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[Illona]-Owner,title creature,graphics
[Celtore]-Owner,Story line,graphics


The Sister’s of Creedon was started a long time ago by two demon sister’s that were abandoned as babies. There parents left them in this old run down cabin on the outskirts of Kelcaria. They grew up all alone defending one another. Although they were beautiful demons they were feared by many of the people in Kelcaria. When they turned the age of 21(in human years) they decided to leave and create there own kingdom. [Celtore] being the older of the two sisters’ had a lot of magic in her, so she built the kingdom by magic. [Illona] although the youngest she was very strong. She could shape shift into any animal she wanted. [Celtore] was a tall demon with slightly pointed ears and [Illona] was a tall demon as well, with dark skin and black hair. When [Celtore] started working on the kingdom they both had a lot of ideas for it. They got together and discussed what [Celtore] was going to do to it. It took two long years but [Celtore] was finally done. Once she was done she sent off [Illona] to gather people to live in and join their kingdom.[Illona] went away for about three weeks and came back with a bunch of different creatures following her. [Celtore] smiled at her sister and handed her a Sapphire necklace while putting her own on. These necklaces will join these two sisters together forever. From this point on the kingdom grew and started a new journey.

1. Only the Queen's can God mood.
2. Do not talk,this is an RP wiki.
3.You will not harm any creature's or animal's unless you ask for the queen's permishon.
4.You will show respect for the Queen's,So don't come in here thinking you run the place.
5.Show respect for other's cause im sure you want it back.
6.Do not i repeat do not be dramatic and bring real life situations in here.Thats mean dont Bitch and wine all the time.

Caution: There is foul laungue, there is sexual content.But do not cybor in here,there is a line limit so dont cross it and we will tell you when you have hti that point.So if you want to Cybor,do it in a private messege.Thank you

Title's of Creedon
[Illona]-Empress of Bela and Torros-Arrok
[Celtore]-Empress of Belatona
Council:You have power over the other's but the queens rule all.You will help with discitions.You can make a chosse but you must ask both Queen's and we will discuse of the matter.
Head General/Council Member 1:
Second Gerneral/Council Member 2:[The Warlock]
Leatenit/Council Member 3:
High Commander/Council Member 4:
Head Soldier/Council Member 5:[Lodengarn]
Go to Title's of Creedon to choose what title you want.
(If you would like a title that is not listed messege [Celtore] and [Illona] for promission.
Creedon Bio's
(You must have a bio)
Creedon RP
This is where we all RP!!!!
[You must have a title and a bio before RPing, Messege one the of the Queens your info and we will add you]

Creedon Pictures of People
(Here if you messege one of the queens we will put a picture of your charector up so we know and others will know what you look like.

Username (or number or email):


2006-04-30 [Dark Necromancer]: I might, yes. oh, and i joined some thing called sins of the night. tis pretty kool.

2006-04-30 [Illona]: Really I will cheek it out

2006-04-30 [Celtore]: What is this? >>>(There will be no additonal Rping connected to this wiki)

2006-04-30 [Illona]: I dont know I will take it off

2006-07-18 [Illona]: ~dances around stupidly~

2006-07-20 [Sailor Uranus XD]: Grarl!!

2006-07-20 [Illona]: O.o

2006-07-20 [Sailor Uranus XD]: sorry... got carried away ther XD

2006-07-20 [Illona]: nah tis kool

2006-07-20 [Sailor Uranus XD]: ok

2006-07-20 [Illona]: OOooooootay

2006-11-03 [Celtore]: Ok we seriously need to get this place going again.

2006-11-03 [Illona]: Yeah I know......gah

2006-11-03 [Celtore]: lol

2006-11-03 [Sailor Uranus XD]: its funny watch it! >< *in fit of hysterics*

2006-11-04 [Celtore]: I posted now someone else has to as well.

2006-11-05 [Sailor Uranus XD]: i did

2006-11-05 [Celtore]: I see that

2007-01-14 [Lady_Elowyn]: Just out of curiosity, is this still active?

2007-01-14 [Celtore]: Yes...actually I posted...I just didn't get a reply.

2007-01-15 [Illona]: wow I need to go on here

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