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This is my character for my RP Tyradias

Roan Oaklin

Race: Human
Rank Witch and Savior
Age 18
Personality:She’s a reliable person who has a huge heart. She is ruled by compassion, obligation, and a motherly nature. She believes in readiness and organization, and loves to cook. With quirky abilities to know when someone is hiding something, or /and lying causes her to hold trust invaluable. She is greatly independent, and her favorite thing to do is read during the rain next to a fire place with a cup of tea.
Discription: see pic
Weapon: a small katana, which she is learning to use.
Abilities: Can tell when someone is lieing or hiding something from her, and over time developes ability to cast spells.
History: Roan's mother has raised Roan all by herself since Roan's father left her at Roan's birth. As a result Roan has learned how to take care of herself fater than other teenagers. Her entire life she has lived in a small town and is known for being reliable. She's had several jobs, which has tought her different talents and trades. However, her father's blood comes from the time of the chaos going on in Tyradias, causing magic to run in her vains.
Family Lulliby:Hush little one, don't you cry or you'll cause the moon to weep. Hush little girl, don't you cry or you'll cause the the sirens to sing. Hush dear girl don't you cry or you'll cause your true love to die. Hush dear daring don't you cry or you'll cause the gods to spy. Now that you've stoped to cry see the truth beyond your eye. Sleep little dear one for I do see your future that awaits the."


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2009-10-12 [Talos Cyrion]: uh Eyden...where's the pic? lol

2009-10-14 [Eyden13]: Haven't found one that really stands out to me. When I do then I'll put one up.

2009-10-14 [Talos Cyrion]: ah ok...thought it was just my comp being an idiot (it's annoying ><)

2009-10-14 [Eyden13]: Nah, I'm just indecicive, but totally understand, my comp does that to me every once in a while.

2009-10-14 [Talos Cyrion]: oi ya....machines as a rule never work when you want them to

2009-10-14 [Eyden13]: haha yup

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