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One person capable of executing the role of Archer in The Crusaders Ballad. Must be compatible with players, experienced, easy going, willing to accept delays in story, and active on Elftown. Preferably candidates with good spelling and creativity.

Please post application below using provided template character sheet, Roleplays you have participated in or are participating in now, 2 character bios, 2 references from players you have roleplayed with in the past or present, and reasons why you want to be apart of TCB.


User Name:
Character Name:
Class: Archer
General Appearance:

Congratulations to [Lord Josmar] for being accepted as the newest addition to the Crusaders Ballad. Thank you all who applied and remember that those not accepted will not be forgotten.

User Name: [Lord Josmar]
Character Name: Kaljai Beyorn
Class: Archer
Gender: Female
Age: 27
General Appearance: She is a rough looking individual with her clothing made of cured leather and accented with local furs. She is lean and lithe but decently built with short cut hair brown that comes down to about the tips of her earlobes and green eyes that seem akin to that of a hawk's. She has a scar on her cheek of three claw marks where she missed her mark on a large cat, she doesn't like talking about it much.

Personality: She hasn't spent much time around people so can be a bit odd at times, but instead of shying away from people she loves to be around others. She tends to show off when she can, to showcase her abilities.

History: She was born in the Ceash Forest where her father was a skilled hunter. He would take his kills into the nearby villages and towns and sell them to the townspeople so they could buy the things they couldn't get out of the forest. She wasn't schooled in any of the "fancy book-learning" and instead in the ways of the forest and the use of a bow and knife. At the age of eight she brought down her first deer and at ten she learned the importance of never missing. She was hunting and came across a large mountain lion, the creature hadn't caught her scent yet. She laid low in the bushes and crept closer, brought out her bow and brought it to bear on the mountain lion. When she let loose, the arrow went a bit off and hit the creature in its shoulder instead of the killzone. Within seconds, and before she could get another arrow, the creature was on her. It caught her with a powerful swipe that left three deeps cuts on her cheek. When it leaped upon her, she got her knife out and sunk it deep into it's heart. She got her kill that day, but not without a permanent lesson.

Other: Due to her lack of education, she is illiterate and cannot write either.

RP's I'm in: X-men United and Closing Time
Character Bios: Olivia Mund and Simon Taft
Player References: [Flisky] and [Ravenclaw]
Why do you want to play: Very few of my current RP's are outside of some sort of preexisting universe (X-men or Naruto) and I want to expand my repertoire. Also, I am a fan of combat RPG's and of fantasy ones. This also has a really good storyline and I want to be a part of that.

User Name: [Sideways]
Character Name: Kinnet Everrett
Class: Archer (Sniper, skills: scout, stealth, winged feet, sharpshooter)
Gender: Male
Age: 23

General Appearance: Kinnet is a mildly short young man with a cream complexion and slightly angular features. His long straight hair is a silvery grey, despite his youth, and is most often kept in a braid down his back. Kinnet's eyes are a piercing and fluid shade of green. His build is very lean, skinny in many respects, but muscular, broad shouldered, and completely without fat. He wears, when not in his combat leathers, simple tunics in matte primary colors.

Personality: Kinnet is a man with many faces. He tends to have isolated relationships with the few people he socializes with. One aqquantice would claim he was gregarious, outgoing and loud. Another would say he was quiet, shy and withdrawn. In truth he is confident, almost aristocratic, well spoken and frighteningly intelligent. He is creative with personal interaction and known by some to be a double crosser who plays both sides. So long as no one could know his true intentions, the better protected and less predictable he became, both physically and emotionally. He remains a devout follower of Wica, the goddess of wisdom. He believes true wisdom is true power, and aloofness and secrecy the ultimate wisdom. However, he is secretly lonely and despairs of the gap between himself and other people.

History: Only a small group of people know anything of Kinnet's true history. He was orphaned as a toddler in a small coastal town Vmynaeuh. A wealthy noble landowner, who wad also quite insane, adopted him, intrigued by Kinnet's unique features. He was raised knowing his new parent was a very insane man, but was nonetheless warped by his childhood. He was raised with strange religious dogmas, taught to excercise both body and mind to the extreme, to trust no one, and to manipulate everyone he met. The crazy nobleman first tried to train Kinnet to be a fencer, but through various weapons tutorials found the boy's true talent was archery.
Now an adult, with his adoptive father four years dead, Kinnet found pleasure in work as a freelance mercenary, spy, and occasionally, as an assassin. Though he was left with a sizable inheritance.

Other: Kinnet is fervent in his worship of Wica, and wears at all times a small silver pendant inscribed with the ancient words "Fectus vnus Ehcumyhla" which is his most prized possession.

Two roleplays I've participated in: The lost order (old, selected because it's the best example I have on ET of my skills in a roleplay containing 3+ people) and The Enemy Traitor (selected because it's my favorite rp I've designed on ET. Officially owned by [Alexi Ice] but I designed the concept)

My best character bios Yeshua Light (the lost order) and Gui Cernenko (the enemy traitor) are present in each of the rp's respective character bio links.

Player Referances: [Chimes] can attest to my creativity an easy going-ness :). [Alexi Ice] will tell the truth about me, which I'm pretty sure is still positive ;). She and I might be competing in this audition, but we're good friends! I'll happily attest to her skills too!

My reasons for applying to join The Crusaders Ballad: When I first started my application, it was just because I'll do anything to make [Chimes] happy and she asked me to, lol. But as I researched TCB I was very impressed by the site design and backstory. It's been ages since I participated in a complex, large scale rp. I love classic fantasy and am an old school D&D nerd, and TCB reminds me of a badass campaign, lol.

User Name: [Rice]

Character Name: Victor Mai-Liú.

Class: Archer

Gender: Male. (Though is prone to cross dressing so we won’t dot all the I’s in this case)

Age: 28. (But he tells everyone he’s not a day over 24)

General Appearance: Lanky sums up the man very well, he is not overtly tall perhaps a hair above average but has long limbs that seem to elongate his body and make him appear slight and bendable. His complexion is like that of a sallow faced hermit who, while spending enough time outside in the wilderness to warrant a hue to his skin, will never look more than a pasty ivory in colour. Victor has, much like his limbs, long features that are thin and ever so slightly gaunt, though not enough to make him look malnourished as the man has a rather healthy appetite for all things, edible or not. His shoe-polish black hair is swept delicately across his face with the fringe choppy and cutting into the longer strands that frame his face, his hair cut is asymmetrical with longer strands on the left falling down past his chin and the shorter strands on the right cut up to his ear and flicking outwards. Victor's eyes are almond shaped and narrowed slightly at the inner corners, as if he is smiling and causing creases, they are the colour of a rich hazel and have flecks of yellow and red coursing through them. He also appears to have two-face syndromes in the fact that when he smiles only one side of his mouth tilts up into the grin, leaving the rest somewhat off balanced. His body seems flawless and without any scars, though this has yet to be proven.

Personality: When talking to Victor one should always take a small supply of salt as it is necessary to take a pinch with every comment that leaves the mans mouth. He is dramatic, no doubt about it, and tends to crash happily through life with a smile and wink. He is stuck-up, chauvinistic, belittling, and utterly out spoken albeit annoyingly charismatic, cunning, playful and fun, you would no doubt want Victor to like you since the man knows how to humour and entertain. His flare for the dramatic and eccentric borderlines insanity, but not the stab you in your sleep kind thankfully, and his desires for a good chat and enjoyment tend to take precedence over anything else happening. Victor is also not really a team-player, though his ego makes him an easy target to win over with compliments and promises, but he can work well with others so long as they don't take things personally. You will never see this man down in the dumps, it just doesn't happen, his cheery attitude follows him at all hours and his habit for shadowing people and popping up when they least expect it is one of best characteristics, just ask him, he never lies, really. :D

History: This is possibly the one thing Victor isn't so open about, prior to the age of 20 he will not delve into detail. Though little snippets can be gathered together if you are weird and write down everything he says and have a record to go back to, but really who does that? His last name suggests he was from a tribe as it is a unusual though obvious old family name, and his abilities as an archer would also suggest perhaps a hunting tribe or maybe bandits. Victor claims to have or have had a brother and a sister, but they are never named, and his parents are assumed to be dead since he constantly speaks of them in past tense.

Other: Victor is openly bisexual and will hit on anything that moves, granted it meets his personal level of desired hygiene, attractiveness and intriguing-ness. Seriously, he's a complete over the top flamboyant flirt at times and is usually the one to suggest a 'party' or 'taking things easy'.

RP's I am in: X-Men RP - Yes one RP at the moment, how sad and defeated is that? ._.
Character Bios: Ricin Sickert. & Lynn Sickert.
Player reference: [Chimes] - If it's okay with her, she's my main girl on here and I know she'll be brutally honest and crush my delicate feelings. Oh it feels good. And [Akayume] since she's like such a diva. <3
Why do you want to play?: I did apply for this a few months ago, actually it might have been longer, but you weren't looking for knew people then. Needless to say when I saw there was an opening I pretty much did a barrel roll and decided to rock out and write a character up. You can tell from the main page how well thought out this RP is and the fact it's been going on for so long shows it has meaning to [Thunder Cid] and that it's not just some half-arsed attempt at a game, it's the delicious real deal. Plus Victor needs to give it a little sparkle and pizazz. Don't deny he's fabulous. ;)

User Name: [Eyden13]
Character Name: Kathleen (Kat) Kavanagh
Class: Archer
Gender: Felmale
Age: 21

General Appearance: 5ft 3' tall, with hazel eyes that has specs of green and light grey hair. She often wears a green tunic with soft, light brown, leather pants and durable brown boots. She has tan skin, representing the amount of time she spends frolicking in the forest, Kat has a slim waist, small bust, muscled thighs earn from years of uses, slender hands and her brown hair is always tied back with a strip of leather.

Personality: She is imaginative, kind, and bold. To Kat justice means everything, which is why she fallows the god Rihdehk, God of Law and Judgment, the law is her passion. However, this makes her see thinks in black and white, unable to see the shades of grey. Kat finds children adorable and some day wants a family, but she refuses to marry till she believes the world become fit and safe for little ones, but the lack of family cuts her deep. Although, she has taken up much responsibility at a young age her age still reflects in her nativity. She does have a quirk that she has a small fear of cats.

History: On Kat's 18th birthday her life changed forever. She was the village head's daughter. Privileged that she needed little, wanted nothing, and had her family and friends around her. She was even fortunate that the best archer in the land was her mentor. However, as she was celebrating her raise to adulthood Hehadyem attacked her village , burning the villagers' homes, crops, and everything they cared for. Many died that day, including both of Kat's parents. According to village law the head of the village is determined through three traits. One, whose bow can shot the farthest. Two, who knows the surrounding forest best. Three, reflects the fairest judgment. AS a result Kat was placed into her father's place as village head, making her the youngest head ever.

Other: She loves map making and desires to travel.

RP's I'm in: Tyradias and Finding Eden
Character Bios: Emma Carlyle and Roan
Player References: [Flisky] and [Talos Cyrion]
Why do you want to play: I love fantasy role playing, but most of the ones I've been involved in are dead and this looks like it'll survive a long time. Also, not only do I find the plot awesome, I love the complexity. I believe this roleplay will help me grow and teach me more. Plus there are some awesome people in here.

Username (or number or email):


2011-05-19 [Thunder Cid]: Get back in the game like a champ my friend.

2011-05-19 [Rice]: We're all swingers her bruther. :D Plus your character was cool...

2011-05-19 [Thunder Cid]: Yeah not like some of these fruits *coughricecough*

2011-05-19 [Rice]: :O I AM NOT A FRUIT *runs off in a overly camp manner*

2011-05-19 [Lord Josmar]: Damn working cutting into my Et social life! Missed all this.

2011-05-24 [Alexi Ice]: Unfortunately I do not have the time for this any longer ^^ Though I do thank you for the opportunity! <3 School awaits me and is sucking the life out of my free time.

2011-06-06 [Sideways]: So did anybody win yet?

2011-06-06 [Lord Josmar]: Not yet that I know of. Unless he told the winner privately.

2011-06-06 [Chimes]: I don't think he's made a decision yet. :)

2011-06-06 [Thunder Cid]: I'm in serious mode reading them all.

2011-06-06 [Lord Josmar]: lolz.

2011-06-26 [Rice]: *front flips in*

2011-06-26 [Thunder Cid]: *pushes out*

2011-06-26 [Rice]: What the- *deflected out the window* D'8

2011-06-26 [Thunder Cid]: HA

2011-06-26 [Alexi Ice]: Cid never told me what he thought of my character! LOL! *Cries~* (kidding!)

2011-06-26 [Rice]: *splats on the ground outside*

2011-07-03 [Sideways]: *Covers self in kerosene and sets self on fire in protest* x_x!

2011-07-03 [Thunder Cid]: *pulls out stick and marshmallows*

2011-07-03 [Alexi Ice]: Yay Jos!!!

2011-07-03 [Lord Josmar]: Yay!

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