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2007-11-06 08:16:29
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Hall of the RP Council
and Elftown Clans Representatives



     This is the Hall of the RP Council of Elftown, the great dwelling of the Elftown Clans' esteemed members and representatives. Currently, Pesh ([xido]) leads the Council until all members have been chosen and are in place to lead their people to victory and prosperity.

     The huge Hall, built of white marble and adorned with gold and violet vestments, hails the banner of the Elftown Community as its crest, which hangs down over sculted busts held up by thick, marble columns. A small flight of stairs leads to the main Hall, where there are more than enough seats for everyone. The GOP and MGP House Leaders preside as moderators in usual circumstances, but since this has just begun, Pesh'tilionicus of the Draconic Clan will preside and maintain order.

GOP House Leader: [de Morte] (Undead Clan)
MGP House Leader: [Earoluim] (Were Clans)
FESL Leader: [Kim_Lundin] (Dwarfin Clans, Minor Clans)

     As morning creeps down from the sky, Polyhieronia sits placidly, as its first few members arrive. Drolivekk, a Draconic Clan Representative, welcomes members of both the Human Clans and the Elfin Clan as they arrive. Informing them of the needs and interests of the Council, he begins the Clan discussions which will come to make the Clans a great success in the future. Such discussions and debates on hot topics will assuredly be the basis for great communication, networking, and success in the future for all Clans.

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2007-02-25 [Steel Mal'ak]: Oh, I love it!

2007-03-06 [xido]: Morning on Polyhieronia;

The dew-laden marble stairs glisten in the sunrise's early haze, lit by the indigo sky above. The first day of the RP Council begins, sure to be a grand success in the Elftown Clans.

Drolivekk of the Draconic Representatives approaches the Council Hall, ready to answer any questions about Polyhieronia or her Council Members' needs.

(Polyhieronia is often referred to in the feminine-self aspect, as if she has a persona. This regard for the Council as an equal and welcoming entity is an unstated gesture of honour and respect among Council members.)

Polyhieronia is still under construction in the minds and hearts of Elftowners around the world, and so is an unfinished project currently. She should bear no more than five chambers or subsections; one central chamber, and one chamber for each compass rose direction AT MOST.

"All RP Council members are welcomed to begin work in words, ideas, artwork, or welcoming newcomers, or any other things that would make them happy and useful." Drolivekk says aloud to the first visitor, smiling widely. <img:44166_1164145171.gif>

2007-03-06 [BinaryPhoenix]: Eáránë Narmolanya, walks in softly, gazing at the spectacularness of the great Polyhieronia .

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