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In an age long in the future, where space travel is possible, there lies a galaxy of merchants, pirates, bounty hunters, thieves, and assassins. But the most deadly threat out of all the forces that patrol these sets of stars, there is the Federation. The Federation was established long ago to maintain order, but it has been corrupted, turned into a fleet of misguided zealots, hell-bent on meeting their masters' needs, and their masters... they follow the orders of the Corporations. No longer is the Federation anything that it once was. Greed and power now run through the veins of all the Federation leaders.

There is, however, still hope; A Rebel faction known as the Republic Eclipse has managed to take over and control a few of the Federation's solar systems. After multiple attempts to reclaim these solar systems, the Federation left these territories altogether, abandoning its inhabitants to the barbarity and ruthlessness of the Republic's law. In these solar systems, they live by much harsher rules: live or die. But in these solar systems, some also find the opportunity to flourish by manipulating their skills. There is opportunity for all who look hard enough...

Will you be one to answer the call? Who will you be? Will you write the future of destiny for these galaxies, save the people from the iron fist of the Federation, or perhaps save them from the filth of the Republic? Certainly a young spirit such as yours has some sort of skills they can put forth towards a profession in this age, and there is always work to be done.

Perhaps a good place to start would be the Twilight Tavern in Omega Quadrant. Go, and seek your destiny!

(Character roster is in Omega Quadrant, please go there for character creation after reading Starboard Rules)

Any ideas, concepts, plans in progress, bitches, gripes, complaints, or any other form of input you have, please put it here. Starboard Engineering


From the founders of Crying Destiney, and A New Hope

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2014-07-31 [Nevermore.]: I didnt realize rping in the comments box was a thing o.0

2014-07-31 [snowwolfsa]: Yes, last time i rped on elftown that is how it was done, we apologize for the confusing start, had we realized there was a different way, we would of discussed it with you both before we started

2014-07-31 [Nevermore.]: its all good, I didnt even see any of it, I was just catching up on the comments discussion on it! =]

2014-08-01 [dead~spirit]: Sooooo we going to continue? I been checking in all day waiting for someone to post! Don't make me start rp'ing with myself!!!

2014-08-01 [The Black Cat in Your Path]: Sorry, my baby had a doctor's appointment and we slept in late. We're on our way home right now, then I'll post.

2014-08-01 [dead~spirit]: A hhh your a phone browser like me lol

2014-08-01 [crowfeather]: I'm here! *waves hand from shadowy closet*

2014-08-01 [dead~spirit]: Lol let's continue on the ship

2014-08-01 [crowfeather]: lol Well it's Snow's post I think

2014-08-01 [The Black Cat in Your Path]: Nevy, I posted for us on Nebula Five.

2014-08-01 [dead~spirit]: So I'm going to have the same issue tonight and tomorrow night, I will need someone too copy and paste my post.

2014-08-01 [The Black Cat in Your Path]: No biggie.

2014-08-02 [snowwolfsa]: i will do it for you, for 50 cents a post!

2014-08-02 [crowfeather]: I melted *flops over*

2014-08-02 [snowwolfsa]: lol

2014-08-02 [crowfeather]: Well been outside most of the day and it looks like it hit 106 so that's like day 6 of consecutive 100+ temp. days x___x

2014-08-02 [The Black Cat in Your Path]: Where do you live, Crow?

2014-08-02 [crowfeather]: In Northern California

2014-08-02 [The Black Cat in Your Path]: Ah. Lol. I'm from Arizona... Tucson hits temps of 110-120 degrees F during the summer.

2014-08-02 [crowfeather]: lol I have a couple of friends in Arizona. Been watching your sand storms and told one of them that your state must have pissed off some ancient deity since the sand is trying to reclaim it.

2014-08-02 [dead~spirit]: My God, I got the worst hang over in history, and drinking a beer at 12pm really did make it go away, that's crazy!

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