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Alignment: Herself
Gender: Female
Age: Unknown
Description (or pict): Rage has deep gold eyes and long white hair. Her wolf form is black and white.
Weapons:She has several daggers hidden through out her body and carries a long black sword and a bow and arrows. and Shadows
Abilities: She can control shadows. Her favorite ability is one she gained from Syrian. Her wounds heal when she drinks blood, but she can absorb the powers of the being whose blood she drank depending on the amount, although never more than 16 hours. She also has the Siren eyes she bargained for with the Siren race.
Race: Purebred Wolf
Occupation: Queen/ Assassin
Rage was born to Ice and Shard the leaders of the Sumata Royal Wolf pack, her original name was Storm(named for her once grey eyes). She had a mate named Flame. Due to her close association with shapeshifters she has acquired a love of games and will often place her opponents into contests or elaberate games. Flame and the rest of her pack was hunted and killed, the only way she survived was because they had caught her in a trap, she was raped and forced to watch as her pack was killed one by one, even the puppies... including her own daughter. After that Rage struck a deal with Syrian and she trained under him and he kept her from aging. She is his absolute servant and in truth adores him even though he terrifies her. Rage hates humans more than anything else in the world, and although human peasants are treated equally in her rule, most human nobles have been wiped out. Rage has a soft spot for children and will never harm a child... she would even give her life for a human child. Children are sacred to her since she lost her daughter.


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