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2014-06-20 [Avaz]: Oh man, that was a fantastic thing to read this morning. Thanks for the lulz. XD

2014-06-20 [Teufelsweib]: We love you too, [Company Awesome] <3

Thinking about ET, it really has been a special social experiment in a way. As everyone says, you actually made friends here that still last even though most of them aren't here anymore. And how many sites do people still come back to even though it's pretty much inactive, just because of the sentimental value?
If this place just went along with time I'm sure it would still have been blooming. As the awesome company said, it's a great place to stick to and communicate with people on a whole other and often personal level. Too bad not many are left to do that with :P

2014-06-22 [Triola]: But the ones who are left, they're the best ones ;)

2014-06-22 [Viking]: Exactly correct, [Triola]!

2014-06-23 [Triola]: Of course it is, I said it :3

2014-06-23 [Viking]: You didn't simply type it?

2014-06-23 [Avaz]: I knew a guy who would whisper what he was typing. So maybe [Triola] really did say it. :)

2014-06-23 [Mortified Penguin]: I'll be on Elftown until it's just me and [Hedda] (and [Sagacious Turkey] by default) and everyone else has left and I'm talking to myself on Bob's Diner to keep up the comment average. Surely he'd let me be town guard captain then... D:

2014-06-24 [Sunrose]: You might be here longer than [Hedda], but I'm sure you'd find a way to make yourself Guard Captain then :P

2014-06-26 [Triola]: [Viking], did I never mention that I am blind and lame from the neck down? Typing is hard for me.

2014-06-26 [Viking]: No, you never mentioned that. Maybe because it was too difficult, emotionally, for you to admit before.

2014-06-28 [Triola]: Yeah :( I didn't want you to think less of me. The internet is the one place where no one seems to judge me!

2014-06-28 [princesslenore]: hello :3

2014-06-28 [Viking]: Hi!

2014-06-29 [ally]: Hullo!

2014-06-29 [Sunrose]: Coocoocachooo!

2014-06-30 [Viking]: You are the walrus?

2014-06-30 [Teufelsweib]: I am the eggman

2014-06-30 [Sunrose]: I'm the night train..

2014-06-30 [Triola]: I am the terror that flaps in the night

2014-06-30 [Viking]: You are Darkwing Duck?

2014-07-01 [Teufelsweib]: I am Spartacus!

2014-07-01 [Viking]: As played by Kirk Douglas?

2014-07-07 [Avaz]: I. AM. SPARTA!

...wait, that's not how it goes. Shit.

2014-07-08 [Teufelsweib]: you jinxed it >_O

2014-07-08 [Avaz]: Dammit. I'll show myself to the door. :/

2014-07-09 [Viking]: I'm assuming that since that is a link to an image rather than in inlined image that I shouldn't click on it at work =)

2014-07-09 [Triola]: It's fine, I'm just writing from my phone, and everything is a bit more of a hassle, so I couldn't be bothered :P

2014-07-09 [Viking]: Ah, okay!

2014-07-17 [Linderel]: A week of silence on now? What the crap, guys?

2014-07-17 [Teufelsweib]: whoops, whatsapp has been so busy I almost forgot about the most important random chat group!

2014-07-17 [Sunrose]: Bwahaha but now soccer is over we can go back to normal :P

2014-07-17 [Teufelsweib]: or now we can get excited over regular football!
I myself am for ADO Den Haag, because if you're not they'll beat you up when you're there :P

2014-07-17 [Sunrose]: You'd have to switch teams a lot, because that happens in other cities too if you're not for their team :P

2014-07-17 [Teufelsweib]: yep, and I do :P but the last time it happened to me I was in the Hague, so that's my team atm :P

2014-07-17 [Sunrose]: Bwahah :P

2014-07-20 [hanhepi]: You said "regular football", and I thought you were going all 'Merican on me and fixin' to start talking about the NFL. >.<

2014-07-20 [ally]: That's "handegg".

2014-07-20 [hanhepi]: I like that. I might have to start lobbying for an official name change.

2014-07-20 [Viking]: <img300*0:>

2014-07-21 [ally]: Its name.

2014-07-21 [Viking]: Yeah, tell that to whomever created that image.

2014-07-21 [Avaz]: Word crimes.

2014-07-21 [Sunrose]: amg

2014-07-27 [Reaper89]: I dont know what's going on but I ate a brownie one time.

2014-07-27 [Viking]: Was it a special brownie?

2014-07-28 [Avaz]: Only one time?

2014-08-08 [Company Awesome]: Handegg. I like that.

2014-08-08 [blaze12]: Hi?

2014-08-08 [ally]: Ho!

2014-08-08 [Sunrose]: Hai!

2014-08-08 [Mortified Penguin]: Hoe!

2014-08-08 [Stephen]: ... It's off to work we go? <img:44166_1164145305.gif>

2014-08-22 [KillMeRomantikly]: o.O

2014-08-22 [Paul Doyle]: It's the Finest Worksong? (It's the finest hour . . . )

If anybody below the age of 30 gets that reference, they get a hundred thousand chocolate-chip cookie points (because brownie points are just so overrated)

2014-08-26 [Sagacious Turkey]: Are they gluten free?

2014-08-27 [Paul Doyle]: Virtually.

2014-08-27 [Sagacious Turkey]: That's okay, I have some extra gluten I can sprinkle on them.

2014-08-28 [Reaper89]: It was a special brownie! Talk about awesome! Sadly only had one wish I could have had more lol

2014-08-28 [Paul Doyle]: What else was in the brownie?

2014-08-28 [Avaz]: Crushed hopes and dreams.

2014-08-28 [Teufelsweib]: and eggs

2014-08-28 [Avaz]: And probably sugar. Or Stevia, if you're a hippie.

2014-08-28 [ally]: Stevia is not for baking. Tastes horrible.

2014-08-28 [Avaz]: What about truvia?

2014-08-28 [Viking]: I thought hippies preferred honey or sugar.

2014-08-28 [Mortified Penguin]: My Stevia tastes like ricin.

2014-08-29 [Avaz]: Yeah, man.

2014-08-29 [Paul Doyle]: In a pinch, there's always rolled oregano.

2014-08-29 [Avaz]: Well, if the oregano is pinched, it's not rolled oregano anymore.

2014-09-11 [The Black Goat]: So ETchat is just a wiki page with comments?

I'm mildly dissapointed

2014-09-11 [Viking]: There's also a real-time chat, but I forget the link.

2014-09-11 [Teufelsweib]: elfchat

2014-09-11 [Viking]: Yeah, that's the one.

2014-09-11 [The Black Goat]: ah, tried installing the javascript and it failed, sadface

2014-09-17 [Poxnora]: Guys I am new here can anyone help me out. ....?

2014-09-17 [kians mummy]: If you need a hand message a council member or i can help. X

2014-09-20 [Reaper89]: *takes off hand and throws it to ya* here's a hand yo

2014-09-22 [kians mummy]: Lol

2014-10-13 [Kalma]: I am looking for new friends who are interested in creating art, role playing, and chatting about life.. Take a look at my house and message me if you'd like!

2014-10-13 [Mortified Penguin]: There's a lot of people like that over at Bob's Diner! They usually have a lot of interesting, deep conversations.

2014-10-13 [Kalma]: Thanks

2014-10-13 [Kalma]: Did I do it right? <img:44166_1164145171.gif>

2014-10-20 [Rainvine]: I havent used this website since i was 15... Im 24 now and my house is so outdated i dont want to change anything in my profile. All the memories of my teenage years online :D i remember when elfwood was super popular, more so than deviantart

2014-10-20 [Sunrose]: Welcome back :D

2014-10-20 [Rainvine]: Thank you Sunrose, how are you?

2014-10-20 [Sunrose]: I'm well, and you? :)

2014-10-20 [Mortified Penguin]: Your favorite wiki, Bob's Diner, is still here for you.

2014-10-21 [cute-angel]: anyone can help me use this site?

2014-10-21 [Mortified Penguin]: The people at Bob's Diner can.

2014-10-22 [Avaz]: Technically they can, but realistically they probably won't.

2014-10-22 [Teufelsweib]: that might just have been the best possible answer

2014-10-23 [ally]: I usually refer people to the help page.
Edit (which actually looks better organized than I thought it would be).
But yeah the active wikis are probably bob's diner and this one.

2014-10-23 [Sagacious Turkey]: <poll:77483>

Yeah! I put a link to it here too!

2014-11-27 [Avoral]: Robots are pretty cool.

2015-01-16 [Kalma]: Who doesn't like a good robot, now and then...

2015-01-24 [EnigmaFlame]: It's been many moons...

2015-01-24 [Paul Doyle]: Keith Moon

2015-01-27 [Mortified Penguin]: I KEEP TELLING YOU, IT'S THE SAME MOON, DAMMIT.

Different sun though.

2015-02-02 [Avaz]: That's no moon!

2015-02-03 [Paul Doyle]: New Moon on Monday

2015-02-03 [Mortified Penguin]: New Moon on DVD

2015-02-03 [Paul Doyle]: Frank & Moon Unit Zappa

2015-02-03 [Viking]: Don't forget about Dwezil Zappa (Moon Unit's brother).

2015-02-04 [Paul Doyle]: Ahmet Rodan Zappa, too.

2015-02-04 [Mortified Penguin]: Not to mention Mothra Zappa, Gamera Zappa, and Ghidorah Zappa. And even Mechazappa!

2015-02-04 [Viking]: Oh, yeah, the kids of uncle Kaiju Zappa. Can't forget them!

2015-02-04 [Atossa]: hi

2015-02-04 [Viking]: Hullo!

2015-02-04 [ally]: Hallo!

2015-02-05 [Paul Doyle]: Howdy-ho!

2015-02-05 [Mortified Penguin]: Hollo!

2015-02-06 [Avaz]: Olloh!

2015-02-06 [Sunrose]: He-ya

2015-02-09 [Atossa]: anyone here

2015-02-09 [Mortified Penguin]: Not really, no. However, there are tons of people over at Bob's Diner! TONS!

2015-02-10 [Viking]: That's only 3 really big people.

2015-02-10 [Paul Doyle]: Bob's Whiner

2015-02-10 [Mortified Penguin]: Actually, it's just Misty's bloated corpse.

2015-02-10 [Anvikit]: *Points above* ^ seems legit

2015-02-10 [Viking]: It does. *nodnods*

2015-02-13 [Avaz]: Phew, what a relief. For a moment there, I thought it was Bob's Weiner.

2015-02-13 [Mortified Penguin]: Don't you worry, Bob's Weiner is safely tucked between my warm, greasy, mayo covered buns. Luckily, I got some big buns, because Bob's Weiner is so long and thick that it almost won't all fit.

But at least we're talking about Bob's Weiner. I thought for a second there we were talking about Bob's Penis.

2015-03-16 [Mortified Penguin]: So, suggestions on the Elftown app? I assume everyone wants it to look like it was the first app ever made 10 years ago? And with plenty of Bob's Diner advertisements and constant updates and reminders about Bob's Diner?


2015-03-16 [Mortified Penguin]: Someone make me some damn icons, so it doesn't look so horrible.

2015-03-17 [Sunrose]: Hahaha yea nice and retro :P

2015-03-17 [Mortified Penguin]: It would seem pretty weird to be able to access Elftown in a non-retro way at this point.

2015-03-18 [Viking]: You should make a Blackberry or PalmOS app.

2015-06-19 [Neferoth, the lethargic stigmata]: Hay, I`d do the mobile app... Even with Bobs Diner@wiki

Course that`s not nearly ALL I would do.. Oh and hi people.


2015-07-31 [Ms.Mouse]: hm

2015-07-31 [Ms.Mouse]: okay lol

2015-09-03 [The Doll Mage]: Is the app really a thing?

2015-09-03 [Mortified Penguin]: A sad, incomplete thing, yes.

2015-10-01 [Kalma]: whaaaaat... I need to log on more - apparently things are moving fast on Elftown (hah).

Does anyone know what happened to Sunrose?

2015-10-02 [Teufelsweib]: she left

2015-10-03 [Sagacious Turkey]: She got [SilverFire] to ban her, because she didn't want to come back. And, of course, that was because of [Mortified Penguin].

2015-11-12 [Neferoth, the lethargic stigmata]: So she was harassed so much she asked to be removed; more or less?

How is the rest of this dwindling community?

2015-11-14 [Company Awesome]: I'm alright.

2016-03-17 [Mortified Penguin]: HI. (update as of 2016-05-09: I accidentally deleted the comment above this one from someone that said "hello"... woops)

2016-03-18 [Viking]: Hawai'i

2016-03-24 [pelv13]: 'ello all... anything new and exciting in your lives today?

2016-03-24 [Mortified Penguin]: I saw a lizard last week. If that counts.

2016-04-05 [pelv13]: it's more than seems to be happening for anyone else, so i would say that i very well may... i think we can make that judgement call after hearing the measurement of said lizard...

2016-05-05 [Zesvrae Auvryndar]: Hello.

2016-05-07 [Paul Doyle]: *wakes up* Yep yep, welcome to the Elftown Museum, not quite as majestic as the Great Pyramids or the Great Wall of China, but a preserved relic nonetheless *goes back to sleep*

2016-05-27 [Forest Sage]: Hello everybody what is going on in the elftown world today?

2016-07-27 [The Doll Mage]: Dude... I'm 25 now. I think I discovered this place when I was 12. Thirteen years.

2016-07-28 [Viking]: Oh, [The Doll Mage], you should visit activeonelftown!

2016-11-16 [AdamTheChespin]: Hey folks!

2016-11-16 [Viking]: Hey!

2016-11-18 [Mortified Penguin]: STOP YELLING AT ME!!

2017-02-12 [Mortified Penguin]:

2017-03-07 [NightTheOwl]: Are many of us here former users back from our teen years and now grown tf up looking back and realizing where time has gone??

2017-03-07 [Mortified Penguin]: Not really, no.

2017-03-09 [font]: Oh how this place has changed but seems so familar. 

2017-03-09 [Mortified Penguin]: Bob's Diner should seem familiar; I'VE BEEN TELLING YOU TO GO THERE FOR TWELVE YEARS NOW.

2017-03-26 [font]: Haha! 12 years wow :p

2017-03-27 [Mortified Penguin]: Uh huh... uh huh... *eats ramen*... *slowly reaches for his hatchet*...

2017-03-27 [Viking]: *steals the hatchet*

2017-03-27 [Mortified Penguin]: Hey, that's a nifty hatchet! I have one just like it.

*continues slowly reaching toward where his hatchet used to be*

*eats some more ramen in the meantime*

2017-03-29 [font]: you do know hatchets are sharp and dangerous!

2017-10-15 [AdamTheChespin]: Hello ghost town chat.

2017-10-15 [Mortified Penguin]: Hello, unsuspecting rube. Have you heard about all the great deals Bob's Diner is having this week?

2017-12-08 [Infested_Zling]: Please tell me more Mort

2017-12-08 [Mortified Penguin]: NO!

2018-01-23 [Infested_Zling]: god damnit mort! Always holdin out! I want them Deals and i want them now!

2018-01-23 [Mortified Penguin]: NEVER! Our deals are a closely guarded secret. I would sooner die than reveal that our new turnip flavored slug sticks are now only $29.99!

2018-03-28 [brecht]: Hi, maybe ten yrs ago i saw this painting on elfwood called 'fire red', by mary catherine gutfleisch. Its got a dragons neck and head in it, not much else. I would really like to see it again! Could i get help on my quest of finding this image, or the artist to ask them if they can show it again pls pls, on the wide world of internet?

2018-03-28 [brecht]: -i cannot get into and am a total noob not knowing whats up with that. Am i the only one? Or did something happen to EW?

2018-03-29 [Mortified Penguin]: If so, I think this is her Facebook:

2018-03-29 [Mortified Penguin]: As for Elfwood, I think it died. As for Bob's Diner, GO THERE. COMMENT NOW. GREAT DEALS!!! *smashes [font] with a chair*

2018-03-29 [Paul Doyle]: I don't think Elfwood is going to reopen any time soon. I sure wish those who ran the site last (after Thomas Abrahamsson), have the grace to briefly reopen the site so the writers/artists could reclaim their stuff, and then come forward and admit the obvious: Elfwood is dead and gone. Then they ought to shut it down forever.

2018-03-30 [brecht]: Awww thats sad! Why? And thank, mort. I sent her a message.

2018-03-30 [Mortified Penguin]: Now go eat at Bob's Diner.

2018-12-08 [AdamTheChespin]: Boop

2019-03-27 [bear_28]: Hello!! :)

2019-04-01 [Infested_Zling]: ello

2019-04-06 [AdamTheChespin]: How are things here?

2019-04-09 [*Sunflower*]: Is anyone even still here?

2019-04-09 [Mortified Penguin]: No, everyone is at Bob's Diner.

2019-06-15 [Alendre]: This is a trip

2019-06-17 [Mortified Penguin]: How about you take a trip on over to Bob's Diner?

2019-08-26 [Infested_Zling]: i did and i stumbled back here


2019-09-11 [carpet]: Hey guys. What's new?

2019-09-13 [Mortified Penguin]: Well, for today only, we're having a buy-one-don't-get-shot sale! If you buy one of our premium Get Out Of Getting Shot passes today, you can avoid being shot until tomorrow! Passes cost $500. *cocks his shotgun*

2019-10-06 [Mr poulo]: Hello everyone am just new how is it going

2019-10-11 [Paul Doyle]: Yes, the website technology of Elftown will proudly stride into the 21st Century any time now.

2019-10-12 [Mortified Penguin]: You'll see. It'll be considered retro and hip in the Roarin' 20's.

2019-10-16 [Lothuriel]: I think everyone should ditch FaceSpace and come back to ET. Just saying.

2019-11-19 [Alendre]: Agreed

2019-11-25 [Paul Doyle]: <poll:77505>

2020-02-22 [Rainvine]: HelloOoOoOo

2020-02-22 [Rainvine]: I used this website as a kid

2020-02-23 [Paul Doyle]: While you get older, this site will be trapped in time, from when Pepperidge Farms remembers the website technology was almost caught up to the norm. But not really.

2020-04-11 [Neferoth, the lethargic stigmata]: I.. I member.

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