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The Council Portrait Gallery inspired several members to draw many of their fellow Elftowners, resulting in a lot of gorgeous artwork. In this wiki you can find links to various portrait gallery wikis of these artistic members, so if you enjoyed browsing all the donations in CPGD, page 1, CPGD, page 2 and CPGD, retired, you can continue that by visiting these wikis.

Also, if you'd love to have a portrait done of yourself, but aren't in the Council (yet), you can visit the galleries to see if any of these talented artists are willing to take a request.


Feel free to add your own portrait art wiki to the list. Keep it alphabetical, thank you. :)

- Amrhi's portraits - By [Amrhi]
- Cia's Portraits - By [Cia_mar]
- Dayah's Lil' Shope of Portraits - By [dayah]
- Draw Yer Face: Complete - by [Dint]
- The Dumpysaur's Hall of Chums - by [Dumpysaurus]
- Elysiann's G-Portraits - By [Elisha Kelly]
- Fantasy Portrait Entries - Entries of the Fantasy Portrait Contest
- Fellow Elftowner's Portraits - By [Mom]
- Jitter's portraits - By [Jitter]
- Ocean's Elftowners - By [Ocean Soul]
- Ponies! - By [blackphoenix]
- White Rabbit Society Portrait Gallery - By The White Rabbit Society


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