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In co-operation with the Official Role-Playing Tournament


The Patrons' Challenge


Contest Closed

Deadline for character drawing submission: April 14th 2007


One does not need to look hard or far in Elftown to realise several facts: that many Elftowners love to write - this includes RPing. That many love art, and that many like the two combined. Based on these facts, we present the Patrons' Challenge.

There have been many contests where people have asked others to draw their characters, and other contests where people have been asked to draw their own character. By entering this contest you shall draw the character of another Elftowner, and in turn, have your own character drawn by a fellow Elftowner.

The premise is thus: each entrant signs up, and submits one Role-Play character bio of their own creation; after the deadline for entrants has passed, each entrant will be assigned the character bio of one of their fellow entrants. Their task will be to produce a picture of their allotted character based on the information provided in the biography.

At the end of the tournament, there will be two winners - a writer - the entrant deemed to have written the best character bio - and one artist - the entrant deemed to have produced the best portrait of a character.


* Entrants * PC Rules * Patrons' Challenge Art Submissions


Note: Reading the rules would be a wise idea.

The Patrons' Challenge is a simple enough concept: You enter by submitting an RP character of your creation, and participate by drawing the character of another entrant. There shall be two winners - one artist, and one writer. 


Winners: The Patrons' Challenge

<news:Winners Patrons' Challenge!>

Best description:

[Kachichan] - Entrant XVII

Best drawing:

By [Somewhereoverth erainbow] - Entrant XXI

All submissions: Patrons' Challenge Art Submissions


Thank you to all that contributed!


Run by [iippo] & [SilverFire]

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2007-02-10 [Anvikit]: So there will be a one month time span to get the completed writing biography portion done, then the artistical aspect will follow that after the 10th?

2007-02-10 [SilverFire]: Yup. :)

2007-02-10 [Anvikit]: Ahh, :D Thankies

2007-02-10 [Azuri]: Hope no one minds that I changed a misspelled word when I put in my entry >>

2007-02-11 [Kachichan]: Oooh, this looks all kinds of tempting!

2007-02-14 [Forestman12]: Kachichan this look more than tempting its a most!

2007-02-14 [FlowerGirl21]: Do the characters have to be in roleplays on ET? I have a character that's in a roleplay elsewhere, who I'm working into a book, is that allowed?

2007-02-14 [iippo]: Yes, as long as it is created by you it's allowed. :)
Also, the character entered to this contest doesn't have to be in a game at all, you can make one just for this contest if you so wish.

2007-02-14 [Lothuriel]: So the entire Roleplaying game has to be one of your own creation, or just the character?

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