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Character Name: Obsidian Nightshade known as Shade
Gender: female
Race: Kathoros Daimon
Age: Unknown
Assigned City: St. Louis
Personality: Dark and fierce, Shade is a true warrior. She has no qualms with stealing souls, although she can be very protective, especially of children, she will even guard them against her own kind. She is very curious about everything especially shapeshifters. Due to a long life Shade is easily bored and so treats almost everything as a game; she is attracted to power and anyone seeking her respect must be able to best her in a fight first.
Physical Appearance: She has long black hair and silver eyes; she is average height but has such a slim body combined with her extreme confidence that she seems much taller. She is almost always wearing black leather armor, black pants and a tank top. She is almost never dressed in any color other than black or red.
Strengths: blood, darkness
Weaknesses: her curiosity, sunlight, children
Weapons: A black katana and bow and arrows; as well as several poisoned needles.
Hobbies: Creating new poisons, hunting, and playing with her pet wolf.
Abilities: She heals as she drinks blood, also she can track anyone as long as she tastes their blood no matter where they are.
Pets: A gold colored wolf that has one blue eye and one brown eye. She cares more for the dog than she does anything else and will kill anyone who harms it.
History: Shade was always a strange child. She was always quiet and reclusive, preferring animals over people. She is a Kathoros Daimon and wears her tattoos with pride. She took her first soul at a young age and although most other Kathoros's shave their heads she never felt the need to follow that particular tradition. She always travels alone and only respects anyone stronger than herself. Not much is known about what happened that caused her to take her first soul but it was graphic enough that she has developed an aversion for most other beings, refusing to trust or allow her self to be vulnerable to anyone except a select few. Her loyalty, once earned, is very hard to lose and she will die for those she loves. She does have a habit of keeping human males as boyfriends and playthings before switching to a new toy.


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2009-12-11 [Celtore]: I like me one little favor and Bold the area's

2009-12-17 [Lirerial]: I changed a few things in the personality and moved some stuff down to the History section. I also added curiousty to my weakness.

2009-12-18 [Celtore]: Cool

2011-12-06 [Lirerial]: Can I switch her away from a Spathi and to Kathoros? lol

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