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2005-08-14 14:01:09
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Okay so this is my wiki because I think that it's kind of an injustice that there wasn't a France country page [ceddy]. I'm in my first year of taking French, but I speak well enough to talk to if you'd like, and I don't mind if the wiki stays bi-lingual.

Post anything you like, just your views on France or whatever. I visited Paris a few years ago so if you're interested in that I can tell you one or two things. I pretty much just think France is cool and there needed to be a wiki if there was one for all those other please begin to post.

If you want to be a member just post your name and number right here. Don't really have a banner, but I might get down to making one.

1. [ceddy]
2. [Coldfire1] france rules!!!
3. [Death's Die-Ary]
4. [Wingedwolfelf] I Love French, I'm just finishing my first semester of it so i'm a lil new at it but hey! J'aime Francias! C'est Merveillux! (sp?)
5. [mercy4cooper] Bonjour! Ca Va? Je suis en deux semestre a l'universite...
6. [Yiwerra] salut ^^
7. [sequeena_rae] French is the best language ever. I've done five years of it and just taken my GCSE in it and I get my results soon ^_^

Username (or number or email):


2004-10-21 [ceddy]: works

2004-11-13 [Coldfire1]: I could make a banner

2004-12-04 [ceddy]: that's good. Try your luck..just don't make it corny if at all possible.

2005-01-21 [Saulegraza]: Normandy is awesome, I just went backpacking there this summer. It was especially cool as it was the 60th anniversary of Dday.

2005-02-02 [mercy4cooper]: I'm hoping to find people to speak to in French, since I'm in my second semester of it, and my teacher tells me I'm doing very well...

2005-04-08 [Charybdis]: You could always try it out by joining the French forum :) Vous pouvez parler aux autres membres de cette page aussi, quand j'y pense :p

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