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Year of the Rabbit
Splitting Hares


Years: 1939, 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999, 2011, 2023, 2035
Positive Qualities: sympathetic, affectionate, humble, creative, optimistic
Negative Qualities: too sentimental, avoids conflict
Suitable Jobs: Diplomat, Lawyer, college professor, actor
Compatible With: Sheep, Boar and Rat
Must Avoid: Rooster, Tiger and Horse
Ruling Hours: 5AM to 7AM
Season: Spring
Ruling Month: March
Sign Direction: East
Fixed Element: Wood
Corresponding Western Sign: Pisces


The year of the rabbit—a calm year where everyone is more leisurely than normal and where days go by at a seemingly carefree pace. For anyone born in this year, luck will surely follow. However, like Momiji Sohma, Rabbits often have are seen to have a frail outward appearance because they are so gentle-natured, but deep within they are strong-minded and very idealistic.

Rabbits make great companions and their marriages are usually free of strife. Rabbits keep a mental record of both a person’s good points and their mistakes, but they tend to be very forgiving as long as the mistakes do not have dire consequences. But even as Rabbits are good at offering support and advice, they find it difficult to accept advice or criticism from others. Their desire to avoid conflict can make them come off as overly sentimental or even superficial, making deep emotional connections difficult. But when it happens, the relationships they form are very strong.

Men born in the year of the Rabbit tend to be courteous and refined and carry themselves like true gentlemen. They are resourceful and are often sought out for their strong advice, but tend to think it quite unrealistically and have a hard time dealing with misfortune.

Female Rabbits tend to be very serious people, but they love company. Among friends, they are very considerate and caring, however when it comes to their taste in men, women rabbits tend to be more insecure, dating guys who shower them with gifts.

Celebrity Rabbits:
Tori Amos
Aaron Carter
Phoebe Cates
Whitney Houston
Angelina Jolie
Mark McGwire
Mike Myers
Bug Bunny

(c)2000 Natsuki Takaya

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