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Sunny Featured Art

On this wiki you can nominate art pieces for Sunny Featured Art!
I could use some extra eyes watching out for nice art ;)



1. Don't nominate yourself/your art pieces.

2. Only nominate artists who haven't been featured before.

3. Only nominate art pieces that follow the Uploading Art Rules.

4. Only nominate art of which you are sure belongs to the artist.
This means you can also nominate art of Elftown members that they uploaded to Elfwood or DeviantArt.


1) New/unknown artists are preferred, though known artists should not be ignored.

2) Art pieces can be of any kind: Drawings, photographs, statues etc..

3) Finished art pieces are preferred, which also refers to coloured versus non-coloured. Of course non-coloured artpieces can be awesome despite or because of being non-coloured, don't hesitate to nominate those.

4) Whether or not a nomination will be used is totally up to me and will not be put up for discussion.
Harass me about your nomination and it will be disqualified.

5) If your nomination is going to be used, the artist will be asked for permission before featuring.

Nominations that do not follow the above will be removed.


Used nominations


New nominations

<img:stuff/Star_1.gif> [name artist] - Link to art piece on Elftown
By [name nominator]

<img:stuff/Star_1.gif> [hannes] - <img50*0:img/drawing/68076_1179693837.jpg>
By [Linderel]

<img:stuff/Star_1.gif> [Iske] - <img50*0:stuff/floatinghome.jpg>
By [ally]

<img:stuff/Star_1.gif> [allenp] - <img50*0:img/drawing/8714_1151251723.jpg>
By [Jitter]

<img:stuff/Star_1.gif> [dayah] - <img50*0:stuff/A%20magical%20Gift.jpg>
By [Jitter]

<img:stuff/Star_1.gif> [Jiten] - <img50*0:img/photo/18501_1191422954.jpg>
By [Linderel]

<img:stuff/Star_1.gif> [LvSha] - <img50*0:img/drawing/106271_1152278667.jpg>
By [Triola]

<img:stuff/Star_1.gif> [FridaFrost] - <img50*0:img/photo/19289_1207415044.jpg>
By [sequeena_rae]


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2006-06-15 [Linderel]: Yah, I actually had a bit of trouble trying to decide which one of the pieces up in that house to nominate... And the promised spammage begins! *has been abusing the random member button*

2006-06-15 [spincrus]: Lucky findings you have there though, I kept spamming it all night yesterday and all I got was photos taken from weird angles with dark makeup and "my boyfriend left me :((((" type of comments :/

2006-06-15 [Jitter]: hahah I'm gonna check the rest of the art there then ^_^

2006-06-15 [Sunrose]: Yaaaaay :D You are all so great *^____^*

2006-06-15 [Jitter]: You are great too Sunny *hugs*

2006-06-16 [Sunrose]: *^^* thanks!

2006-06-16 [Linderel]: *fervently hopes neither of the new ones is stolen* I tried conducting a Google search, but at least I didn't find anything... So they're hopefully clean. The members' houses just don't give any implication either way.

2006-06-16 [Sunrose]: I just removed a bunch of copied images from [morrison's Lament]'s history, so that one might be stolen :S

2006-06-16 [Charybdis]: My immediate reaction was that it is :/

2006-06-16 [Linderel]: Oh. :S Guess that one should be taken off the list, then. But if it is copied, I want to know the original artist... *fell in love*

2006-06-16 [Charybdis]: Too bad there's no name. I like it too :) I just found it odd that someone from Turkey likes doing Native American-themed art..

2006-06-16 [Linderel]: Humankind has seen stranger things. I actually found the unicorn picture more suspicious, since the member's house is pretty generic and nothing there otherwise implies that they would draw very much... So maybe I shouldn't have put either of them on the list. >_<

2006-06-16 [Charybdis]: It's so hard to tell sometimes :) And I'm glad I saw them anyway :P

2006-06-16 [Linderel]: Well, I think I'll wait for Sunnies' judgement on them before I do anything and, meanwhile, abuse the random member button a bit more.

2006-06-17 [Sunrose]: I don't know about the unicorn, there is another unicorn in the's hard to say if she made them or not...

2006-06-17 [spincrus]: I think [morrison's Lament] is a frequent UAR violator and none of those works belong to him.  ///  [Charybdis]: You'd be amazed at how much Native American culture and folklore is respected here in Turkey :)

2006-06-17 [Charybdis]: Really? I had no idea ^^ Is there a particular reason for the interest?

2006-06-17 [Linderel]: Okies then, I think I'll take at least that one off the list...

2006-06-17 [spincrus]: There is this wild theory that Turks and Native Americans share the same root (both having originated from Central Asia, but it's not quite clear for the Native Americans, just an estimate). Second is, we mostly have Caucasian skin, but most of the Turks can get a good tan and if one also has long black straight hair, they think they resemble the Native Americans ^^

2006-06-20 [Sunrose]: Honours to [Jitter] for having her nomination chosen. And of course a big thanks from me ^_^

2006-06-20 [Jitter]: :) Yay! That piece you picked eventually is so pretty Sunny!

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