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People With Great Bios

Part of Great Bios

These folks volunteered to have their names listed here so you could use their bios as examples, or have been found by the administrator (and they're listed with their permission). Notice how they're organised, relevant to the person they belong to, and use good grammar.

Current administrator - [Chrysilla]
If someone feels like he/ she can do this job too, please message me! I could use a hand!

Nominate people at People with great bios - Nominations!

You can also check How awesome is your elftown house?.


<img:>[Acceber] It's elegant, and fairly simple; most of her own biography is actually in wiki pages linked from her house. She used the pseudo-HTML to create a pleasant description.
<img:>[Adaman]  Has a short, concise description, fragmented by banners - dividers, each of them explained by a short paragraph. And he has very good art displayed in the image slots.
<img:>[Delladreing] Ah, Dela... Where should I start? Of course she uses dividers and graphics, of course her house looks good, but besides that, her house is fun, interesting and intelligent. Pity it never changes.
<img:>[grey wanderer] She makes splendid use of the Elftown Graphics.
<img:>[Ham] Well organised and interesting, good use of the graphics, easy to read. 
<img:> [Jaraq] His house contains two paragraphs speaking of his life and personality, few rules, and some graphics to make all this pleasant for the eye. An example of how to make a short description look good and personal.
<img:> [Jitter] Nicely structured and decorated, easy to read, lots of wikis to check. And, bonus, the visitors can also check how her previous description looked like (very good, I tell you).
<img:>[Joakim] Another Elftowner featured on the MainStreet, and for good reasons. He surely knows that “aesthetics” is more than a 10 letters word beginning with “a”, and his house reflects this. And he’s cute too.
<img:>[Kiddalee] She doesn't talk about herself much here, but her bio is full of relevant lists: rules, wikis, updates, and other web participation.
<img:>[Kelaria] Has a loveable house, full of colours and images, a joy for the eye. Bravo, Nancy!
<img:>[Linderel] Very creative; has poetic descriptions of herself and some illustrations to make the house feel real, plus links in their respective places.
<img:> [NOOOPENicely spaced description, sometimes ironical, but always pleasant, lots of wikis (that you should check) and badges. M has also been featured on the MainStreet – any wonder why?
<img:>[Mirime] Instead of crowding her description with picture after picture, she has built a wiki-page with her artwork on it.
<img:>[Synsae] Containing a good bunch of stuff, from funny rules to "What do we learn from horror movies", this RPGer-soldier-hockey lover's house is a mirror of his real room. Sports, army, games, movies - the house of a 24 years old man, and yet standing out.
<img:> [Saray] The loveable lover of [Trennas] has a house that can make you laugh your ass off (check the “you might want to reconsider” banner). She obviously likes dominating, but you can’t disobey her (because she is loveable, and too fun). Lots of wikis for her visitors. Go check.
<img:>[shadowfire09] Bulleted lists make the reading snappy and fast paced, and the Elftown Graphics are well used.
<img:>[SilverFire] Another artist’s house, and a proof that horizontal liners are as good as any graphics. Elegant in its simplicity, friendly, I enjoyed reading it although it’s not a short description.
<img:> [Silver Wind] A house divided in a very interesting way: the mailbox, the door, the hall, the game room, the atelier, the living room and the library. Well chosen graphics and a good use of the pseudo-HTML .
<img:>[Sunny Silverunicorn] The house of an artist. Unique and surprising though short, with links to all her art. Great art, if you ask me.
<img:>[Stratakus] Organised and easy to follow.
<img:>[The Coffee-Prophet] Besides an interesting description, he put up banners for wikis like Safe zone, Take Elftown back or Keep Elftown Shallow Free, which is always appreciated. His house is not crowded with unnecessary things.
<img:>[Trennas] And here we are, on the domain of the adorable pirate/ vampire/ werewolf/ cat Trennas. He is fun (too fun), he is an artist, he is a writer, he is unpredictable, he will catch you and make you one of his fans. A great Elftowner with a great house.
<img:> [Wunjo*] If her description was a real house, I’d imagine it in the colonial style: large, simple, bright, only containing the strictly necessary furniture, and though elegant. There are also lots of links to wikis for you people to click on.


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2007-10-05 [Chrysilla]: Actually I found your house looking through Dela's relationships <img:stuff/dand-gif.gif>

2007-10-08 [Synsae]: ok, granted I been put on here few days ok... don't think I have said "thank you" so... thank you <img:44166_1164145171.gif> and now I am off to see the other people's great bios here

2007-10-24 [Jitter]: I'd be glad to be on this list, if I can nominate myself ^^; I also have previous bios on wikis so you can browse through them ^_^
This wiki is a great idea by the way :D

2007-10-24 [Chrysilla]: On the list :) You have a beautiful house :)
I'll think of a description as soon as I get less sleepy...

2007-10-24 [Jitter]: Thank you ^_^ *hugs*

2007-10-24 [Chrysilla]: *hugs back*

2007-11-19 [Mental Terrorist]: Wow! Its nice to know that someone is actually reading bios. LOL
Keep up the good work!

2007-11-19 [shadowfire09]: [DarkAngel3] has a good house. it;s easy on the eyes...not forwards...and it entertaining...

2007-11-19 [Chrysilla]: Should have added her to the nomination wiki :) I'll take a look at it later, even if I'm a bit against using dead links to have colours in the house. Anyway you can add her and a description of her house here yourself :) I'm not even the owner of the page, everyone can edit it.

[Mental Terrorist], trust me, it's a tough work. Sometimes I spend hours browsing through houses and I don't find any, but any house deserving to be nominated...

2007-11-19 [Linderel]: Actually, [Chrysilla], you are the owner of this wiki - I changed the ownership when I exported the page. :P

2007-11-19 [Chrysilla]: Oh ^^ I didn't even notice <img:44166_1164145197.gif> Well thank you!

2008-02-02 [Angel In Red]: Denisa, this place is amazing. Love the houses that are listed, especially the house of [Trennas] it is

These houses are awesome. Oh look even Dela is here! Wait, why am I suprised. Of course she is here. Her house is the sex.

[Synsae] has some really nice photos. ^_^

2008-02-02 [Chrysilla]: Feel generous? I could use a hand of help XD

2008-02-09 [Angel In Red]: Hell Yarr, anything for Dennie. So what help do you need? ^_^

2008-02-09 [Chrysilla]: Err, descriptions for the houses of the people that were nominated for example.
But no groping! This is serious, mkay?

2008-02-11 [Angel In Red]: ...No groping? *Dismayed*

2008-02-11 [Trennas]: darn:(

2008-02-11 [Angel In Red]: *Looks at Trennas* Not sure if that would be worth it then! XD

2008-02-11 [Trennas]: me neither ^^

2008-02-11 [Angel In Red]: *Gropes* See? Much fun. ^_^

2008-07-15 [HardRockAngel]: Great initiative ^^

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