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Photography Weekly


You step into a small confined office with a girl sat at the desk with a camera hung up behind her, photographs all over the desk and a beautiful true Devonshire scene out the window. She looks up and tilts her glasses to look at you, "'Ello there! Welcome to Photography Weekly, my name is [Firenze] director of this small wiki, can I 'elp?" she asked in her Devonshire accent, you nod and she helps sort you out as to whats what with Photography Weekly.


This Weeks Display

<img100*0:stuff/cia%27s%20lotus%20flower.jpg>   <img100*0:stuff/DSCN0930.JPG>   <img100*0:stuff/FP_BradleyWoods_076.jpg>   <img100*0:stuff/z/40324/Vacation%2520Photos%2520TK/Photo%20272.jpg>   <img100*0:stuff/Bosch-SaintStatue2.jpg>

(Photographers: [Cia_mar], [Tickle Me Emo], [Firenze], [BinaryPhoenix], [Linderel])



PW - Our Promise to you
Some things that we at Photography Weekly will do for our photographers.

PW - Rules
Some rules that must be followed when submitting.

PW - Submissions
Where you submit your photos to be displayed.

PW - Previous Displayed Photographs
Where all photographs that have been posted on [Firenze]'s house are stored for all to see

PW - Thank You
This is a log of how many photographs have been submitted and displayed on [Firenze]'s house. There is also a little contest of who can submit the most photographs a year to.

PW - Banners
Banners to help display Photography Weekly


Thank you for submitting, admiring or doing whatever when coming to this wiki. I hope you enjoyed it. [Firenze].

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2006-10-24 [Ultiem]: YAY i claim first!

anyway dont you like my prettyt blue eyes?

2006-10-24 [Firenze]: oh I love 'em, they are so aluring...

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