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Omega Quadrant


Welcome, traveler! Looks like you have been through a long journey! What's your name? Just head on over to the Starboard Crisis Roster and tell us all about yourself!

If it's work you're looking for, there is always some to be found at the Twilight Tavern! The same goes for drinks, food, rest, and even women! Careful of their Fuselage Martini's, though--they make you hallucinate. Must be spacecraft plasma they put in them! Well, you've been warned, stranger!

If you're looking for a place to dock your ship and resupply, the Station Omega is the nearest place for that sort of thing. Rumor has it they can also handle less than legal goods for ya, if you pay them well. That's the rumor, anyway. Just watch out; There are Republic Rebels stationed there, and we all know how uptight they get about that sort of thing! Bunch of do-gooders!

If you're looking for a place to relax, you might try looking on the Planet Athens. Nothing there kills you, or bites you... except the women, they say! Good place to build a house and set up roots, too!

If you're in need of Ore or fuel, the Meteor Mining Fields behind Planet Athens is a good place to farm. Lots of material there for a ship of most sizes anyway.

Well that's all the advice I got for you, stranger, hope it helps!


Places to Visit:

Starboard Crisis Roster
Twilight Tavern
Station Omega
Planet Athens
Meteor Mining Field
Apollo's Gate

Ships to visit
Aboard the Starfyre
Aboard the Miss Fortune
Aboard the Nebula Five
Aboard the Spirit of Fire

Ship Spec's:
Titan Class Destroyer
Dreadnought Class Battleship
Ronin Class Battle Carrier
Aegis Class Destroyer
Reaper Class Battleship
Odin Class Battle Carrier
Archillian Battle cruisers

The Black Wings

Back to:

Starboard Crisis



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2014-07-29 [The Black Cat in Your Path]: Very interesting concept. :) I think I will make a character.

2014-07-29 [dead~spirit]: Welcome!

2014-07-29 [dead~spirit]: Nice!

2014-07-29 [The Black Cat in Your Path]: Alrighty, I cleaned up all the extended pages. :) Added the boarders, fixed the descriptions up a bit... they're ready for play! All that's left now is just to transfer the characters into their own respective links.

2014-07-29 [dead~spirit]: Alright, the rest of the time can be used for any minor fix's and player recruiting. If you guys want to add any other places of travel feel free. I have a ton of pictures if you need any for banners, most of mine are from EVE, so don't claim credit or ET might fry us. lol

2014-07-30 [The Black Cat in Your Path]: I just realized something last night... *taps chin* When they're each on their respective ships, where will they RP? We should make pages for the three major ships in the Wiki: The Miss Fortune, The Starfyre, and The Nebula Five.

2014-07-30 [dead~spirit]: I can't do anything right now but I support you if you want to do it.

2014-07-30 [The Black Cat in Your Path]: It's just an idea. It would help keep things a bit more organized in the way of locations.

2014-07-30 [dead~spirit]: Agreed, make it happen.

2014-07-30 [The Black Cat in Your Path]: Done. There wasn't a picture for the Miss Fortune on Yasai's page, so I just picked one out. Hope it's okay.

2014-07-30 [snowwolfsa]: I like them each having their own perspective wiki's, just wondering how to go about it playing in them. should we do most in ship actions done on each perspective, and just indicate on the wiki their current location? then just do ship movements, battles, and stuff in the zone wikis? like Meteor mine field for instance?

2014-07-30 [The Black Cat in Your Path]: Yeah, things like staying on the ship, doing research, etc, can happen in the ships' wikis, but then ship battles can happen in other play areas.

2014-07-30 [dead~spirit]: 3 hour notice people

2014-07-30 [snowwolfsa]: alright sounds good, but ship to ship communication? like say, for example... the nebula five, tracks down the starfyre...the nebula 5 hails the starfyre.. would we do the communication in the zone area to, to keep confusion down lol? basically most major player to player contact that isnt part of your crew is done in the zone areas? or do we wanna get creative and do the communication on the ship thats being hailed wiki?

2014-07-31 [dead~spirit]: In an hour I can get more involved. I got one more intricate idea but it would require a dungeon master approach.

2014-07-31 [The Black Cat in Your Path]: I imagine we could do all the ship to ship communication on the wiki for the ship being hailed, yes. that makes sense.

2014-07-31 [snowwolfsa]: Yea that sounds good to me to.

2014-07-31 [dead~spirit]: 30 Minute notice!

2014-12-08 [snowwolfsa]: I added a play area for the Quadrant, I feel we should keep ship battle stages to the quadrant page... unless it is specific to the story that it happens in the orbit of say the space station or something. The quadrant should represent the deep space of the RP. so you really wouldnt utilize it for character play with out a ship, but it the perfect spot for battles. and it will keep, things kind of tidy, instead of having a ship battle in say station omega, when two character are trying to rp there... you would rp the battle here, as you would have to be on your ship, and out in space anyway.

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