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A Beautifull cove, surrounded by green grass, wich extend outwards a way before it hits the sands that surround the city of Farlingrad. This is the port of farlingrad, if you are comeing to farlingrad city by ship, this is more-likely where you will end up, its a typical ship port, shipping buisness come in an out on a regular basis

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2006-08-14 [snowwolfsa]: Captain: *looking to reaver "..dont waste your bullets on him, ill take care of him, you get ready with the crew, make sure the ships do not board us" he spoke as he then turned back to face pryce for a moment before looking back at reaver "... dont be a hero...this is just a ship.... you an the crew abandon ship if neccessary"

2006-08-14 [dead~spirit]: Reaver: *unsheaths his swords again, and looks at the crew, who are all in shock* "you heard him..get a move on!"

2006-08-15 [Yelsa]: Yelsa: *looking at the aproaching ships she thought quickly. If all three of them caught up to them at once they didn't have hardly a chance of making it, but if they could manage to attack them one at a time, or even hit and run's they had a better chance. With another glare at Pryce she went over to Reaver. She knew her advice would be worth shit to him but her freedom depended on it.* Excuse me sir..but I was thinking. If we managed to attack them one at a time, or even hit and run...would we not have a better chance? *She was already forming the base of an idea, but she knew it was far fetched and would need other minds to compleat it.*

2006-09-10 [snowwolfsa]: Pryce: *unsheathing his sword from inside his trench coat, it was a white hulted two handed katana "...Im sorry captain, but this is where your legacy ends"

2006-09-10 [snowwolfsa]: Captain: *drawing his two cutlass's from his back, he raises them as he shakes his head before chargeing at him, blades first

2006-09-14 [G:/enesis~]: Reaver:*looked at Yelsa, as he was working his way to the back of the ship.* "theres no way this ship will be able to outrun them with the bow sinking..."

2006-09-15 [Yelsa]: Yelsa: *She fallowed him with a scowl, more to herself than anything. Adjusting the hat on her head she took better grip on her weapon.* Then what are we doing? Because if they all attack us at once there isn't a chance.....

2006-11-24 [dead~spirit]: Reaver: *runs over to the edge of the ship before looking back at Yelsa* "were abandoning ship.."

2006-11-25 [snowwolfsa]: Captain: *blades locked with pryces katana, he could tell by the strenght behind pryces blade he held no hope for holding this lock for long " seems i underestimated you pryce..." he spoke as he noticed his crew abandoning ship, with a grin 'live on' he thought before returning his gaze to pryce "..lets end this little dance shall we..."

2006-11-25 [snowwolfsa]: Pryce: *nodding "with pleasure my dear captain" he spoke, with one clean move, had nocked the captain out of the lock and knocking him back a bit before spinning around catching the captain in the side with the sharp edge of his blade.

2006-11-25 [snowwolfsa]: Captain: *eyes widen at the sight of his own blood before he gripped his side, as he stepped backwards "heh... if i where only 10 years younger this battle might have had a diffrent hat goes off to..ugh..." with that he gripped his side coughing up blood as he fell backwards off the side of the ship into the ocean water below

2006-11-27 [X name]: Jhared:*Pain. Sharp, in his side. Eyes flying wide open, Jhared takes in what little of his surroundings he can see in the dim light, not understanding where he is. The pain that woke him leaves his side just as quickly as it came, and in it's place, a dull throb deep in his skull. Abruptly, his wits come back to him, and he recalls the events that transpired what seems like moments ago to him. His mustaches quivering with his moans, he sits up slowly. The gun Reaver fired had failed to wake him, but he noticed several more muffled shots as he rose* "So they decided to keep me around awhile.."*Getting to his feet shakily:*"Looks like my guards are otherwise occupied, perfect."*Weaving even more drunkely than the ships motion could account for, his clothing soot-caked, his head bandaged heavily, Jhared continues narrating his own escape from what is the ships lower deck*

2006-11-27 [snowwolfsa]: Pryce: *looking over the side for a moment, he shook his head before turning an heading into the ship, walking down the stairs to the meeting room, he noticed Jhared an his way an shook his head "... heh your still alive?... well i guess your stronger then you look, i highly suggest you abandon ship.. i wont waste my time killing you.. the state you seem to be in... i highly dought youll make the swim to shore" he spoke before turning away from him an heading into the meeting room

2006-11-27 [X name]: Jhared:*Having been halfway up the stairs, there was no where to run when Pryce started down, so he had decided to play it cool, pretending he was simply a crew member who had dropped something, crouching down to get it, while he actually gathered himself to leap on the man. His bandaged head gave him away before he could leap, however, and after hearing Pryce's words, he abandoned the thought of attacking the man, and started up the stairs even more quickly(And precariously) than before*

2006-11-27 [snowwolfsa]: Pryce: *walking over to the safe in the back corner an with two fluid motions of his blade the door fell off the hinges, an he reached in pulling out a few folders before exiting the metting room an heading back up to the deck

2006-11-27 [dead~spirit]: Reaver: *dives into the cold water, and swims for shore.*

2006-11-28 [snowwolfsa]: Pryce: *Walking over to the pieace of board that connected the pirate ship to one of the templar ships he steps on the board an crosses before kicking it over the railing, he was immediatly greeting by one of the templars, before the ships ceased fire, an turned to sail away from the sinking pirate ship

2006-11-28 [X name]: Jhared:"Flaming..Swim.. Show you..In hell.."*Muttering to himself fiercely, Jhared reaches the top deck, scanning the desolate former pirate ship glumly. He snatches up a fallen halberd on deck and is just in time to see one of the last Pirate's dive into the water, before turning his attention to the other vessels. Strangely enough, the other ships, which boarded the vessel, didn't bother to loot it. Scurrying over to the captain's cabin, he fumbles open the door and steps inside. Immediately, he spies what he's looking for:A large, plain wooden chest at the foot of the bed. Using the halberd, he hacks off the thin brass lid hinges, and manages to lug it back on deck. With a grunt and a curse, he heaves it over the side, and follows suite.*

2006-11-29 [snowwolfsa]: Pryce: *as the ship sails away he catches a glimps of the old man an the empty chest, he laughs some an turned walking down into the lower decks of the templar ship, muttering "resourcefull" to himself

2006-12-16 [Yelsa]: Yelsa: *Grumbling slightly she valted herself over the edge of the ship. Landing head first into the water with a smooth splash. She was used to swimming and took advantage of her skills. As she came back up to the surface, the wide brimmed hat had dissapeared in the waves, but she didn't notice. Instead she was fallowing the others to the shore, her long dark hair plated wetly agaist her back.*

2006-12-16 [snowwolfsa]: End of Scene

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