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*The bartender glances up from cleaning the counter upon hearing that name. "Oh so its that federation deserter your after?...what was it you said Rui?, come now son speak up, these old ears aren't what they use to be." the bartender spoke with a laugh before setting his glass down "well i can't say I have ever seen him in here. Least not for sure, but what I can tell you is this..." he pauses a moment before speaking "..rumor has it, a large black ship is often seen at the Meteor Mining Field, lots of harvesting ships go in there and don't come back one might be worth checking out" the bartender spoke as he coughed and motioned to a Tip jar on the counter.*

As the bartender returns back to work muttering what a cheap skate you are for not leaving a tip, you go to sit somewhere in Twilight Tavern or proceed directly to Meteor Mining Field


Username: [snowwolfsa]

Character Name: Rui




Pirate/former Federation Starship Captain

Rui was the youngest person in the Federation to obtain the rank of Starship Captain, having enlisted into the Federation's galaxy program at the young age of 15. Having lost both his parents a year prior, it was his final option, having gotten himself into a bit of trouble. The Academy straightened him out, however. He was top of his class in combat and tactics, specializing in dual weapon usage, and for a time he was a devoted soldier for the Federation. Multiple captures of Republic ships, and even more confirmed "kills" outline his resume. No one in the Federation knows what made him turn, only that one day, he, his crew, and his ship--Federation property--just vanished from Federation space.
He is now wanted by the Federation, who even has his face up on the wanted board in Republic territory with a bounty that is, oddly, higher than one would think it should be.

Character Description:
Silver hair, long black coat, combat boots, and fatigues, a short, dagger-like sword sheathed on his belt, and a silver revolver holstered on the opposite side.

Ship assigned on (if applicable):
He is Captain of the Federation Battleship Starfyre. Top of its class at the time he was assigned to it. Ship used to be silver and red, but has been said to be painted black, and flying the pirate flags since his desertion.



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