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NAME: Olivia Mund


MUTATION (POWERS): She is a telepath, empath, psychic. She also has precognition, mind control, and telekinesis.

AGE: 17

DESCRIPTION OF BODY (BUILD, HEIGHT, UNIQUE FEATURES, ETC.): She is moderately sized and built with a good figure that is hidden under non-flattering and childish clothing. She stands about 5'3" and 127lbs.

HAIR COLOR AND STYLE: Her hair is a dark brown that goes down to her shoulders. She wears it in different styles and most of them just add to her child like looks.

EYE COLOR: Deep Green

RELATIVES: She has a generic family: Mom, Dad, siblings. All of them are dead though. No one knows exactly what happened except that when the police arrived they found everyone laying, limp, in small chairs around a table with a fake tea set upon it. They found Olivia in the corner clutching a stuffed "Precious Memories" bunny rabbit to her chest. The autopsy showed that their brains where either burned out or liquefied.

ETHNICITY: Caucasian

HISTORY: She was born a normal baby and came to a normal home. Her parents had no idea what they had in their house, what they fed, and changed, and loved. When she hit age eight she seemed to stop maturing mentally but continued maturing physically. Her parents grew concerned at this but became more concerned when they walked in on her playing with her Barbies without touching them. They were moving and driving and cleaning all on their own as their daughter sat on the bed with her knees up and her mouth on her knees. They were scared for her just as much as they were scared of her. They immediately pulled her out of school and pretty much locked her away in her room out of fear. Well one day she wanted someone to play with and no one would, so she changed their minds. She was having fun till they stopped moving and grew limp and laid over onto the table or to the side. She tried to get them to talk to her, then after awhile she wanted them to do anything but still they remained motionless. She moved to the corner to get away from the smell and started crying. She cried till she could no longer produce tears. Several days later the police arrived and took her family away, and then they put her into a special facility after a brief psychological exam. She stayed there for several years till a guard made a mistake. One day a male guard came into her room to "medicate" her and while he was attempting to subdue her he ripped an ear off her bunny. They found him the next day, snapped in half and sliced into four pieces. It took them a bit longer to realized that with his new dimensions and his location that he was forced through Olivia's room's barred window. That's when they did a more thorough exam and found that she had the mutant gene and had granted her lots of mental abilities. They also realized that she was unstable in her state and could no longer keep her at their facility, so they contacted Professor Xavier and had her put into his care at his school.

ANY SERIOUS PHYSICAL OR MENTAL CONDITIONS: She has not progressed, mentally, passed the age of eight due to the strain of her powers on her brain. She is also rather unstable and can go ballistic with the slightest provocation, usually triggered by tampering with her stuffed bunny.

HOBBIES: She loves playing dress up and having tea parties.

PERSONALITY: Very friendly and childish. Always seems like she has never seen the world before.

ANY PETS: Her stuffed "Precious Memories" bunny (Not really a pet, I know, but its important enough to mention...again.)

OTHER: She always has the bunny with her and refuses to part with it and if someone tries to take it from her they usually don't live much longer. She also sometimes uses her powers for innocent, but selfish childish reasons.

WEAKNESSES: Her mental condition is a major weakness for her.

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2011-01-14 [Lord Josmar]: Had to change her name once I realized there is actually a person named Olivia Munn.

2012-03-14 [Asdroth]: At this point int he game. Is her bunny still missing an ear?

2012-03-14 [Lord Josmar]: Lolz, I hate to say it but I completely forgot about that. Yes, it is still missing.

2012-03-14 [Asdroth]: Cool! So now I have a side goal for my character! He is going to try to fix the bunny if she lets him at some point... it would suck to die early, but hey! no guts no glory, and it's not like he knows she prone to anything like that hurting people who touch the bunny.

2012-03-14 [Lord Josmar]: Yea, just don't try to touch it for awhile. Lol.

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