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Prince of Corruption


Warning! This is a yaoi not for people under the age of 18

Prince of Corruption Story Plot

Prince of Corruption Rules

Prince of Corruption NPC list

Prince of Corruption Good Characters

Prince of Corruption Neutral Characters

Prince of Corruption Evil Characters

Prince of Corruption RPG

Prince of Corruption Pictures for Characters

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2010-10-07 [Silver Moon]: ok cool

2012-01-31 [Silver Moon]: I was wondering when people might be interested in starting this game?

2012-01-31 [Lirerial]: I'm ok for anytime ^_^

2012-01-31 [Silver Moon]: Need more characters though. There is your character and the start of Gypsy's...I would be okay if you made more characters. I will have to talk to Gypsy and see if she still wants to play. But I want more characters

2012-01-31 [Lirerial]: ok :) I'll make another one, and advertise this one so we can get more people

2012-01-31 [Silver Moon]: Okay that will be great ^-^

2012-01-31 [Lirerial]: :D Can't wait! lol although I halfway wish Acaidith and Crimson could have more than just a onesided relationship lol **just read through the profile

2012-01-31 [Silver Moon]: lol it could happen if she turned into a dude. lol

2012-01-31 [Silver Moon]: I could always make someone like him for her too

2012-01-31 [Lirerial]: hmmm true lol idk and I suck at playing guys hehe

2012-01-31 [Silver Moon]: lol. I play them great lol. I have to go in about 30 min. I could make a girl for her or a boy. Your choice.

2012-01-31 [Lirerial]: Hmmm boy lol and she'll play around with girls when she gets bored lol teehee and I know you do XD eventually I will learn hehe

2012-01-31 [Silver Moon]: lol okay. I hope we can start soon.

2012-01-31 [Lirerial]: yup yup same :p

2012-01-31 [Silver Moon]: lol okay. I hope we can start soon.

2012-02-01 [Flisky]: Looks interesting....

2012-02-01 [Lirerial]: Yup :) I hope it starts soon :p

2012-02-01 [Flisky]: There, how's my character?

2012-02-01 [Lirerial]: Oh very nice!!! :) what you think of something between Rage and your character? Since they're both fire based it could be cool hehe

2012-02-01 [Flisky]: They could be acquaintances. Zefyre is kind of asexual at the moment. (Mainly because I can't decide myself.)

2012-02-01 [Lirerial]: hehe ok :) yea, that's why I put both on Rage to cause I don't know which one she'll like best

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