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RPG Wiki

These are the RPG categories: Check at the one you likes the most, or at all of them just for fun!

Anime RPG's 9 wikis
Creatures RPG's 27 wikis
Horror RPG's 10 wikis
Fan RPG's 24 wikis
Medieval Fantasy RPG's 48 wikis
Modern Setting RPG's 40 wikis
Other worlds RPG's 25 wikis

Various RPG's 153 wikis

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2007-03-26 [Sedition]: many thanks.going to Fort Sill Oklahoma,home of the US army Artillery, HOO-AH!

2007-03-26 [~username~]: Go ARMY!!!! Congrats on getting in.

2007-03-26 [Sedition]: thanks, Im a 13 Bravo (cannon crewmember for you civies out there) at the rank of E-2 private (bwahaha,got a promotion for recruiting a friend,thats also in that motherland rp).though im volunteering for airborne and ranger school,infantry was friggin full when i joined.

2007-04-22 [POG]: Errs...Can you please add XENO-gen into either modern or various because it is futuristic. Thanks!

2007-04-26 [Shikitty]: (( Magic Simplicity needs members! It is a magic school rp. Just go and look! If you're interested talk to [KnightAngel] ))

2007-05-24 [The Dark Wolf]: Good RPG’s Magickunderground
BloodyNight and Evil wars all needs new Chars… Evil wars is my best one! Come join!
for more info message me! [The Dark Wolf]

2007-05-30 [~username~]: XENO-gen added to Modern

2007-07-06 [Dreamseller]: Do i add the wiki i have myself?

2007-07-10 [~username~]: Nope, you request it to be added and post the link

2007-07-11 [Dreamseller]: [Task Force Delta] I'm requesting to post it. :)

2007-07-11 [iippo]: Add @wiki inside the square brackets to make a wiki link: [Task Force Delta@wiki] --> Task Force Delta. :)

2007-07-12 [Dreamseller]: Ah yes. XD! I forgot. : x So is it added?

2007-07-16 [~username~]: Yep! I added it under Modern Setting RPG's

2007-07-16 [Dreamseller]: ty :)

2007-09-02 [Wild_Rose]: Please add Back to Narnia , brand new so many members needed ^^

2007-11-20 [Lite]: Can you add War of the Races to what ever catagory it is suitable for? (Its the future of a fantasy world now known as the future Earth with scifi and fantasy) It's a new RPG officially opened recently(today).

2007-11-22 [The Dark Wolf]: Can you please Add Evil wars And BloodyNight . Both are futuristic and involve Vampires or were wolfs and more..... Thank you.

2009-02-26 [~Valkyrie~]: Can I request Akallabeth to be added under the Medieval Fantasy RPs? I'm trying to get more characters so we can start it up.

2009-02-28 [Sedition]: been forever since ive been back on elftown,even see my old comments from before i went to basic,and i got back from iraq like 4 months ago XD

2009-03-02 [~Valkyrie~]: Well, welcome home [Sedition].

2009-03-03 [Sedition]: thanks,is it possible to remove the hiatus status from Motherland on the list?work has picked back up

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