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Nathan Crane

User: [Rice]
Name: Nathan Crane.
Race: Human/Shape-Shifter. (A Halfling)
Kingdom: Kingdom of the Phoenix
Alliance: Corus Rebellion.
Rank: Theif.
Personality: Nathan is as stunted as his growth, he is very emotionally immature and rather crazed, he has boundless amounts of energy and can never sit still. He is playful and giddy and craves attention from everyone around him. If things don't go his way he throws mood swings and will break stuff, though it only takes catching his attention to calm him down. He gets insanely jealous and possessive and can make a mountain out of a mole hill easily. He gets nervous and scared easily and is of a dodgy disposition which means he can have a breakdown over minor things. He's the sort of person you could never really imagine getting violent, which benefits him really.
Description: Nathan is a bizarre looking person in the fact he is 35 years old but only 4'6ft and weighing only 70 pounds. The cross breeding in his family has effected him genetically making his appearance a tad deranged. His limbs are long and thin, and look like they have been plucked off another person and stuck on him. His eyes are big and menacingly cute though coloured and off-putting sharp yellow eyes, like a Lemurs. He has a mop of flicky white hair that falls about his head in an unruly fashion and what one might call angular features that make his nose seem longer than it is and his mouth a bit to big for his face with a large cheshire toothed grin. He wears mismatched clothes that don't make any sense and has a flare for the dramatics, he will always appear in something weird though the colour scheme always follows white/black/grey, like his lemur form.
Weapon: An axe that is as big as he is.
Abilities: Nathan is only half shape shifter, thus his powers as one are rather limited in being he can only turn into one animal, a lemur.
History: Nathan was born to a shape shifter mother and a human father, and though they were loving parents they were over protective due to their sons condition. They sheltered him and treated him like a child so much he never grew up, until he killed them of course, which was a complete accident he assures you. He is easily mistake for a child and even more easily he is over looked and ignored, he is not seen as a giant threat until he gets out his giant axe which he hides in his coat, somehow.

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2009-12-29 [Eyden13]: good to go

2009-12-29 [Rice]: Thankyou.
Now I just need to think of his first outfit.

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