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Characters of Roan's Knights

Welcome to the men and women who are trying to save their home from the horror of war. They look to Roan as being the savior of Tyradias. They guide, fallow, and help her on her journy to release the captured god. 

Inner Circle
Turan Ecthelion
Abarhi Seriphim

Lady Lyenisa
Queeen Sealie of Pheonix
King Minitus of Griffin


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2010-07-15 [Mrs Vicious.]: Question: who's playing the king of pheonix? cos I want to make sure I havnt like messed up with the Queens history of him... Maybe I could play him too?

2010-07-15 [Eyden13]: Right now I"ve been using him, but there is no offical character so you can have him if you want. Just know theres some info you'll have to intergrate, but it's not a lot. Still want him?

2010-07-15 [Mrs Vicious.]: hmm nahhh i think ill let him go to someone elce, theres just some information in the queens history about him thats all and i wanted to make sure that like if someone elce got him then like theyd include that.

2010-07-15 [Eyden13]: It all looked good to me.

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