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Sunny Featured Art
SFAA ARCHIVE: Feature 151 to 200
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SFAA 101-150

On this wiki the old features, seen on Sunny Featured Art, are archived!


<img:stuff/Star_1.gif> 24-05-10/ 24-10-10
<img100*0:stuff/%5bKuramasgirl%5d.jpg> [Kuramasgirl]
Nominated by [Zab]

<img:stuff/Star_1.gif> 18-05-10/ 24-05-10
<img100*0:stuff/%5bAEAcomics%5d.jpg> [stuffAEAmade]
Plaster Sculpture

<img:stuff/Star_1.gif> 13-05-10/ 18-05-10
<img100*0:stuff/%5bPhoenixSilverDark%5d.jpg> [PhoenixSilverDark]
un the TEA
Nominated by [Jitter]

<img:stuff/Star_1.gif> 03-05-10/ 13-05-10
<img100*0:stuff/%5bFuture_Dictator%5d.jpg> [Future Dictator]

<img:stuff/Star_1.gif> 27-04-10/ 03-05-10
<img100*0:stuff/%5belissa%7cmode%5d.jpg> [elissa|mode]

<img:stuff/Star_1.gif> 23-04-10/ 27-04-10
<img100*0:stuff/%5bChrilith_of_Akhai%5d.jpg> [Chrilith of Akhai]

<img:stuff/Star_1.gif> 18-04-10/ 23-04-10
<img100*0:stuff/%5bAliz%5d.jpg> [Aliz]

<img:stuff/Star_1.gif> 05-04-10/ 18-04-10
<img100*0:stuff/Image_1058641.jpg> [JajaJulie]
A ladybug and some designs.
About 30 minutes with photoshop cs2, all done by hand with a mouse.

<img:stuff/Star_1.gif> 01-04-10/ 05-04-10
<img100*0:stuff/%5bBalthezar_Arith%5d.gif> [Balthezar Arith]
Elmer in action (click image)

<img:stuff/Star_1.gif> 29-03-10/ 01-04-10
<img100*0:stuff/%5bYuriona%5d.png> [Yuriona]
My persona Yuriona all dressed up for an ET Masquerade Ball

<img:stuff/Star_1.gif> 26-03-10/ 29-03-10
<img100*0:stuff/%5bBente%5d.jpg> [Bente]
This was made in two sessions; one in 2007, the second and last one in august 2009.
Pencil doodle, coloures with markers.

<img:stuff/Star_1.gif> 22-03-10/ 26-03-10
<img100*0:stuff/%5bAdaria_Moonlight%5d.jpg> [Adaria_Moonlight]
The Cardinal is made up of 9 separate pieces of felt and everything is hand stitched.
The legs and eye are done with embroidery floss alone.



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2010-07-10 [Stephen]: SFAA 101-151 is an empty page. :(

2010-07-11 [Sunrose]: Whoops should have been 150, thanks :P

2010-07-19 [Stephen]: =D

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