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Hall of the RP Council
and Elftown Clans Representatives



     This is the Hall of the RP Council of Elftown, the great dwelling of the Elftown Clans' esteemed members and representatives. Currently, Pesh ([xido]) leads the Council until all members have been chosen and are in place to lead their people to victory and prosperity.

     The huge Hall, built of white marble and adorned with gold and violet vestments, hails the banner of the Elftown Community as its crest, which hangs down over sculted busts held up by thick, marble columns. A small flight of stairs leads to the main Hall, where there are more than enough seats for everyone. The GOP and MGP House Leaders preside as moderators in usual circumstances, but since this has just begun, Pesh'tilionicus of the Draconic Clan will preside and maintain order.

GOP House Leader: [de Morte] (Undead Clan)
MGP House Leader: [Earoluim] (Were Clans)
FESL Leader: [Kim_Lundin] (Dwarfin Clans, Minor Clans)

     As morning creeps down from the sky, Polyhieronia sits placidly, as its first few members arrive. Drolivekk, a Draconic Clan Representative, welcomes members of both the Human Clans and the Elfin Clan as they arrive. Informing them of the needs and interests of the Council, he begins the Clan discussions which will come to make the Clans a great success in the future. Such discussions and debates on hot topics will assuredly be the basis for great communication, networking, and success in the future for all Clans.

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2007-02-25 [Steel Mal'ak]: Oh, I love it!

2007-03-06 [xido]: Morning on Polyhieronia;

The dew-laden marble stairs glisten in the sunrise's early haze, lit by the indigo sky above. The first day of the RP Council begins, sure to be a grand success in the Elftown Clans.

Drolivekk of the Draconic Representatives approaches the Council Hall, ready to answer any questions about Polyhieronia or her Council Members' needs.

(Polyhieronia is often referred to in the feminine-self aspect, as if she has a persona. This regard for the Council as an equal and welcoming entity is an unstated gesture of honour and respect among Council members.)

Polyhieronia is still under construction in the minds and hearts of Elftowners around the world, and so is an unfinished project currently. She should bear no more than five chambers or subsections; one central chamber, and one chamber for each compass rose direction AT MOST.

"All RP Council members are welcomed to begin work in words, ideas, artwork, or welcoming newcomers, or any other things that would make them happy and useful." Drolivekk says aloud to the first visitor, smiling widely. <img:44166_1164145171.gif>

2007-03-06 [BinaryPhoenix]: Eáránë Narmolanya, walks in softly, gazing at the spectacularness of the great Polyhieronia .

2007-03-20 [xido]: Drolivekk welcomes both newcomers with a hearty smile and raises his arms like he owns the place.
"Built in a single night, they say!" he comments gleefully, nearly beaming in radiant joy. Then again, it could just be the sun on his scales.
"Good to see you both! Why, can you believe that such a place was built for good folk like us?" he chides to the soft-spoken member.

2007-03-22 [BinaryPhoenix]: "It's really spectacular! One night, you say? Wow!"

2007-03-23 [xido]: "Indeed! Why, I lavished in the grove that lay here only two nights past, and it was a simple grove. But now," and with a gesture of his hand, "This!"

The site was indeed utopian in its perfection. The Olympian architecture and Gothic ornamentation melded with a seamless perfection of style, while the natural garden groves lay surrounding the building as if unharmed by its presence. Though Drolivekk was loathe to say it out loud, it almost looked like either an elf or a dragon had built it, but he was sure it might create unrest, and instead simply smiled.

"I have been informed that the RP Council will first convene when each Clan has at least one member, one leader (a Clan Representative to the House they are part of), and with more than four Council members' involvement. Only then will the Council make any recommendations, nominations or Unison House Votes on any major issue. Does that all sound sensible to you, as it does to me?" Drolivekk asked.

2007-03-26 [BinaryPhoenix]: "Sounds like an outstanding idea!" Eáránë smiled.

2007-03-26 [Estantia]: "I'll agree with that," commented a new voice as a human entered, or rather landed, golden coat swishing slightly as she moved towards the pair. "I'm Estantia of the human clans,  I'm part of the 11th Clantoo, but my council involvement is more important here."

2007-03-26 [BinaryPhoenix]: The fine-featured elf turned to the newly arrived human. "Well met, Estantia. I am Eáránë Narmolanya, of the Elfin Clan ."

2007-03-28 [xido]: "Simply wonderful," Drolivekk comments heartily, sure that this was a great beginning to such an integral part of what Elftown was sure to become.

"Already I have seen such motivated and intriguing movement from some of the Clans, and surely the best of them is finding its way here. Simply wonderful," he repeated, motioning to the newcomers with prideful reverence.

"The first thing that comes to mind about the Clans meeting is that not every Clan has a member or two and one Representative to vote in the Houses of the RP Council, and the first mission from the Ancients is to have at least five Council members present and attending while the Clans are constructed. This is because we wish to do some work on renovating upon the ideas raised on the Race Suggestions and the-roleplay-initiative by working with The Creature List Creatures and the ECM."

"Also, since many people voted on the <poll:73926>, one has to assume that there would be an interest from these voting members to post such a creature on their house presentation," the brazen dragon speculates.

2007-03-31 [xido]: "Estantia," Drolivekk begins, "What do the humans of your Clan wish to see happen, in order to make relations smooth between all parties in the RP Council, or in your own Clan?"

Looking to Eáránë, he continues, "And what of the Elfin Clan? Surely, both your Clans now have art contests underway, and are seeking new members... But what do you envision for the future?"

Giving a broad gesture, he comments, "The Draconic Clan foresees great things happening in the Clans, and wishes to lead the way with them. Currently, we have even done our fair share to see to it that the Undead Clan, as the Majority House Seat, is cared for until it receives more members. Though we dragons are not fond of the Undead, we care to see them promote coordination and leadership in their primary race, the Vampires of Elftown. They are a rather hearty bunch, and include many more than we'd expected, but we are willing to see them through to success, as any other race. Assuredly, Draconic honour will grow with our willingness to help others. I see that being a Human Clan trait as well, am I right?"

2007-04-02 [BinaryPhoenix]: "Sounds like a good plan. I do think that between some clans, that do not see eye to eye, will have to come up with a truce between them, so all could live in peace here in Elftown. And the RP Council will then, if truces are instantiated, think of a way to punish thise that do not honour the truce."

2007-04-07 [xido]: "Such laws are indeed necessary," Drolivekk responds, always eager to have a heated discussion on such things. "It was envisioned that each Clan would create its own laws and regulations. There were other ideas too, as they were discussed with the Elves and Humans, that if more fantasy races were offered to Elftowners, that there would be default settings, which would correlate to a member's 'house' (user presentation - not the RP Council Houses) having artworks or images in it. Those without art or media would be designated as Humans until they choose to change or add a picture to their presentations. These options are of course still being considered, but it made sense to me when I thought about them. What do you both think?"

2007-04-19 [Estantia]: "Would this be to test that they are a bit involved in elftown?" Estantia asked curiously, "many creative members of this community wouldn't want to add their own art, and simply use a wiki's banner, a phrase or plaque. Those aren't art, but they do show involvement. It would be easy to get around the system though."

2007-04-20 [xido]: "You raise good points," remarks Drolivekk. "Like any good problem, I believe that there are sure solutions that could be dealt to issues of copyright infringement in place. Also, if someone wanted to be in the Elfin Clan, they would not necessarily need to add artwork, it would just be the default setting until they actively made a choice on the matter. The default settings would then no longer apply to that member ever again."

(OOC: Please check out What is an Elftown Clan? - just recently made)

2007-06-28 [xido]: (OOC: Archived all current posts to Day One)

2007-06-29 [BinaryPhoenix]: (OOC: Cool idea!)

2007-06-29 [Estantia]: "So you're suggesting human be the default setting until people make an active choice? or would their action change their default setting?" Estantia asked curiously, wondering slightly at the phrasing of the last point.

2007-07-02 [BinaryPhoenix]: "Maybe both..." Eáránë mused. "Anyone for some coffee?" she asked, then as she mumbled a few words a small coffee table appeared in front of her with a large pot and four mugs on it and a qaint sugar bowl and a small jug with low warm full cream milk.

2007-07-02 [Estantia]: "Does anyone mind if I just have the milk instead?" Estantia asked with a smile, "I think I'm almost the only brit that doesn't run on caffeine..."

2007-07-04 [BinaryPhoenix]: "I surely don't mind" With a flick of her slender finger, a tall glass appears on the table full of creamy cold milk. "Do you want it cold, or should I heat it up a little? "Drolivekk, does dragons drink coffee?"

2007-07-04 [Estantia]: "Quite a few of the ones I know do," Estantia commented, pouring the cold milk into a mug, "I'm fine with cold, I'm too cat-like for my own good."

2007-07-05 [BinaryPhoenix]: "Unfortunately I don't know many dragons. In fact, Drolivekk is the first dragon I meet in person."

2007-07-05 [Estantia]: "Have many of the elves met the other species in person?" Estantia asked curiously, "if not then maybe we should arrange meeting for the different clans, to better get to know each other."

2007-07-05 [BinaryPhoenix]: 'Elves are more of a secluded clan, we don't really go out of our way to meet strangers. But with all the clans here in elftown, it might be a very good idea to hold a banquet or something for all the clan leaders to meet.*

2007-07-05 [Estantia]: "I'm the opposite really," Estantia commented, "I travel all over, talk to everyone, help with anything I can, partially why I make a good diplomat, partially why I'm such a good mage too. I think that a banquet, or at least a dinner, would be a good idea, there might be a few difficulties in predation though."

2007-07-06 [xido]: "These are all wonderful ideas," Drolivekk responds, somewhat abashed at how much conversation is happening already. "For now, I have seen only the present members, but of course, a banquet or event could be held here for all the Clans. If this is not what you had in mind, feel free to organize such an event for any location of your choice. The best way I have found to communicate to the Clans is to visit their Clan page, and make a comment about such a meeting, and message the Clan Leaders personally."

"I will take coffee, but it should be burnt beyond comprehension for my tastes. And of course, I cannot speak for all dragons, but I have not met many who would turn down a gift snack for any reason..."

Turning to Estantia, he continues, "Since you are a natural emissary of information, perhaps this would be a good action for you to take. The Human Clans, after all, are the moderators of peace between all Clans."

Thinking about the questions they pose about default settings, he clarifies, "If, and only if the Elftown Clans are instated in place of the current fantasy races, then there will most certainly be default settings for new and current members of the Town... If a member has no photo or image in their house, their default setting would be Human Clans, with no race or subtype. If a member uploads an image or photo, their default setting would be Elfin Clan, with no race or subtype. If any choice was actively made to choose an Elftown Clan, that choice would override the default setting, regardless of what happens to their house images. So if I have no images in my house, and I choose to be part of the Dwarfin Clans, I would become part of that Clan, and have the choices that the Dwarfin Clan includes. Default settings would only apply to members who do not make an active choice in the matter. This would also mean that the Elfin Clan and the Human Clans would naturally be the most populated Clans until people were educated on how to choose and change their Clan and Fantasy Race."

"Does that help?" he asks them, sure that they were prepared for their duties with such great questions and concerns. "Any input on these settings?"

2007-07-06 [BinaryPhoenix]: "It sure helps! I am always willing to help out where I can, and to answer questions anyone asks to the best of my knowledge." Eáránë answered as she started to burn the coffe beyond comprehension for the dragon.

2007-07-06 [Estantia]: "Of course, now the question would be if it were to be here or a more informal setting, I would suspect we'd need it to be here to fit all the members, plus it would show them where all of the meetings are that they should attend," Estantia said with a grin.

"That sounds like a good way of managing the default settings," she continued, "and as it is more likely this will occur in a place mainly for rping there may need to be a more selective system for rp council members, as we would be the equivalent of elftown's council."

2007-07-07 [xido]: Smelling the burning coffee, Drolivekk licks his scaled lips modestly.

"Well, the Clan Hall does not have to be a place of formality until the Clans meet to vote. For now, it is simply a good place to congregate and discuss viable topics such as this. If necessary, we could create a RP Council Clan Banquet."

"If such a place as the RPG Realm is created, we would most certainly want to assume a more formal method of selection for RP Council members, as we would need to work personally with the moderators of that site to be part of their Council," Dolivekk explains. "The original intent of the RP Council was to openly welcome all willing members to the Council, so that all people had a choice of being involved with important decisions related to the Elftown Clans and the future of Elftown's RPG Community. Changing sites would most certainly make things different, but for now it is best to allow all people to join. As with any form of government or organization, checks and balances are necessary to keep some order and fairness. With the RP Council, one of these balances is that each Clan (as a group of members with Clan interests in mind) has one voting member, who would vote as their Clan would wish them to do (such as by a Clan-wide poll or a discussion panel or committee). In that way, only one member becomes the voting authority for the Clan, and would held accountable if they voted against the wishes of the Clan. This singular Leader, Chairperson, etc. is a volunteer ET member until the Clan has at least five voting members to decide on the person they would like to be their voter. Like the USA's Electoral College, the Clans are represented by these Voting Members, and held personally accountable to represent the will of the Clan. Because our numbers are still low, we can afford to have self-appointed Voting Members, but when the Clans become more popular, it can be more like a real voting organization, with elected officials. In the beginning, while things are still being organized and solidified, we can afford to be lenient in this way, and when the Clans are more well-known and populated, voting can and will become a more effective method of being represented. It is for this reason that I personally asked all Council members to choose a Clan of their choice, so that the Clans could also be an easy way for people to find those Elftowners who represent them in the Voting RP Council, here in Polyhieronia. I still welcome all Council members to join a Clan, so that we can also become a more renowned and (that horrible word) official organization of Elftown."

(OOC: whew! That was winded even for him!)

2007-07-07 [Estantia]: "If that is the way the system would work then it might work for the rpg realm, with the 'oficial' council members being the elected ones of each clan," Estantia said aloud, "it would be like the constituencies in England that come together to form a government."

2007-07-09 [BinaryPhoenix]: "It could work for some clans, but it's up to each clan to decide how they want to decide who's the voting member and how things will be decided. As for the elfin Clan , we currently have the leader, me, and a council that have almost as much say as the leader." Eáránë handed the large mug of burnt coffee to Drolivekk. "Is this satisfactory to your tastes?"

2007-07-09 [Estantia]: "That sounds pretty much the ideal situation," Estantia said with a smile, "It's just a pity I don't have enough members yet"

2007-07-13 [xido]: "This will be fine. Still a bit mild, but I should expect it to be so, from such a mild-mannered elven maiden," Drolivekk replies, cordially accepting the coffee in his large taloned hands. It appears a tad small in his huge paws.

"I only wish that the Clans were advertised a bit more, and perhaps acknowledged by the Elftown Crew... If they were instituted as the organizers and hosts of the fantasy races, it would be much more beneficial, and perhaps more well-known (or at least a new interesting link for Elftowners to click on from people's pages). We dragons would normally begin petitioning the Crew for further review, but we have decided to practice a level of modesty since the last time it was brought up."

2007-07-13 [Estantia]: "It's more a case of proving what we can do," Estantia commented, "the thing is how to do it..."

2007-07-16 [xido]: "A plan of attack..." Drolivekk comments. "Do you propose any method you think would help? Many have already been approached personally, and comments made to every important page relating to fantasy race and Elftown upgrades that we know of. A new method would indeed be welcomed."

2007-07-17 [BinaryPhoenix]: "If only there was a way we could advertise it on the Mainstreet..." Eáránë mused. "Or get someone to send out a mass message to all Elftowners informing them of the Clans."

2007-07-17 [Estantia]: "However half of the people who are in the clans can't tell people specifically what they are and how they work," the mage looked up at the other two, "so maybe it would be better to get the system running, then get them to invite their friends in, I can't think of a more personal way to get people interested."

2007-07-19 [BinaryPhoenix]: "You have got a valid point there..."

2007-08-01 [xido]: Drolivekk tapped his chin thoughtfully after setting down the tiny cup.
"You know, perhaps having a discussion about these things would indeed be necessary. I shall see to it that everyone who leads a Clan is invited here as soon as possible, and all Clan Leaders will be asked to attend an open-invite congregation. Perhaps a date in the near future, so that people can prepare for it... Say, in a month or two, real time? That puts us in September..."

2007-08-01 [Estantia]: "Seeing as many go on holiday in the summer months that may be advised," Estantia mused, "however we'd still need to think of a variety of things to talk about..."

2007-10-28 [xido]: "That's true," Drolivekk answers. I will be outlining a few of my ideas on the subject very shortly. Someone else will also be joining us here who is considering becoming a representative of one of the Clans. Perhaps when they arrive, if you could give them a low-down of what we currently do here, and what we stand for, and I can begin a working document of what the duties of the Clan Representative may entail, and we can make a discussion/vote of it."

Thinking shortly, he adds, "Perhaps it is time for the Clans to write up a member-created proposal on what they would like to see happen with the Fantasy Races and perhaps even a Mainstreet announcement about looking for member and Reps."

Shifting in his place, he announces openly, "I will be taking a small leave of absence while I get some projects underway in other realm, and I will return when I am back full time. Until that time, Pesh will keep an eye on the page to see what must be archived, and announce what the guidelines of the Clans may end up being. When the outcome has been finally decided, a proposal will need to be written up, and a message sent to the Council about the Elftown Clans' wishes to be audibly announced to Elftown. I will return shortly, and please feel free to discuss any topic without me, as I can refer to older comments easily in the archives, which Pesh will continue to monitor."

With that being said, Drolivekk bids them a short farewell, and flies off into the golden-blue sky above the treetops. Pesh walks out from the Meeting Hall and begins to review the Archives. Soon he will announce a list of Elftown Clan Guidelines.

2007-11-06 [xido]: Pesh checks his notes, and announces that a small working list of guidelines has been posted to the page, Elftown Clan Guidelines, which is open for discussion from ALL ET Clan members and Representatives alike.

Noting something on his papyrus scrolls, he adds, "And it seems that the WFR Guild will now also be working in tandem with the goals of the Clans to bring in new attention to the Elftown Clans, the Guild, and Elftown."

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