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Saint Valentine's Image Competition


Saint Valentine's Image Competition Winners!

St Valentine's Competition Winners

             "Eau De Lurve"
    Drawn by [pixish]
                                   "The Gift"
                              Drawn by [Zinus]

All submissions:
This page: Saint Valentine's Image Competition
And Saint Valentine's Image Competition2</center>


Thank you to all that contributed!


It's a well-known fact that Elftown is about the people who make it such a nice place to hang-around. However, it's a less known fact that it was originally about art. This Saint Valentine's Day, we have decided to create a special contest and return to our origins.

All in all, dear Elftowners, we'll be asking for a lot of originality this time!

On February, the 14th, we'll be celebrating our very own Saint Valentine and two special poems and two special images will be posted on Mainstreet.

Yes! You have a Saint Valentine's Image Competition and Saint Valentine's Poem Competition to compete in! ^_^

Since this is a contest, images have to be added here in order to participate, even though winners will indeed be featured on Mainstreet. What we mean is, if you have your images nominated by a friend on Daily Art, they won't automatically take part on this contest, since it's a different project. In that case, you'll have to paste them again here yourself... no nominations for this contest.


Images must be created by Elftowners and posted here by the original author. Which means, no matter how much you might like a particular image on somebody's house, you are not allowed to add it here without the artist's permission.

Submissions for Mainstreet will not be accepted if they feature violence or disturbing actions.

What will we be expecting? Creativity and love of course! We all know the typical romantic images... but this is Elftown... and we want something different!

We will be picking two images. One that features a sci-fi kind of love and another one that should feature fantasy love. We will especially be looking for orc/troll themed ones.

How to post it here:
Add the image link after the last one that has been already posted. Don't forget to write its title and then your Elftown username between brackets (Drawn by...).

Since the chosen images will be featured on Mainstreet and might be included in the poems, we wouldn't like them to be too big... Be creative but please keep that in mind! ^_^

Closing date:
On February, the 11th, we will consider that there has been enough time given and will accept no more entries.

The Saint Valentine images will be picked out by the Daily Poem Team among all those presented and a surprise awaits for the winners. For any problems contact [Cristina] or [Calico Tiger].

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1. Happy Valentine's Day! Drawn by [Nym.]

2. Amin Mela Lle... Drawn by [Nym.]

3. Look Into the Eyes. Drawn by [Nym.]

4. Kiss my Soul. Drawn by [Nym.]

5. Wishingstar Drawn by [liiga]

6. True Love Drawn by [beyblade]

7. Angel Lover - Drawn by [Dil*

8. MY LOVE - Drawn by [bluefan44]

9. Valentine's Gollum - Drawn by [Salwénië]

10. All I want - Drawn by [Lilya]

11. This and this alone is life: life is love - Drawn by [Katsumi]

12. Cute Fluffy Lovers - Drawn by [suss

13. puppy love - Drawn by [bluefan44]

14. now how do you explain this to the parents? - Drawn by [thyladyinred]

15. Drawn by [Vitani]

16. Someone for everyone - Drawn by [Elforia]

17. Orc - Drawn by [Yuriona]

18. orc princess - Drawn by [Nym.]

19. orkish expression of love - Drawn by [cobi]

20. "Doyle Dragon" - Drawn by [Paul Doyle]

21. "Doyle dragon 2" - Drawn by [Paul Doyle]

22. Where Would They Make A Home? - Drawn by [ix_chel_2]

23. Contemplation - Drawn by [ix_chel_2]

24. Drizzt Do'Urden and Cattie-brie - Drawn by [ix_chel_2]

25. Drawn by [blackphoenix]

26. My Lover and me! - Drawn by [Nym.]

27. "My dark Valentine" - Drawn by [silverflagon]

28. Drawn by [Karis]

29. Eau De Lurve - Drawn by [pixish]

30. Drawn by [Fire fae]

31. (b) Drawn by [Fire fae]

32. Drawn by [elfieboi toshi]

33. Drawn by [cobi]

34. Drawn by [liiga]

35. Valentine Chick - Drawn by [mesaana]

36. Drawn by [alinePhoenix]

37. A Sweet Red Rose - Drawn by [Malnu]

38. Drawn by [Athene Noctua]

39. Drawn by [Bratt]

40. Drawn by [Yuriona]

41. Drawn by [Moorn]

42. "I Love My Job" - Drawn by [3L]

43. Chibi Valentines - Drawn by [Lilya] and [Tiera]

44. Hello People - Drawn by [Mordecai]

45. Take the thorns with the flower - Drawn by [Luceel]

46. Drawn by [PerfectDrug]

47. The Gift - Drawn by [Zinus]

48. Love - Drawn by [Elph]

49. Mosuke and Sakura - Drawn by [RoninX]

50. Drawn by [RoninX]

51. little angel - Drawn by [Chi]

52. Orc in Love Transfiguration - Drawn by [NICTE]

More entries on Saint Valentine's image competition2!

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2004-02-08 [Cristina]: Nobody has won yet, you'll see the winners the 14th... 'til then you'll have to wait... and bite your nails mwahahahahhahaha *cough* *cough*

2004-02-08 [cobi]: i think i have a clue who'll be the favorite.....but i'm not elling. mwahahahahahahahah *coughs* *clears throat* mwahahahahahaha.

2004-02-09 [Cristina]: oooooh.... evilness stirs in this contest... mwahahahhaa

2004-02-09 [CurbsideProphet]: These pics are awesome guys. Just thought I'd say so... ((Ph33r my r34l17y... +giggles+ Largo ish my hero... :)~ ))

2004-02-09 [liiga]: Yesh! Largo r0x0rz! :3

2004-02-10 [Cristina]: This contest is closed. Good luck to all and don't forget to check out the winners this Saint Valentine! ^_^

2004-02-12 [silverflagon]: Oh and I wanted to replace mine:( Oh well good luck everyone, I don't think my sketch stands a chance, too many faults in it. :)

2004-02-12 [Elforia]: meh I doubt mine does either, but it helped me deal with the issue of a card for my bf so I enjoyed it whether I do or don't :)

2004-02-12 [suss]: Heh :) I enoyed it too. this contest got me going.. yesterday I bought a tablet too.. So I want to practice... anyone want to practice with me ? in OC ? ^_^ I have nc how to set up a server ^^

2004-02-12 [Elforia]: hehehe this contest got my mum to make me a drawing pad! How cool is that! all blue with fantastic paper

2004-02-12 [suss]: drawingpad? I'm not sure I understand...

2004-02-12 [suss]: oh.. OC = openCanvas

2004-02-12 [Elforia]: well a sketch book, where I can sketch when I feel the need...not for the computer

2004-02-12 [suss]: Ahh :) ok . then I did understand. just didnt grasp the context.. :) 

2004-02-12 [Elforia]: Lol it's ok

2004-02-13 [Cristina]: Contests boost creativity, and I'm glad to see that you all liked this one ^_^ so many entries!

2004-02-13 [NICTE]: I just loooove to see all these wonderfull artwork ...I think everybody won.

2004-06-03 [Saffron]: no really, who won?

2004-06-03 [Paul Doyle]: Looking forward to another, similar ET contest . . .

2009-01-11 [Artsieladie]: Exported the page, added keywords, titled the images, and placed the winners on the page and corrected some typos. :)

One of the images that wasn't uploaded to Elftown, I was able to upload it to Elftown, but the rest that are now just listed as links, I couldn't locate to be able to upload them to Elftown. :,(

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