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The Roleplayers' Council is no longer. All forum members, please kindly apply to the WFR Guild via the WFR Application Page, and ask to be considered for the Guild Guards and/or Knight position(s).

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The Elftown Clans
-- [xido], WFR Guild Madraven of 2003-2008

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2007-02-21 [xido]: Hi everyone! I'm Will, the current moderator until a full Clan political structure has been set up, and I would like to let you all know at once what you were invited here to do, and would like to thank Halcyon for helping to clarify.

This page is a roleplay zone. In it, we will be creatures which we identify with. Currently, Elftown offers only a select few fantasy races to choose from on your house presentation.

My ideas center around allowing all Creature_List Races the ability to have their voices heard, in any form, for any reason. I would eventually like to approach the Elftown Council with a true resolution about upgrading certain features of this sort on Elftown. But that is beside the major point.

This page lists a GOP ("Grand Olde Party", or a majority House), and the Minorities (known collectively as the MGP, "Minorities Groups Party", and each page includes in its ranks beings from The Creature List and the WFR Char RACE Page, who will be asked to form a 'CLAN'. Every Clan will have the ability to freely decide what the laws and bylaws of the Clans' structures, who gets in, and what the rules of the Clan are.

All Clans collectively are in these two Houses. Fantasy Humans are the House Moderators, who work with both houses as far as making peace, representing one House for the other House, sending messages about major changes, etc. The Humans get their own Clan, a member of the GOP - Human Clans. There can be multiple Human Clans which work in cooperation, and there will undoubtedly be some need for split Clans representing a single clan for Humans.

Anyways, after a full RP Council is put together (One Clan Leader for each Clan listed on the Representative Poll, <poll:73926>, both Houses will be able to make major decisions and have an influence on how RPG society works on Elftown, and how best to confront the issues raised by Take Elftown Back.

This is a movement sponsored and supported by the-roleplay-initiative, and allowed to grow and expand by [Hedda] and the Council's members. It is in no way endorsed by them, simply allowed to take place.

For more info, please see the post I made about our duties and needs: [426756 (Unknown or private posting)]

Thanks everyone, and yes, though it may take a day or two for me to answer every question, you will get answers. Pleas feel free to comment or begin working on any Elftown Clans page you have an interest in, and at your own pace.

Best wishes to you all,

2007-02-21 [xido]: "Akai Kiri: How do I get my name on the list on this page?"

Please join one of the Elftown Clans, based on your favorite Fantasy Creature from the Creature List. From there, all leader will decided by votes and Clan decisions.

I am currently leading the Draconic Clan because I love dragons. There are a large amount of Vampire-lovers out there too, so they should join Undead Clan and start fleshing out how they would like to work together as fantasy races.

One thing that can be done (to those of you who are unsure of what to do, or what your purpose can be, do as I did to find you all:

Go to 'Search' at the top of the page, on the Elftown upper taskbar, right nest to 'Forums'.
On the Search page, set the list to post people in the order you wish them to be viewed (by name, last-login, date-created, etc.
Also, click 'English' as a language, and 'Role playing' as an Other Interests option. Then hit 'Search' at the end of the page, and there's the list of roleplayers of Elftown.

If you do this, copy the name of someone you think might be interested in joining, and I will cordially add them to the RP Council forum, and they will get an invitation like you all did.

Secondly, if you do not like 'spamming' people in the way I contacted you, then feel free to check out the Elftown Clans and vote for your favorite Fantasy Race: <poll:73926>

If you would like to be removed from the Council for any reason, I will gladly remove you, but please let me know by Message, so I will be reminded to do it. I would love to see everyone stick around, however, and have fun!!!

2007-02-21 [xido]: One more major point:
If a Council member shows up and says that they are a given race, their rank supercedes all others. This includes [Hedda], too.

Meaning: If an Elftown Council member shows up and asks to be Clan Leader, they are. That's it, no questions.

When all Clans have a Leader, and a House Leader is chosen from the Majority Clan in each House, we will begin the hard work of reshaping Elftown's RPGs.

2007-02-21 [Once upon a dream]: You should have a faerie clan ^^

2007-02-21 [xido]: There are two:
Sylvan Clan - Sidhe &
Sylvan Clan - Unsidhe

Do you know the difference? I will post a link up about them:
Sidhe and Unsidhe Descriptions

2007-02-21 [Veltzeh]: What exactly do the members of each Clan and their Leaders do, or what should they do?

2007-02-21 [xido]: "They will post info, writings, media, and concerned errata in the Clans pages," responds Draco-[xido], "and when it comes time to do an ECM Session on the creature(s) of your Clans' umbrella (sub-types of related creatures), the Clan will benefit as a whole if its submission for the ECM is the best of the submissions provided. For now, that is the only promo of doing it, however, in the future, I will be focusing more on the Clans for RP reasons."

"Remember too," he continues, "that the-roleplay-initiative is the basis for this action. Roleplaying IN-CHARACTER as a creature-character is both honored and recommended at ALL TIMES. So feel welcome here, and do as you please. I am hosting a mission party in the Draconic Clan Hall for now as an examle of how to conduct business-as-usual."

2007-02-21 [Stephen]: Wow, I'm lost...

2007-02-21 [Estantia]: I think I agree there... *Estantia walks into the light* but it seems to me my role elsewhere as a peacemaker and diplomat suits my species well, though knowing more about the role would be good, not to mention explaining this confusion with all the different wikis a bit.

2007-02-21 [Earoluim]: * appears before all* Hello there * bows * I recieved an invitation to join this forum, how may I be of service?

2007-02-21 [Estantia]: From what I can tell, this place is here to set up how all of the different species interact within their kind and with other species... acting as a sort of parliament for the fantasy creatures. In which case the first step would be understanding this thing and deciding on a species.

2007-02-21 [Earoluim]: Deciding on a species for what exqactly ?

2007-02-21 [Estantia]: sorting out the definitions/artwork/culture for these creatures I think, maybe to use as a guide for any rp in elftown when it comes to fantasy creatures

2007-02-21 [Earoluim]: But how can onesay how one species should act against its own or another.

2007-02-21 [Estantia]: that's where the group bit comes in i think, with more people they can discuss and sort it out. the paliament thing might be to get everyone to decide on the big stuff. that's how I'm reading it, but I may be very wrong...

2007-02-21 [Earoluim]: But I don't get why a certain race should act a certain way, noone forces the way someone acts. THe way you grow decides who and what you are. Noone can take that away from you, or replace it with something else.

2007-02-21 [Estantia]: they're not trying to do that, from what I can see this is more to define general relationships, not individual ones. For example in general elves are known for their affinity for nature and dislike of conflicts due to peaceful lives. That's not to say that an elf who comes from a normal home doesn't find the idea of fighting exciting and can't become a mercenary, that would be restricting your creativity and character.

If they tried to stop that they would probably have a mob after them AND defeat the point of this!

2007-02-21 [Yoruno]: Oh... a gathering of creatures... interesting ^___^

2007-02-21 [Earoluim]: ah, thank you for clearing that issue for me, I have soared through this forum a bit and have noticed that the creator no offense to him, has taken most of what is going on here from other wiki's and from dungeons and dragons. how much more does one want to censor fantasy, not pointing that directly at anybody.

* bows head To Youno* I apologize * bows To Estantia, I have not been mannerable, I am Earoluim.

2007-02-21 [Estantia]: It's ok. I just said what I interpreted this thing as. anyone else got different views on it?

2007-02-21 [Once upon a dream]: Ah, *Is enlightened* I want to become a part of the Sidhe clan.

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