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As you all know, Elftown is a community where many different photographers meet and post their creations. Therefore a special themed ET Photograph Competition was created.


Photograph Contest Winners

ET Photograph Competition: [Tupile] & [barutha]
Costume Contest August 2005: [Seyra]
ET Photograph Competition (Fantastic Waters): [Ocean Soul], [Elmiira] & [Truth . Beauty . Love]
ET Photograph Competition ('Tis the season): [SashaShy] & [Nocternity S.]
ET Photograph Competition (Paranormal): [Nocternity S.] & [Tadriendra]
ET Photograph Competition (Glamour): [Empee] & [Nocternity S.]
ET Photograph Competition (Sci-Fi): [Ilana] & [Trennas]
Show us your song contest: [Jitter] & [Kito-Tai]
The Seven Deadly Sins Competition: [Aldalome] & [Synsae]
ECM Vampire Photo: [Tableau Vivant]
Magic Photography Contest for Newbies: [The Fuzzily Psychotic Llama is Dead]
Magic Photography Contest for Veterans: [Trennas]
ECM Elf Photo: [Saray]
ECM Fairy/Fae Photo: [Kuruni]
Dark Photography Contest: [GypsyHeart]
ECM Witch Photo: [Nioniel]
ECM Mage Photo: [Diiwica]
ET Photograph Competition (The Past): [sweet.tx.tea] & [nehirwen]
ECM Fantasy Warrior Photo: [Herger the Joyous]
ET Photograph Competition (Colour): [hannes]


The Photography Donors

One contest entry.


[* Nienna Culnámo *]
[~!~Sweet - Diamond~!~]


[a clockwork orange]
[Aidan Ryuko]
[and i was a kaleidoscope]


[Beki in Wonderland]
[bellatrix lestrange]
[Blasphemous Rumours]
[Blue Highway]
[Bye bye elftown]


[Chaos Sun]
[Crabs Is Bad]


[Daisy le Fleur]
[Dark Side of the Moon]
[da soul sistaz]
[David the Good]
[davis van]
[dawn bolly]
[Deadlock jester]
[Devils Night]
[Dragon Wars]
[Drowned in Flames]
[Drowning In A Daydream]


[Elegy - gone]
[evil penguin]


[Fireblade K'Chona]
[Forever Equine]


[Ghost Lilly]
[Goodbye ET]


[Harmonie's mommie!]
[healing_garden of _pain]
[Here today]








[Lady Chaos]
[Lady Di]
[lady nytmare]
[Lexi. Short and Sweet!]
[Little Insane Cat]
[Lizzies Diamond]
[Lord Kügenheim]


[Mania Rage]
[Minotaur Queen]
[Misty Air]


[Nadie importante]
[Neko the Kitty]
[Neon Tangerine]
[That Nik Guy]
[Not Here!]
[Nylen Estrall]




[Papa Don't Preach]


[Raiko Fire]
[Rainbow Dragonflies]
[Alfirin Lindlea]


[kians mummy]
[sanity check]
[Shroom Of Tha Loom]
[Soul Reaper]
[Static Lullaby]
[Student of Athens]
[Sue Falkenkralle]
[Sunny Silverunicorn]


[ta 'hca with zi 'sta]
[The Dizzy Raven]




[Vampires Anonymous]




[xX.//Standing Up From Underneath//.Xx]


[Ghost the Hybrid]
[Yumi Hikari]
2 contest entries.

[~Lady Morgana~] - 2
[~The Virus~] - 2
[stuffAEAmade] - 2
[Alexi Ice] - 2
[Artemis Riddle] - 2
[Artsieladie] - 2
[Atayemi] - 2
[Avrora_Black] - 2
[BlackDragon] - 2
[blu.nation] - 2
[bluefarie] - 2
[Cat0132] - 2
[Cia_mar] - 2
[de Morte] - 2
[Dil*] - 2
[elvenstarr] - 2
[farawaygone] - 2
[Fizban] - 2
[Hedda] - 2
[idyllicday] - 2
[Ihsahn] - 2
[BinaryPhoenix] - 2
[Iseld] - 2
[Jewl] - 2
[Keii] - 2
[Lady Edana-Arianrhod Rós] - 2
[Li-Ga] - 2
[Linn Scarlett] - 2
[Lord Josmar] - 2
[Maylesca] - 2
[merlina] - 2
[Mirime] - 2
[Noexistantanymo] - 2
[Paz] - 2
[DarkJenni] - 2
[Penguinlord] - 2
[Quellealcar] - 2
[Remos Page] - 2
[Rook] - 2
[Ruby Sting] - 2
[Seany.] - 2
[sequeena_rae] - 2
[Solitary Comfort] - 2
[Stray Kitty] - 2
[Teufelsweib] - 2
[Vampire Akis]- 2

[Apus] - 3
[Bobolama] - 3
[Captain Rachel Black] - 3
[dew_farie] - 3
[Elisha Kelly] - 3
[Lothuriel] - 3
[Markk!] - 3
[Master Fio] - 3
[naru bloodwind] - 3
[Paul Doyle] - 3
[Rat Hacker] - 3
[Rice] - 3
[Shjahjdahdvwa] - 3
[Thistlewood] - 3
[thoughtfox] - 3
[Triola] - 3
[Yuriona] - 3
4 contest entries.

[*micky*] - 4
[Able Insane] - 4
[Blaithin] - 4
[Ishje] - 4
[Iske] - 4
[Kyrinn] - 4
[shotokan_gal] - 4
[Sir. Robert] - 4
[Urmando The Elfling] - 4

[Lakayana] - 5
6 contest entries.

8 contest entries or win.

[Aldalome] - 1 win
[barutha] - 1 win
[sweet.tx.tea] - 1 win + 1
[Diiwica] - 1 win + 2
[Elmiira] - 1 win
[GypsyHeart] - 1 win
[Herger the Joyous] - 1 win
[iippo] - 8
[Ilana] - 1 win + 1
[Jitter] - 1 win + 7
[Kelaria] - 9
[Kito-Tai] - 1 win
[Kuruni] - 1 win + 2
[Empee] - 1 win
[moira hawthorne] - 9
[nehirwen] - 1 win + 3
[Nioniel] - 1 win + 2
[Nocternity S.] - 3 wins
[Ocean Soul] - 1 win
[Synsae] - 1 win + 1
[Saray] - 1 win
[SashaShy] - 1 win
[Seyra] - 1 win
[Skydancer] - 10
[Tableau Vivant] - 1 win + 1
[Tadriendra] - 1 win
[The Fuzzily Psychotic Llama is Dead] - 1 win
[hannes] - 1 win + 1
[Trennas] - 2 wins + 1
[Truth . Beauty . Love] - 1 win
[Tupile] - 1 win


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2006-07-04 [Blaithin]: ;)

2006-07-05 [Nocternity S.]: if im not a runner-up someone needs to erase me from there.

2006-07-05 [Ocean Soul]: I actually think you might have been one.

2006-07-05 [Nocternity S.]: but i can't be a donor and a runner-up at the same time, can i? for example [Elmiira] has one badge for being a donor and another one for being a runner-up... i have the donors badge... so i cant be a runner-up and a donor at the same time if i have only participated it once... this is confusing...

2006-07-05 [Sunrose]: [Elmiira] should only have one badge, that has been fixed now :)

2006-07-05 [Nocternity S.]: ok... now this is more confusing... oh well...

2006-07-05 [Sunrose]: You can only have 1 photographers badge and you get the highest one that you earned. I'm not sure if the runner up is supposed to get more than green :)

2006-07-05 [Yuriona]: -_-' Definitely badge hungry... *referring to earlier conversation with [Nocternity S.] about this same subject*

2006-07-05 [Sunrose]: :s

2006-07-05 [Yuriona]: That reminds me... I have to ask [Yncke] for help with the poll for the next one. *dies*

2006-07-05 [Nocternity S.]: i am not badge hungry! like i told you i was just wondering why they had it and i didnt, i didnt want a new one or anything, but if im not a runner-up then someone needs to erase me, thats all i said.

2006-07-05 [Yuriona]: *rolls eyes* Whatever you say then. I guess you got your question answered didn't you?

2006-07-05 [Nocternity S.]: There is just no way to talk to you guys

2006-07-05 [Sunrose]: Edit: Let's calm down and the matter will be solved.

2006-07-05 [Ocean Soul]: As I already mentioned, the other runners-up got a colored badge, so there should be some kind of rule for this I think. Either all of them get the colored one or nobody does. But I think this might have been a simple mistake.

2006-07-06 [Sunrose]: The annoyance started when this issue was not only brought up in messages to Yur, but also in this wiki and in messages to several other people, when Yur was actually already going to look into it. You've brought that point up to me, I've brought it up to Yur and then it comes to this wiki again... . Get what I'm trying to say?

2006-07-06 [Yuriona]: There... she has her hard earned coloured badge now. Hopefully that will end this discussion permanently. Otherwise, I will change all the badges for the runners up to green. >:(

2007-02-27 [OMERTA]: UMMM..... what is the next competition? and when?<img:44166_1164145197.gif>

2007-04-19 [Tyrana]: The participants, I see, were in alphabetical order. People changed their names, and now they aren't. Would you like me to put it back in order, or is that just pointless? Just have a bit of the ocd thing going on.<img:stuff/mood14-gif.gif>

2007-04-19 [Teufelsweib]: if you want you can indeed put them back in alphabetical order, as long as you don't get pissed off when people change their names again and you can't start all over again :P but that would indeed make the list look much nicer ^^

2007-04-19 [Tyrana]: Heehee ^^... Well, I'll do it this time because I need to somehow justify not starting this essay...

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