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Wellcome to the SSEB (Saint Seiya Experts Bureau). If you think you are an expert in the Saint Seiya Anime or Manga, then, this is the place for you!

We are a Bureau that looks to uncover the hidden truths behind Saint Seiya: all of those things that Kurumada didn't tell about it. We are always looking for the truth, the facts, the reasonable doubt and the so interesting lies, by the way.


Ok, the main mission of this wiki is to upload all the unoffcial info about Saint Seiya out there, so... fanfics, theories, conspiracys, etc. Can be found in here:

SSEB Miscellaneous

SSEB Fanart

Or you can join the forum: <joinforum:949:seiya> (SSEB Forum)


[Yoruno] Ok, here comes a little bit of fan stuff: What do you think might like to our beloved Bronze and Gold Saints?

SSEB Saint´s Favorite Movies
SSEB Saint´s Favorite Music
SSEB Saint´s Favorite Hobbies
SSEB Saint´s Favorite Food
SSEB Saint's Favorite Outfit


The SSEB is looking for your help 
in the case number #0010: 
Hyoga's crush
Please give us your opinion!

The SSEB presents case number #0011:
Are in fact Ayolos and Mitsumasa Kido just diferent incarnations of the same God (Zeus)?

Check at [smeet666]'s My Zeus theory


New adittion! You can check at some interviews with the very same Saints themself....
And we begin with the Leo Aioria Interview!
And for the fans of this sexy guy, we have also the Cygnus Hyoga Interview


Links to some quite interesting pages about Saint Seiya SSEB Links

Sister wikis SSEB Wikis

My image gallery SSEB Gallery

Banners!! SSEB Banners


The Experts:

1. [Yoruno] I love Saint Seiya, specially in Yaoi. Maybe I´ll do a Yaoi section, mh... ^_^
2. [Moluco]
3. [Erthalos]
4. Johnnyjosh
5. [5thwitch]I HAVE a yaoi site about saint seiya... shuraxaioria...

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[Moonknight]: how do I join here? :P

[Yoruno]: Add your name to the list and pick a banner. :)

[smeet666]: Maybe one day I'll explain why I think Ayolos and Mitsumasa Kido are the same person : the reincarnation of Zeus ?

[Yoruno]: *blinks* The reincarnation of Zeus...? That's an interesting theory, to be sincere... that might very well explain why if every saint have nine lives as a cat, Ayoros has never returned after saving Athena... uhm... if you're interested, we could start developing that theory! I like it...

[smeet666]: The 'corpse' of Ayolos was never discovered. Plus, we don't know how Mitsumasa died; and he's still able to communicate with his daughter through the supposedly AI-handled "cosmothing device". Plus, he had 100 children. Plus, he was able to dissimulate the Sagittarius Cloth by changing its appearance, hence why not his own appearance? And so on, ad nauseam…

[Erthalos]: That's an idea. I guess Mitsumata Kido was Zeus, but not Ayolos, since they're supposed to have met... And if Ayolos knew he was THAT powerful, he'd have protected Athena by himself...

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