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2010-07-05 00:23:46
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2010-06-30 [sweet.tx.tea]: *le stalk*

2010-06-30 [Akayume]: XP I'm getting there! I tried to upload a zip file last night but it said it was too big. :( Apparently I suck at this whole uploading thing. >.<

2010-06-30 [sweet.tx.tea]: All's good. I do the same. <3

2010-06-30 [Akayume]: I'm working on it! One day.... I will have a successful upload! >:D

2010-06-30 [sweet.tx.tea]: Haha! Good luck, sweetie!

2010-06-30 [Akayume]: Thank you. :D

2010-07-02 [Akayume]: I miss my camera. :( My mother's has TERRIBLE quality...

2010-07-02 [Nioniel]: Oh, how pretty!

2010-07-02 [Akayume]: Thank you. (:

2010-07-02 [Nioniel]: :)

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