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New Years Day Festival




Welcome to the day of the new year!
The countdown, the fireworks, the celebration
of a new year coming and an old year passing.
What else is involved? You tell us!
Use art, poetry, photography, and even descriptions
to show us what you see as New Years!

About New Years:


New Years Competition Rules

I. Theme: 12 o'clock.

II. Amount: Each participant may submit two pieces per contest, at most.

III. Deadline: The deadline for poetry contest is December 24, 2011.
The deadline for the photography and art contests are January 7, 2012.

IV. Winners: There will be two winners for the art, poetry, and photography contests.

V. Judging: The winners will be selected by public poll, don't vote for yourself!


General Entry Rules

Please read these rules here: Festival Competition Rules#Contestants



The winners of the contests will be featured on this page.

These shiny new badges will be presented to the winners of their selected contests to place in their house!

For all Participants:


For all first place winners:


For all second place winners:



NYD Art Contest 2011 Open
NYD Poetry Contest 2011 Open
NYD Photography Contest 2011 Open


Winners of the New Years Day Festival Art, poetry and photography competition 2010:


Throughout every part of Elftown,
Citizens gather with a feeling of trite.
Not a cheerless face can be found.
We are united by celebration, tonight.

Florissant fireworks blast.
It’s midnight here.
Shadows of bright light are cast;
Whispers saying, “Kiss me, dear?”

Laughter and merriment surrounds.
Flutes of the finest glass tink,
The roar of gleeful children sounds
As Hedda pours my lover and I another drink.

Humans dance ‘round fires like gypsies,
Halflings sit with their lovers in toe,
Orcs and Elves are festive and tipsy;
Who the dwarfs kiss, we’ll never know.

2010 lights up the spacious sky,
Signaling another year has passed.
Bottle rockets begin to fly,
I hope my resolutions this year last.

Up in the midnight sky,
A sudden and instant reminder,
Forever we live and die,
This year we must be kinder.

written by: [sweet.tx.tea]

by: [*Phoenix*]



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2008-11-17 [LunaWolfDragon]: just so ill kinda feel better after the last one i want to enter the art one. Hopefully i can do a good drawing one.

2008-11-17 [FamousPanda]: There is the spirit, and its not broken. Enter it and do a good job I know you can do it.

2008-11-17 [LunaWolfDragon]: i have a drawing i did of a famus person one time i might use the paint to add in effects around it. If that is not okay then say so now

2008-11-17 [FamousPanda]: does the famous person have anything to do with new years?

2008-11-17 [nehirwen]: If it has fireworks or something like that in the background it's perfectly fine. (or champagne etc)
I think it's great you want to enter this. :D <3
Hope you've read the rules carefully now. ;)

2008-11-17 [LunaWolfDragon]: Well can make fireworks with paint is why i was asking. casue i have the start pic saveed i can show ya that was drawn my self cause i put my intiers on it

2008-12-28 [nehirwen]: <img:17985_1127690355.gif> New Years Poll 2008, the voting has started! :)

2008-12-29 [LunaWolfDragon]: damn it i messed the deadline cause of computer problems *mother hummper*

2008-12-29 [nehirwen]: Aww, what a pity. :(
I think this contest will be reopened in Februari, you can submit it then, if you want...
You'll have to wait a year before there will be a new poll though. ;)
Perhaps you can join another contest?

2008-12-29 [LunaWolfDragon]: If i do not have any more troubles with computers i will and i like doing the ones you host i just got to remember to be on time and get it done before the deadline. I you do post it back in Fab i do not mind waiting another year for the polls that does not bother me at all.

2008-12-29 [nehirwen]: That's great! :D

2008-12-29 [LunaWolfDragon]: :D

2009-12-28 [*Phoenix*]: where would I put a photo manipulation? It would go under art, right?

2009-12-28 [Ihsahn]: Yes but sadly the art section was closed on the 24th for some reason, yet we have no entries...

2009-12-29 [*Phoenix*]: But that was a stupid deadline! It was before Christmas!!! grr...and I worked on making it too because this page says it's open.....

2009-12-29 [Ihsahn]: I am the owner of the page, seeing as I see no entries, I am sure I can extend the deadline to match that of the photography.

2009-12-29 [*Phoenix*]: Ohhh. That would be nice!

2010-08-09 [*Phoenix*]: Hwello? What's up with this contest now? I looks like it died...

2010-12-05 [Artsieladie]: I'm thinking the same thing, *Phoenix*; perhaps Festivals period? ;_;

2010-12-06 [*Phoenix*]: I don't know..... o_o

2011-12-19 [Mortified Penguin]: Deadlines are coming up.

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