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2006-10-25 [Firenze]: No worries ^_^

2006-10-25 [sequeena_rae]: I had gerbils once! :D

2006-10-25 [Teufelsweib]: they're great! :D XD

2006-10-25 [sequeena_rae]: I had to keep mine in seperate cages though ._. Apparently they didn't like eachother very much *cough*

2006-10-25 [Teufelsweib]: hahaha... I have 17 here who are lying on top of each other the whole day XD

2006-10-25 [sequeena_rae]: Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!

2006-10-25 [Teufelsweib]: yeah, really!
look at the photo at [Iuna]'s house, they like stuffing themselves in that jar for the warmth :P

2006-10-25 [sequeena_rae]: LMAO!

2006-10-25 [Firenze]: [Linderel] your photo is fine ^_^ It is photos that have the contrast and brightness totally zoomed in one direction or the other like on some emo's houses, I really don't like those photos >.<

2006-10-25 [Linderel]: Not to be conceited or anything, but I lurve that picture of mine. :3

2006-10-25 [Firenze]: I agree it is sweet ^_-

2006-10-26 [sequeena_rae]: I think it's purdy :3
I know what you mean [Firenze], you'd think they'd learn how to use another filter *rolls eyes*

2006-10-26 [Firenze]: ^_^ drives me around the bend when I see them all around EP when I am looking around peoples houses, I am like for christsake grow up...

2006-10-26 [sequeena_rae]: Most of them need a sense of humour ¬_¬

2006-10-26 [Firenze]: Indeed, I agree with you there. They take life too seriously. Sometimes I think of just slamming ET vs EP in their faces and say read it and laugh for it is funny :P

2006-10-26 [sequeena_rae]: I think they should guage their eyes out, it would certainly give me a laugh :P

2006-10-26 [Firenze]: That would make some interesting photography as well ^_^

2006-10-26 [sequeena_rae]: ...Good point x)

2006-10-26 [Firenze]: hehehe...I have a gory mind when people say things that will involve hurting themselves ^_^ Blooooood, lol ^_^

2006-10-26 [sequeena_rae]: Oh indeed, I'm quite a fan ^^

2006-10-26 [Firenze]: w00t! I must go off to play bored...

2006-10-26 [sequeena_rae]: Aww :P

2006-10-26 [sequeena_rae]: Bwee! Tis Smokey!

2006-10-26 [EmeraldGrizzly]: Oh, did I forget my name.

2006-10-26 [Firenze]: Yeah you did Doom-El ^_- No worries though ^_^

Sarah I don't mind how many you post at one time, just as long as it isn't like 100+ in one go, I would possibly drop dead if that happened...

2006-10-26 [sequeena_rae]: I'm not that bad xP

2006-10-26 [EmeraldGrizzly]: Yes you are *speaks from past* She's evil... X)

2006-10-26 [Firenze]: Some people are though >.<

2006-10-26 [sequeena_rae]: I'm evil, but I don't make a show :P

True ¬_¬

2006-10-27 [sequeena_rae]: I love the shell! :o

2006-10-27 [Linderel]: ^_^

2006-10-27 [sequeena_rae]: The yellow background really sets it off :3

2006-10-27 [Linderel]: Sets it off? *does not get*

2006-10-27 [sequeena_rae]: Erm, makes it look good then xD

2006-10-27 [Linderel]: Oh, okies. :P

2006-11-09 [Linderel]: Omg the cat is so cute. *dies*

2006-11-09 [sequeena_rae]: His eyes freak me out lmao

2006-11-09 [Linderel]: Yipes. Demonic kitty. :P

2006-11-09 [sequeena_rae]: Indeed ;-;

2006-11-28 [Firenze]: Nice Photograph [Skydancer] ^_^

2006-11-28 [xerya]: Here's a few of mine too :)

2006-11-28 [Firenze]: Thank you ^_^ They look really nice ^_^

2006-12-08 [someelf]: Just add it here? >_> <_< ^^'

2006-12-08 [Firenze]: Yes Elfy ^_^

2006-12-08 [someelf]: Okay ^^

2006-12-09 [sequeena_rae]: Omg Elfy! I love it! :D

2006-12-14 [someelf]: You do? o.o

2006-12-14 [Linderel]: It is lurvely. ^_^ *nod nod*

2006-12-14 [sequeena_rae]: I do :P

2006-12-14 [someelf]: -Blushes and hgus both- Yay! :D -does the groov-

2006-12-14 [Linderel]: Oh yah, Squee, your card should leave today/tomorrow. :3
At least I hope so. <_< It might a little late, but uhm... Yeah. :P

2006-12-14 [sequeena_rae]: AH yes, I still need to send yours, bloody illness -__________-

2006-12-14 [Linderel]: Awwies. :3 *huggle*

2006-12-14 [someelf]: ^^ -purr-

2006-12-14 [sequeena_rae]: Hehe *sneeze* I'm starting to think it's the flu instead of a cold on top of that gastoeneritis thing

2006-12-23 [Linderel]: It disappeared. o_O

2006-12-23 [Firenze]: That is because I am putting it up in like 2 minutes ^_^

2006-12-23 [Linderel]: Yay. :D

2006-12-23 [Firenze]: lol, I didn't sort things out ahead as per usual so had to do it in a few seconds.

2007-01-05 [Firenze]: Awwwwwww...they ish cute [The Mad Hatter] ^_^

2007-01-05 [The Mad Hatter]: ^-^ ty ty. o jus to let everyone know, Im in Australia til Feb6 so if ANYONE has any request, please MESSAGE me and ill see what i can do hehe

( i love doing requests)

2007-01-05 [Firenze]: Some of the famous buildings at sunset/night time would be awesome ^_^

2007-01-05 [The Mad Hatter]: -scribbles that down- see what i can come up with. if you check out my wiki Daelon's Photography! u can see some of the fireworks! ^-^

2007-01-05 [Firenze]: I have looked at them already and they are awesome ^_^

2007-01-05 [The Mad Hatter]: ^-^ if i didnt have my camera i would die...did once got run over...<img:44166_1164145147.gif><img:stuff/mood7-gif.gif> while i was in Germany....omg...i didnt want to leave my hotel

2007-01-05 [Firenze]: That happened to me in Turkey and I made the guy who broke it buy me a new one ^_^

2007-01-06 [The Mad Hatter]: ya he bought me a new one too ^-^ or the company did lol. but it took awhile for it to get in

2007-01-06 [Firenze]: Mine was broken by one of the people who worked at the hotel I was staying at, so a new camera was brought and given to me on the same day.

2007-01-06 [The Mad Hatter]: yay i like places with good hospitality

2007-01-06 [Firenze]: As do I ^_^

2007-01-09 [someelf]: ó.ò

2007-01-09 [The Mad Hatter]: o-0 what happened? :( how come everyone else took down their pics??

2007-01-09 [Firenze]: I am day behind on everything at the moment as I ave 3 exams this week and need to am sorting out things.

2007-01-10 [The Mad Hatter]: ah okie, good luck on your exams!

2007-01-10 [Linderel]: Tsk. Soliciting for votes is tasteless, in my opinion. Ideally, everyone will vote for an entry because they think it's the best one, not because someone asked.

2007-01-10 [Firenze]: If that was on EP they would be removed from the contest...

2007-01-11 [The Mad Hatter]: .> its not like im forcing anyone to vote. never kills to ask. vote for who you want, i was jus asking. though if lunarsun found out she'd kill me.<img:stuff/mood1-gif.gif>

2007-01-11 [The Mad Hatter]: if what was on EP? and what is EP

2007-01-11 [someelf]: EP - ElfPack.

2007-01-11 [The Mad Hatter]: ok. and what do you mean "if that was on EP they would be removed from the contest..."

2007-01-11 [someelf]: It's unfair to make other people vote for others in a contest. It's unfair and unreasonable, and it is punished by deleting the comment.

How would you feel if a person in the same contest as you would try and get votes by saying on a other wiki; "vote for me vote for me!"? It sucks badly. And it's really unfair.. =/

2007-01-11 [The Mad Hatter]: im not in the contest and [lunarsun] never asked me to advertise. in fact she would take a shot gun to my head if she found out. she believes in fair voting, no matter how sad she gets. Im jus trying to make her alittle happier is all.

2007-01-11 [someelf]: I am just saying my openion..

2007-01-11 [The Mad Hatter]: .> and so am i

2007-01-11 [someelf]: ^^ Okay <3 Dun be mad. Pleaaase ^^'

2007-01-11 [The Mad Hatter]: its not like im taking a gun to your head and saying vote for her or im gunna blow your brains out. im simply asking . no one is being forced to vote. vote for however the hell ya want. i aint forcing u.

2007-01-11 [The Mad Hatter]: ok...m sowi....-breath in...breath out- im ok. im calm. im good ^_^. also i was kinda ticced about what Firenze said. I thought she ment that if [lunarsun]'s picture was on EP, that it would have been removed from the contest. she spent alt of time on the picture and is VERY proud of it. Sure it has its flaws, but it was her first major photoshop, and its something to be proud of. So she wanted to try and enter it. i dont think its that bad that it should be removed from the contest........

2007-01-11 [someelf]: -hugs- ^^ I just said. lets just forget that, okay :)

2007-01-11 [The Mad Hatter]: -hug- sounds good. er i edited my comment above yours :P lol

2007-01-11 [someelf]: ^-^;; -goes talk majorly so bad convo is gone :)-

2007-01-11 [Firenze]: What meant is if that contest was on EP, and you were spreading around saying vote for such a person, that persons entry would be removed :P I am an EPer at heart so I compare quite drastically occassionaly.

2007-01-12 [someelf]: ^^' -hugs Frenze-

2007-01-27 [sequeena_rae]: I love the sunset lami <3

2007-01-27 [Linderel]: Thankies. <3 It was a very lucky shot, I was on my way to stay at a friend's place for the duration of a roleplay convention. One of those times when you're really glad you remembered to take the camera. :3

2007-01-27 [sequeena_rae]: Oh agreed. I hate it when you find something then realise you haven't got your camera X_x

2007-01-27 [Teufelsweib]: *has that almost daily :P*

2007-01-27 [Linderel]: Sucks majorly. <_<

2007-01-27 [sequeena_rae]: Poor Squeevork :(

2007-01-27 [Teufelsweib]: *pities self*

2007-01-27 [Linderel]: *humps Vorkje*

2007-01-27 [Teufelsweib]: *is happy again :P*

2007-01-27 [sequeena_rae]: Lmao xD

2007-01-27 [Linderel]: ^_^ *nuzzle* :3

2007-01-31 [The Fuzzily Psychotic Llama is Dead]: I hope this is OK, umm, for some reason when you click on mine it goes massive. O_o

2007-01-31 [Firenze]: It is fine ^_^ It will be resized anyway ^_-

2007-01-31 [The Fuzzily Psychotic Llama is Dead]: OK, thanks. ^_^

2007-01-31 [Firenze]: No problemo ^_^

2007-02-13 [Avrora_Black]: This idea is amazing! To change photos weekly and to give people the chance to be seen, it's absolutely wonderful:D

2007-02-13 [The Mad Hatter]: -sings- Home home on the range! where the deer and the ....(goes on.....) lol hey everyone. Sorry I havent been on in a while, Im back in canada now and after seeing the weather here I wanna go back to Australia! Its freezing here!

2007-02-20 [Morningstar Rising]: Hello I put in two pics, hope you like them.

2007-03-14 [The Fuzzily Psychotic Llama is Dead]: WOOO!!!! I'm on the homepage. *feels honoured*

2007-03-16 [GoneGone]: I hope this is acceptable.

2007-03-16 [Firenze]: It is most acceptable ^_^

2007-03-16 [GoneGone]: Glee!

2007-03-16 [Firenze]: <img:44166_1164145171.gif>

2007-03-17 [Blaithin]: There's a few for ya. I've got a craploada snow ones from Christmas so I can start putting them up when you need some too :)

2007-03-17 [Firenze]: That would be awesome ^_^

2007-03-17 [GoneGone]: I can also add more...

2007-03-17 [Firenze]: That would be cool if you would ^_^

2007-03-17 [Blaithin]: It's weird seeing green in pics lol It's still all white and brown here

2007-03-17 [Firenze]: lol, I haven't even seen snow down here in Devon, it is too mild for it. All we get is rain and hot days ^_^

2007-03-17 [Blaithin]: I've still got two feet in the front yard while I'm talking to people mowing their lawns. It's amusing lol

2007-03-17 [Firenze]: lol, that is quite funny ^_^ We've had snow forecasted for the past 2 weeks here in Devon and we have yet to see a cloud in the sky, lol

2007-03-17 [Blaithin]: 10 above here during the day, 15 below and snow at night hehe Welcome to Canada XD

2007-03-17 [Firenze]: lol *wants to go to Canada for the snow*

2007-03-17 [GoneGone]: Southern Ontario in Canada (where I live) just got hit with a snowstorm. It's St. Patty's day and we just got dumped with two feet of snow and more on the way tomorrow. I was in Devonshire two weeks ago and the flowers were in bloom! And then I come home to this...

2007-03-17 [Firenze]: Where abouts in Devon?

2007-03-17 [GoneGone]: Exeter and the surrounding area.

2007-03-17 [Firenze]: Exeter is awesome for shopping! I live about 30 minutes from Exeter ^_^ I live in a town called Newton Abbot ^_^

2007-03-17 [GoneGone]: I used Newton Abbot as a point of reference to get to Exeter! And I never went shopping...guess I should've. :P

I assume you're at least somewhat familiar with Exeter Cathedral?

2007-03-17 [Firenze]: lol, cool ^_^ Well next time you're in Devon drop me a bell and I show ya around ^_^ Yeah, shopping is an art when you're in S.Devon just got to know where you can get it cheaper ^_^

I know Exeter Cathedral, not far from the shopping high street ^_^

2007-03-17 [The Red Baron]: I hope that the photo I submitted is to the liking.

2007-03-17 [Firenze]: It is a beautiful photo ^_^

2007-03-17 [The Red Baron]: It was taken last year from the plane I was taking from Beirut to Cairo.

2007-03-17 [The Red Baron]: How do you make the photographs become tiny?

2007-03-17 [Firenze]: <img200: at the beginning

2007-03-17 [The Red Baron]: Roger roger.

2007-03-17 [Firenze]: <img:44166_1164145221.gif> Pleasure to help

2007-03-17 [GoneGone]: Gargoyle from Exeter Cathedral. :)

2007-03-17 [GoneGone]: Now that I look at him properly, he needs some work...

2007-03-17 [Firenze]: I guessed as much ^_^ I spend most of my time in Plymouth (FP - Plymouth) and Torquay (FP - Torquay), I haven't been up to Exeter recently.

2007-03-17 [GoneGone]: We were supposed to do Plymouth, and my mother has promised to take me to Torquay. Whether we'll actually get there is another matter. :P I went to Brighton and apparently that's similar to Torquay.

2007-03-17 [Firenze]: Brighton is nothing like Torquay, well not in my opinion bu then again I live down here ^_^

2007-03-17 [GoneGone]: The architecture looks similar. But then it's true no two cities are alike. I think they meant it was alike in the fact they were resort towns in the Victorian and Prince Regent eras? I'm probably mistaken.

2007-03-17 [Firenze]: Possibly, I don't take much note on the history of Torquay as it is a chav town *hates chavs*

2007-03-17 [GoneGone]: What is chav anyway?

2007-03-17 [GoneGone]: OMG they like plaid!

2007-03-17 [Firenze]: Yeah ^_^

2007-03-20 [The Red Baron]: Two new photographs, a carop tree and another one with red flowers taken back in Cairo.

2007-03-26 [The Red Baron]: Yum, mussels!

2007-04-06 [The Red Baron]: Almonds from southern Lebanon. Very delicious.

2007-04-07 [Morningstar Rising]: I put up a new one, it is Vizcaya Mansion and is located in Coconut Grove, Miami. It was once the home of International Harvester Vice President James Deering, it was built between 1914 and 1916. The place is awesome and it is huge, it took us 4 hours to tour the whole place. The rooms reflect back to a time long before the place was built. 

2007-04-08 [GoneGone]: Oooh....decadence!

2007-04-09 [Morningstar Rising]: I wish I could have taken pics of the inside, but they are not allowed.

2007-04-09 [GoneGone]: Was the decoration inside "modern", or was he trying for a more European flair?

2007-04-10 [Morningstar Rising]: European flair dating from the 16th through the 19th century decor, but with all the modern convineces of the day.

2007-04-10 [GoneGone]: Bizarre....

2007-04-10 [Morningstar Rising]: yea it is kind of bizarre, but very nice to view. LOL. They hired three architects, F. Burrall Hoffman designed the buildings, while Diego Suarez planned the gardens and Paul Chalfin, well he was the supervisor for the progect.

2007-04-12 [GoneGone]: The grander they are, the more bizarre they are, and the more entertaining to view.

2007-04-13 [Morningstar Rising]: yea that is the truth, I loved it there. I could close my eyes and imagine how it must have been living there.

2007-04-18 [GoneGone]: Currently going through my flower phase since we had another snow storm.

I need green things!!!

2007-04-19 [Morningstar Rising]: love the flowers and the waterfalls, very nice shots.

2007-04-28 [Morningstar Rising]: Love the big cats, they are awesome.

2007-04-28 [someelf]: o.O Silent is here too? =O

*tackles him* ^^;;

2007-04-28 [silent_voice]: Heh i be everywhere >.> *tackled*

2007-04-28 [someelf]: I noticed xD *tickles then wonders of* =3

2007-04-28 [silent_voice]: Where you goin?

2007-04-28 [someelf]: Wondering 'bout ^.^ You can join if you like?

2007-04-28 [silent_voice]: *Goes to wander with Eloise*

2007-04-28 [someelf]: *Wondeeer*

2007-04-28 [Morningstar Rising]: *laughs* Elfy is always wondering around.

2007-04-28 [someelf]: ^.^ Always =3

But.. Is that a good thing? *ponders and wonders about that* X3

2007-04-29 [Morningstar Rising]: well as long as you don't get yourself into major trouble, it is way good.

2007-04-30 [silent_voice]: Yeaha ^_^

2007-05-02 [someelf]: ^^ true hehe ^^;;

2007-05-07 [GoneGone]: Wow, Linderel! Very pretty!

2007-05-07 [Linderel]: Thankies. ^_^

2007-06-25 [Relphien]: I think all of the pictures here are pretty...

2007-07-30 [Linderel]: I have a problem... I have two pictures of the same statue. Both are good, so I can't choose which one to submit. Any opinions? <URL:stuff/Bosch-SaintStatue1.jpg> <URL:stuff/Bosch-SaintStatue2.jpg>

2007-07-30 [Firenze]: I would submit both photographs ^_^

2007-07-30 [Linderel]: But they look so similar. :P In the sense that they're of the same subject... just from a different angle.

2007-07-30 [GoneGone]: I'd submit the second one.


2007-07-31 [Linderel]: Hm. Right you are.

2007-08-20 [Morningstar Rising]: I love that one Anne, its really pretty.

2007-08-20 [Tickle Me Emo]: Thanks! I have a couple more I want to add, but I haven't decided which ones. And I'm suffering from a (permanent) bout of laziness...

2007-08-20 [Morningstar Rising]: laughs, well get to it female, the more the merrier.

2007-08-25 [Tickle Me Emo]: I have so many pictures >.<

2007-08-25 [Relphien]: me too!!!! =D

2007-08-25 [Tickle Me Emo]: And then you have to figure out which ones you want to share, but it's pretty much impossible, haha

2007-08-26 [Morningstar Rising]: I share those I think others would like to look at.

2007-09-26 [Little Insane Cat]: how active is this wiki?

2007-09-27 [Morningstar Rising]: don't know, come here to put my pics up.

2007-09-27 [Tickle Me Emo]: Well, the last "weekly" edition has been more like a "monthly..."

2007-09-27 [Little Insane Cat]: oh :(

2007-09-27 [Tickle Me Emo]: Haha, you can still post images... I just have no idea when they'll be updated! :)

2007-09-27 [Little Insane Cat]: lol alright thanks ^_^

2009-05-20 [Cillamoon]: Is this still active at all?

2009-05-20 [Linderel]: [Firenze] was last seen 199 days ago. You do the math. :P

2009-05-20 [Cillamoon]: Well yeah, after I wrote the comment I looked at [Firenze]'s page and saw my temporary stupidity pop back up in the mirror and reach out to slap me. lol

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