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2006-01-03 18:02:57
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Rules, Regulations & Common Sense

1. NO POWERPLAYING: A classical rule, to powerplay is to play someone else’s character without permission.

2. Regarding Omnipotence: Your character cannot be “all powerful”. Be fair, everyone has weaknesses and characters must as well. ((It is REALLY annoying when chars are omnipotent))

3. Literacy: In this Roleplay, you will be expected to use proper sentence structure, capitalization and punctuation. This is not English class, but I expect to see people putting in the effort to appear literate. If this rule is too often ignored, then you shall find that your character is 'accidentally' killed off.

4. Attendance: Feel like your in school yet? lol! This rule is serious though. Don’t bother joining if you won’t be here enough to contribute to the Roleplay. Please be here at least every four days. That is a lot of time to be away, so this rule is fair. We need for you to give at least that much dedication. BE HERE!!!

5. Concerning Swearing: I honestly don’t care if you swear as long as you recall that this is used in a fantasy context. Please be reasonable. Offending use of this privilege will lead to being banned.

6. Be polite: Your chars can do (basically) whatever they deem in the Roleplay, but outside of the Roleplay, I insist that the players be civil with each other. I’ve never had a problem with this before. Let’s keep it that way!

Thank you for reading the Rules.
If you have any questions, contact me ---> [Mira Ravenheart]
I look forward to RPing with you all!!


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