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You can write a link to your private forum like <joinforum:44:AllHailHedda> (The mayor's fanclub) if you have given your private forum a password. Otherwise you have to add each new member.

Write information about your forum in this way:

Elftown crew

This is a forum for people who have the right to mess up Elftown a little more than other members.

Contact: Don't call us, we call you!


Featured Art forum

A forum for the Featured art. If you would like to nominate a well deserving artist just place your nominations in this forum:

Click to join: <joinforum:2054:nominatenow> (Featured Art Nominations)


Daily Poem forum

A forum where you can discuss the Daily Poem feature, the featured poem, or ask questions of the Daily Poem bosses.

Click to join: <joinforum:225:Poems> (Daily Poem forum)


Featured Members forum

A forum that lets the public share their views on what makes a member worthy of being featured on Mainstreet, as well as other suggestions you might have for the Featured Members staff.

Click to join: <joinforum:735:join> (Featured Member)


The Town Herald Public Forum

Come to interact with the Town Herald crew, discuss, leave your opinion and have fun! ;)

Click to join: <joinforum:177:union> (Town Herald : Come one, come all)



A forum for musicians and music lovers.

Click <joinforum:28:Music> (Music)


Russian Forum

A forum for speaking in and about Russian.

Click <joinforum:91:ruskigt> (Russian forum)


The Dutch Forum

Discussies over Elftown in het Nederlands. (andere praatjes zijn ook goed ^_^) (Discussions in Dutch about Elftown)

Just Click <joinforum:528:hier> (The Dutch forum)


Furry Forum!

A forum for anything regarding Furry!

Click <joinforum:85:Furries> (Furry Forum)



A forum for discussing religion. This is primarily a Christian forum, but all religions are welcome to come in. However, we do ask that members of this forum treat others as they themselves would wish to be treated. That's the golden rule most of us learn in childhood, and it ain't a bad one.

<joinforum:114:choir> (Church)


The Harry Potter Discussions Forum

For Harry Potter discussions. May contain spoilers, so don't go there if you haven't read the books. Please keep all discussions containing spoilers in this forum, and away from the public forums! All members can add new members to the forum, and you can join it by clicking here: <joinforum:130:phoenix> (Harry Potter)



A place to share and discuss recipes, and cooking triumphs or disasters. Hobbits especially welcome, with their fine appreciation of good vittles. *g*

Click to fill your tummy now! <joinforum:214:cheese> (Recipes) (Recipes)


Manga & Comics

Discussions about manga and other comics.

Join by clicking here:<joinforum:197:comics> (Manga & Comics)


NaNoWriMo Forum

A forum for NaNoWriMo discussions. If you don't know what NaNoWriMo is, see NaNoWriMo

Click here to join the forum: <joinforum:248:november> (NaNoWriMo)


Wheel of Time fanciers

A forum for fans of The Wheel of Time

Click <joinforum:249:Telamon> (Wheel of Time fanciers)


Oh Canada

A forum about Canada. Of course, you don't have to be Canadian to join, but please talk about things having to do with Canada. Don't think there's anything to talk about? Maybe your view will be changed if you visit the Oh Canada wiki page.

<joinforum:628:canuck> (Oh Canada)


Sect of Avaz Gossip

Gossip about the Elftown Legend, [Avaz]. Learn the secrets and the scandals! *hands you your black cape and cowl.*

Click to join: <joinforum:843:Avazhasahairybutt> (Sect of Avaz Gossip)


The Olympic Games

You can talk about the happenings in the Olympic Games here, when they next come around, so that the other forums don't become too stuffed with that talk.

Click to join: <joinforum:1031:os> (The Olympic Games)



You can discuss anything to do with chess in this forum. <joinforum:1102:chess> (Chess)


The Fencer's Forum

Join The Elftown Fencing Academy Fencing Forum! For all lovers and fans of fencing! Fencing Forum (# 1386)

<joinforum:1386:FencingForum> (Fencing Forum)


Advanced Placement Commiseration

For those of us high-schoolers who are in AP (college credit) classes. I figure, the teachers always insist that the course is the same all over... So why shouldn't people who aren't nessasarily close geographically be able to complain to/help others with the subjects? Anyone who is either taking an AP class, has taken one, or just knows a bunch about one of the subjects is welcome. 

Click to join: <joinforum:1947:ap> (Advanced Placement Commiseration)



For the few of us MAC users, us rebels :P , that exist here in Elftown there is finally a place to discuss your MAC problems, questions, or whatever. Or even just chill and bask in the glory of OS X (ok.. some might still use OS 8/9.. its forgivable I guess.. you are still welcome... i guess :P )

Also consider this a way to learn more about MACs and what benifits switching from a PC might do for YOU. I can give you my honest opinion on whether or not these machines are for you.. some people simply should stick to PCs as they are better-fit for the person. I'm not a MAC freak who thinks that there is no good in Windows.. I just think OS X does it better, especially for me.

I'm also always willing to help with tech-support questions for both MAC and PC (Linux included on a VERY limited basis compared to the rest).

NOTE: I can help SOME with people trying to learn Xcode programming for MAC but I too am teaching myself right now.. so you might know as much as I.

Click to join: <joinforum:2000:jobs> (MAC-Heads)


New on Elftown?

Hey you feel embarresed? You got trouble with talking proper or just English. Your not the only one. Here we will try to help you and give advice on what you should or shouldn't do on Elftown. And learn you how to use the forums; Come on and join :) You'll find here friends and much more, trust me.

Click to join: <joinforum:2045:moo> (New on Elftown.)


Elftown Promotion Forum

For discussions of thoughts, ideas, suggestions, even cultivated plans, to help promote Elftown, whether to inform the world, bring in more members, or to bring in more funds to help make Elftown be the best it can be! Why reach for the moon, when we can help Elftown reach for the stars?

Click to join: <joinforum:2362:ElftownRocks> (Elftown Promotion)


Computer Issues

This forum is for Elftown members that have questions about computer issues they are experiencing. (I don't really want this forum to be private, rather, public, hence I set it up under 'Anarchy'.)

Click to join: <joinforum:2372:computerproblems> (Computer Issues)


The Bad Artist Society

Welcomes members who seek constructive criticism about their art so that they can improve, rather than nice but pointless comments about how good it already is.

See I have no need of your God-damned sympathy for more details, or contact [iippo] or [SilverFire].


If you wish to add more forums to this list, please do so.


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2008-01-27 [Imperator]: Why don't we have all the forums on one page instead of two?

2008-01-27 [Hedda]: That would be a good question... <img:stuff/sutN.gif>

Historical reasons and because we thought people would list 100 more pages of forums and then we should re-arrange it all, or something...

2008-01-27 [True, plain and simple]: Or that they were misled by the "too-big-wiki-page" message... :P

2008-01-27 [Imperator]: Can we put them all on one page since that isn't happening?

And what is the point of that message? It doesn't stop you from putting a mile long string of text on it anyway...

2008-01-28 [iippo]: If I remember right, the message is to help people understand that hugenormous wikis that are being edited a lot (such as very active Roleplay games or such) are a tax on ET computer capacity. That's how I recall it at least, but I'm not a hundred percent sure. And this was a few years ago.
Anyway, I fixed this wiki now, because there aren't millions of people all adding their forums here so I don't see a reason for two wikis.

2008-01-28 [Imperator]: Yay!

So why does it take more capacity for one large page as opposed to several small ones?

2008-01-28 [True, plain and simple]: It doesn't. It just adds up more quickly if you're only changing things in one section of the page, because each copy of the page must be saved (and so saving a lot of copies of a large page is more space-consuming than the same amount of copies of a smaller one).

2008-01-28 [Imperator]: Hmmmmm. That didn't make a whole lot of sense but I don't pretend to know anything about this so... yeah...

2008-01-29 [Skydancer]: Every time a change is made to a wiki page, a copy of the entire page is saved as a previous version. So, if you have a wiki with 1000 lines, and wiki with 500 lines, then naturally everytime you edit the bigger one, you are eating up twice the disc space for each and every edit than you would be editing the smaller one. Does that explain it?

2008-01-29 [Imperator]: lol, yeah. Now I get it.

2008-02-02 [Hedda]: But nowadays the old versions are compressed together with each other, so small changes to huge pages takes up very little space in the long run. It's still a lot of data, but it's no problem. The messages are a much bigger problem at the moment, and the number of members also a little problematic, but I'm working on solving that too. <img:stuff/dand-gif.gif>

2008-07-14 [Hedda]: Well, I want it so anyone can join that's interested to be able to add themselves. But...if it's passworded, how can they just add themselves?

It's no problem because you've written the password in the joinforum-link, just like the other forums have done on this page.

2008-07-16 [Nita]: Worked fine for me :)

2008-09-26 [Lothuriel]: I am bit confused...where do I find the Forum number of a forum I have created?

2008-09-26 [True, plain and simple]: <URL:view_forum.html>; it should be in parenthesis after the name (though the real forum number is actually prefixed with a -, I suppose).

2008-09-26 [Lothuriel]: Oh, ok thanks hon!<img:44166_1164145221.gif>

2009-05-11 [Synirria]: I made a boo boo I don't know how to fix...I accidentally kicked myself from my own forum...what do I do?

2009-05-11 [Hedda]: I'm fixing that now...

2009-05-11 [Synirria]: I know lol sorry

2011-06-20 [Veltzeh]: Removed Assembly and ETA forums. I also took out Good rant and Fantasy_Writing_Reference forums because they can't be joined and their admins are gone.

2014-08-07 [SilverFire]: Removed some more forums that required you to contact inactive members in order to join.

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