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Name: Simon Taft

Age: 31

Affiliation: Rebellion (US)

Rank: None

Gender: Male

Description: He is a smaller man only standing at 5'4" with a skinny build. His hair is dark brown and down to his ears which he wears parted to one side. He is usually seen in his old army uniform around the hideout, but prefers to wear a jacket, blue jeans, and some sort of cap while out and about. He also wears a badly burnt American flag around his waist as a belt.
Training: Advanced weapons training (Specializing in SMGs and Assualt Rifles), Close Quarters combat, and survival training.

Enhancement: None

Dark Arts: None

Weapons: Simon prefers the Russian PPSh 41 or the German MP40 and was trained in the American Thompson, but can make short work of the Nazis with an M1 Garand. In close quarters combat he can easily dispatch anyone with his Na-Bar USMC combat knife.

History: Simon was a former US Major and was originally in charge of a platoon in Europe. That was the high point of his life, and everything went down hill from there. Half his platoon was lost when Hitler retook Berlin and then the other half was lost in the following retreat. He managed to survive the slaughter by getting stuck under a fellow soldier's corpse as he was gunned down. Once he thought he was safe, he dug himself out and made it to the closest Allied camp to regroup. From there he oversaw Allied defeat after defeat as they were slowly kicked around the continent. Finally the full retreat was sounded and the US pulled all troops from the continent.

He was then stationed in Africa to try and shore up the Allied defenses there. When Hitler's army showed up, they might as well have built their bases and compounds out of paper for all the good it did. Hitler did to them in Africa the same as what he did to them in Europe. Once they pulled out of Africa he tried to get sent to South America to help there, but was told that the US had no plans on going there and instead were preparing their defenses for Hitler's inevitable move to take the United States.

That move came sooner then anyone anticipated and within several months the Nazi's owned it. Simon was determined to keep the Nazis out or die trying, but it seemed like something had other plans for him and he failed at both. It was shortly after the fall that the slaughtering began. In a move to "Get through the thick heads of these inferior creatures the New Order." By Hitler's words, he ordered any house that was displaying American Patriotism was to be destroyed and all of its occupants be killed. Simon was just returning from the last group of soldiers he was with before the military disbanded when the order was issued. By the time he got home, his house was being torched by three flamethrower wielding Nazis. The worst part was that he could hear his family screaming from within. He quickly reacted, jumping the fence across the street and pulling out the Thompson he carried, he emptied the clip into the backs of the Nazis and detonating the fuel tanks on the flamethrowers, incinerating several Nazis. As he ran past them, leaving them to burn the way they had so many Americans, he dashed into the house and tried to make it upstairs to where his family was. The stairs had collapsed leaving him with no way to get up to them. He screamed up to them, hoping to hear them again, but the only sound he heard was the flames eating away at the last shred of his life and the sounds of the load-bearing beams splintering. He sprinted from the house as it collapsed around him and furthering the destruction of his past. He sat in the yard for hours, watching as the house smoldered and smoked away into cinders. As he began to leave he saw the remains of the American Flag that had been flown in his yard, he picked it up and tied it around his waist before walking off into the smoke.

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