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2008-01-29 23:54:01
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Pages Colored

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Welcome to the colorized pages! I'm allowing those who have colored a drawing to go ahead and post them.

Water Dragon colored by [Triola]

Quiet Reflection colored by [TheRogue]

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2008-01-29 [crowfeather]: ^_^ It's very blue Triola... nice..

2008-01-29 [Triola]: Hehe, it's a water dragon, it's supposed to be blue >.> :P

Also, you know you can make the thumbnail image clickable, so that it leads to the big image, right?

2008-01-29 [crowfeather]: nope... was actually going to ask you about that.. go ahead and PM me

2008-01-29 [Triola]: I'll just change the page if that's alright with you, then you can go in aftwerwards and see how I did, yeah?

2008-01-29 [crowfeather]: lol sure not a problem.. have actually been trying to figure out how to at thumbnails and such to my journal over on deviant but it's been so long since I've done HTML that I can't remember T__T

2008-01-29 [Triola]: That's what help pages and FAQs are for, honey :P

2008-01-29 [Triola]: Here:
Bookmark it or something if you don't want to read it now :)

2008-01-29 [crowfeather]: lol thanks ^^; *huggle*

2008-01-29 [Triola]: Welcome ^_^

2008-01-29 [crowfeather]: T_T I can only put pictures in the journal if I'm a subscriber

2008-01-29 [Triola]: Ah... I am :P But I don't do it anyway, 'cause I'm lazy :P

2008-01-29 [crowfeather]: lol I have no comment on that... ugh I still need to finish the painting I'm working on

2008-01-29 [crowfeather]: Thankyou very much Rogue for your colorings.. I hope you enjoyed yourself

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