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Porter O'Dell

Alignment: Rebellion
Gender: Female
Personality: She is a calm, sweet girl who is almost child like. However, she has a ruthness to her when her family and those closes to her are harmed. She is a great intellect, that take thought into all that she does. She has spent many years studying poison, herbs, and medicines, and fine tuning her power of water into healing. She is wise and quite, but filled with compassion and kindness.
Description (or pict): See pictures Below
Weapons: Two twin blades that fit in her hair, like combs.
Abilities: Control with her eyes and voice, and water.
Race: Siren
Occupation: Warrior/ Healer

A Book of Miss Guided Fairytales
History: She is the daughter of Ariel, and never knew her mother. She was ten when her mother decided to go back to the sea and turned into foam. Her father keep trying to keep her away from the sea, but she always loved it and defied him. This put a big stain on their relationship to the point he sent her away as the ambassador for her kingdom.

For Bleeding Hearts only
History: She grew up in the care of Serene( If it's possable) She is one of the youngest of her kind, and spend most of her time above water in Rage's castle. She is Serene's cousin; however, She and Rage seem more like older sisters, and Serene as a mother. Both her parents were killed by the old king, make her dispise all that had to do with him. Even though, she believes that Aiden has a right to the throne, she miss trust him. Fearing that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. She was once the amassitor between the Sirens and Elves, but what alliances were made Sirens and Elves no longer consulted with each other.

Info For Tyradias
Alliance: Neutral
Kingdom: Roc
Rank: Ambassitor between kingdoms and Sirens
History: Porter is very old, older then that of the reining king's grandparents. She is the princes of the Sirens, and was alive before Turan lost his memory. Porter is one of the few of her kind that spend their time above the sea. She knows of Corus's plan, and doesn't completely disagree, but what she does care for is the well being of the people she protects. For the lack of all gods, As Corus plans, will put the sea and land in turmoil with a pillar of power.

Mermaid Form:

Human form:


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2009-10-04 [Lirerial]: wow thats really pretty^_^ I like her! lol

2009-10-04 [Eyden13]: I'm glad

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