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Ship Living Quarters

Most people have their own rooms here, ranging in size from the family size ones with multiple rooms, each en-suite and sparsely suited. To begin with the rooms are free, quite simple and single person; since this ship is supposed to sustain many different life forms for extended periods however it has better homes that can be purchased. The ship is still quite commercialized after all. Talking of which, among the larger "streets" of the area some shops have sprung up, offering cheaper if not more legal alternatives to the high street brands.

Please designate yourself a room on the Ship Quarters

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2009-12-18 [Evolution X]: It's not that I don't like prostitutes, I just think there could be more functional jobs that people could be happy with. I just think you're saying a very unreasonable situation where people can have no hope in any other job other than prostitution.

2009-12-18 [Artsy]: I would suspect a nymphomaniac would have trouble... But anyway, what if you just want to be a prostitute? Why should you be denied what you want, because somebody else decided it's not productive enough?

2009-12-18 [Evolution X]: Why should we allow people to live a less productive life, just because they say it's "what they want"? If someone you knew had great potential, could become a great innovator in the forms of science or technology, but preferred sex more so wanted to become a prostitute, what would you tell them?

2009-12-18 [Artsy]: Be safe.

2009-12-18 [Ravenclaw]: Let us not forget that the average "escort" can make up to $500 a night with just one client. Lots of normal people go into jobs like stripping and escorting to put themselves threw college.

2009-12-19 [Chel.]: App process:
"Why yes, I'm fluent in oral and anal. I majored in sex and have a minor in bondage."

2009-12-19 [Flisky]: If you think about it, having a prostitute on board isn't a bad idea. If someone gets a little...drunk and stressed, then instead of say, raping someone, they can go to one of the brothel members...I don't know, just saying.

2009-12-19 [Evolution X]: why does drunk and stressed immediatley lead to rape? Why can't you just go to the super market and yell at random fruit? And wouldn't there be some sort of standards? Like angry drunk guys are likely to really hurt you if you do something like that?

2009-12-19 [Chel.]: Why are you so against a few man/lady whores? Everyone needs a good bone.

2009-12-19 [Flisky]: You've never been accosted by an angry drunk guy, then, I take it...But at least there would still be that release. This is supposed to be a 'human' sort of people, right? (I know, there are aliens, which is why I used quotations.) Ladies of the Night have been used in many civilizations to 'keep the peace' so to speak. *shrugs* But, like I said, I was just saying.

2009-12-19 [Evolution X]: no I haven't been accosted by an angry drunk guy... Drunk guy yes (possibly horny... ick). And can I just ask WHAT THE HELL? I didn't even say it was illegal to begin with, Josmar and RC did. I backed them up, then started a little arguement for entertainments sake about the purpose of the job, and reasons why it should be legal.
So far all I've gotten is "because it makes people feel good", which I don't think is a very good reason for making things legal. I'm pretty sure cannabis, meth and killing people makes some people feel good, and that is still illegal; why, because of the cultural upbringing of the leaders and the following "morals" of the people. We consider these things bad because of the way we were brought up, which gives us out reasons for judging things over other things. I was raised in the spirit of competition, you do better than the other kids and you get this special prize! You are judged by doing better by how how functional you are, how driven you are to succeed and how useful you are in life. I have been brought up in a system that says "because I like it" is not a good reason. But I recognise this, which means I can change my view, but I need people to put forward enough of an arguement that goes PAST "Because it makes me feel good", or at least some relavant reason why feeling good is better than functionality, and how the two can have no reason of mixing.
Are we done?

2009-12-19 [Flisky]: *shrugs* Meh. I was just commenting. *can't keep thoughts to self* ^_^

2009-12-19 [Evolution X]: I'm just saying, I have a problem accepting "because it feels good" as an answer. And I don't encourage keeping thoughts to yourself, that's boring and doesn't inspire arguements like this.

2009-12-19 [Flisky]: I really like the way they did it in "Firefly" and "Serenity". Companions were highly respected and trained, there were blacklists, and specific rules to being with a companion.

2009-12-19 [Artsy]: I think it would be a great job.. hired to be a companion.. to take care of a person's physical needs like sex, cooking food, massages, maybe even helping them bathe, as well as companionable ones like just talking or if you need a 'date' for some event...

Humans are social creatures. We need companionship, but we have been raised, most of us, in societies that frown upon any intimate companionship outside the realm of monogamous relationships, which is really limiting and frustrating to a good portion of the society. So should we deny others such necessary companionship, simply because they do not wish to commit to the person they are with? I don't think so... I think that would be forcing your will on another human being, and none of us have the right to do that...

And hiring a companion should be a personal choice, just like applying to be a companion. What if it wasn't just about sex, Evo-kun? What if it was a companion thing? Where you could relax, and be taken care of by someone, impart your trust on them, without feeling the stress of 'where will this go?''will i be with them forever?''do i want to be with this person, just this person, forever?''will they even want to marry me... or do they just want this?'?

2009-12-19 [Chel.]: Let's have a vote?

2009-12-19 [Evolution X]: I would hope that if someone were in a relationship it would be less of a control based affect, and there would be equal amounts of enjoyment and purpose on both parts...
But I do admit, the idea of a "companion" sounds better than a prostitute, it takes it away from basic instinct of simply sex. In order to be willing enough to look after them in such a way, cook food and be someone there to confide in, I think this would involve more drive than just having sex. They would be a carer, a therapist and yes, possibly a prostitute as well. I think this would be an acceptable middle ground.

2009-12-19 [Artsy]: Alright, agreement reached. Motion passed. *bangs gavel* meeting adjourned.

2009-12-19 [Flisky]: *gets up an has complimentary cookie* Well, not that that is settled.

2009-12-19 [Evolution X]: *noms my own cookie* mmmm... arguement cookies. Who has the milk?

2010-01-07 [Mrs Vicious.]: .... *blinks and shuffles off quickly*

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