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Sunny Featured Art

On this wiki you can nominate art pieces for Sunny Featured Art!
I could use some extra eyes watching out for nice art ;)



1. Don't nominate yourself/your art pieces.

2. Only nominate artists who haven't been featured before.

3. Only nominate art pieces that follow the Uploading Art Rules.

4. Only nominate art of which you are sure belongs to the artist.
This means you can also nominate art of Elftown members that they uploaded to Elfwood or DeviantArt.


1) New/unknown artists are preferred, though known artists should not be ignored.

2) Art pieces can be of any kind: Drawings, photographs, statues etc..

3) Finished art pieces are preferred, which also refers to coloured versus non-coloured. Of course non-coloured artpieces can be awesome despite or because of being non-coloured, don't hesitate to nominate those.

4) Whether or not a nomination will be used is totally up to me and will not be put up for discussion.
Harass me about your nomination and it will be disqualified.

5) If your nomination is going to be used, the artist will be asked for permission before featuring.

Nominations that do not follow the above will be removed.


Used nominations


New nominations

<img:stuff/Star_1.gif> [name artist] - Link to art piece on Elftown
By [name nominator]

<img:stuff/Star_1.gif> [hannes] - <img50*0:img/drawing/68076_1179693837.jpg>
By [Linderel]

<img:stuff/Star_1.gif> [Iske] - <img50*0:stuff/floatinghome.jpg>
By [ally]

<img:stuff/Star_1.gif> [allenp] - <img50*0:img/drawing/8714_1151251723.jpg>
By [Jitter]

<img:stuff/Star_1.gif> [dayah] - <img50*0:stuff/A%20magical%20Gift.jpg>
By [Jitter]

<img:stuff/Star_1.gif> [Jiten] - <img50*0:img/photo/18501_1191422954.jpg>
By [Linderel]

<img:stuff/Star_1.gif> [LvSha] - <img50*0:img/drawing/106271_1152278667.jpg>
By [Triola]

<img:stuff/Star_1.gif> [FridaFrost] - <img50*0:img/photo/19289_1207415044.jpg>
By [sequeena_rae]


Go or return to:
- Sunny Featured Art
- SFAN - IM: Nominations of inactive members
- SFAA: List of featured artists
* SFAA 1-50: Feature 1 to 50
* SFAA 51-100: Feature 51 to 100
* SFAA 101-150: Feature 101 to 150
* SFAA 151-200: Feature 151 to 200

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2010-04-25 [Sunrose]: Wh00t nominations :D

2010-04-25 [nehirwen]: I'll try to remember to nominate again when I stumble upon some nice art. :3 *absentminded much*

2010-04-26 [Sunrose]: *hugs* ^^

2011-01-20 [Akayume]: Awwww. It's so sad this is on hiatus. :( I love looking through the art people nominate here. (:

2011-01-20 [Sunrose]: Yea, it's just a lot of work finding art, asking permission and waiting for the response :/

2011-01-20 [Mortified Penguin]: Just do like me and take it!

2011-01-20 [Sunrose]: :P

2011-01-20 [Triola]: You should get deputies :D

2011-01-21 [Akayume]: I agree! :3 The art is always so fabulous on here.

2011-01-21 [Sunrose]: Haha didn't even think about that! Wouldn't that be a bit too much like featured art though? And what about putting the image on my house? :P

2011-01-21 [Triola]: Well, you'd still be boss and have the final say, the deputies would just find art, send anoying messages, and other dirty work :P

2011-01-21 [Akayume]: I like that idea tooooo! (:

2011-01-21 [Sunrose]: So basically I am starting a miniature Elftown and I would be the mayor...I like that idea too ;P

2011-01-22 [Daisy_Sandybanks]: Sunrose Village! :D

2011-01-22 [Triola]: Sunnyville :D

2011-01-22 [Viking]: It just can't be Sunnydale.

2011-01-22 [Triola]: Which is why I villed it :P

2011-01-22 [Sunrose]: Mwaha xP

2011-01-23 [Akayume]: Sunrose could secretly plot to take over elftown. Then the motto could be "It's always sunny here". :O

2011-01-23 [Triola]: She could give out free SunnyD as part of her campaign!

2011-01-23 [Akayume]: Yes! And those sun stickers where the sun is wearing sunglasses.

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