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<lpurple>Welcome To Perla's Wiki

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Perla is a very cute puppy and she's part of our family, especially Angie [watergirl],Chris [NightTheOwl], and Krystal [*Sakura-chan*], but Perla likes[watetrgirl] the most.

Perla's Birthday is in August the 5th! And she is already 1 year old or 7 years old - In dog years!

1) <img:> - Perla around January 2006
2) <img:> - Perla when we first got her around November of 2005
3) <img:> - Perla being held by [*Sakura-chan*], taken around May of 2006
4) <img:> - Taken in June 2006
5) <img:img/image/251_1162139848.jpg> - Taken around end of March or begining of June 2006.

->Perla's Modeling<-

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2006-11-27 [*Sakura-chan*]: She's so cute!!<img:img/mood/44166_1164099989.gif>

2006-11-27 [NightTheOwl]: Yes she is, but not when she's pregnant!<img:img/mood/44166_1164145253.gif>

2006-11-30 [Natuka]: She's so cute!!!<img:img/mood/44166_1164145221.gif>

2006-12-02 [NightTheOwl]: I know<img:img/mood/61691_1132936287.gif>

2006-12-31 [*Sakura-chan*]: Chris u forgot about finish the wiki, how could u!!!!!

2006-12-31 [The Leprechaun]: awwwww!!!
she's so cute.

2007-01-21 [Natuka]: uuhhh when is perla going to deliver puppies

2007-01-22 [NightTheOwl]: I'll finish as fast as I can! I'll make it like the one in elf12!

2007-01-22 [Natuka]: kool!!!

2007-03-01 [Natuka]: AHH......whats up every one!!!

2007-04-04 [Draugluin]: Hmm, if you trade 'cute' for 'small yappy-type dog' then I would be inclined to agree with you. (*Loathes small dogs*) >.<

2007-05-14 [*Sakura-chan*]: ok? well anyways...shes so cute!! ^ ^ and she already had two puppys

2007-05-15 [Natuka]: .....yeah and one is Perla's mini me

2007-06-11 [*Sakura-chan*]: yup like daisy ^ ^

2007-06-27 [*Sakura-chan*]: i miss her

2007-07-04 [*Sakura-chan*]: helo?

2007-08-10 [*Sakura-chan*]:


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