUIRREL]: yep-pey

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