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Naruto - Ninja Roleplaying


Welcome to Naruto - Ninja Roleplaying, the center for your Naruto Roleplaying urges. Sign up and have fun!


NRP Information - Everything you need to know about Ninjas.
NRP Members - Add your name with a short description and start RPing.
NRP Rules - What to do and what not to do!
NRP Places - Here is where you start RPing. Choose a town and get going!
NRP History - The history of the RP, come and see the past!
NRP News - News on NRP and other Naruto things.
NRP Story - The story so far.

The World:

In this world, Ninjas are the ultimate powers. They control who lives, who dies, and who gains power. In most countries there is a hidden Ninja Village, where Ninjas train to become the best. Join this world, and become the very best.


Username (or number or email):


2007-01-15 [XxTsomexX]: ?

2007-01-15 [Shadow-ofDeath]: ??

2007-06-27 [Shadow-ofDeath]: HUGE REFORM!

I am creating a new system to end all others. It's going to be based on DnD, but with some big changes to make it more open with character creation. No classes, just a big pile of customization. I am open to ideas, and there will be a "Create your own Jutsu" system.

This way, the winner will not just be determined by roleplaying, but also by numbers.

2007-06-28 [Shadow-ofDeath]: Alright... I just did the main part of it. Check out the Rules page, NRP Rules.

So, what do you think? The only problem is that it will require a dice system... and the only one Elftown has is a d20.

This means, all rolls that are d10, will simply be a d20 / 2 (round down). d5 is d20/4, d4 is d20/5.

2007-06-28 [KnightAngel]: Hmm... Slight confusing but I'll hopefully soon get the hang of it :P

2007-06-28 [Shadow-ofDeath]: I will guide people through it and help them create characters. I found a way to get past the dice rolling system, too. Everyone here will need access to IRC for it to work, I have set up a channel with a dice rolling operator.

For now, honor system, I believe, would work. Unless elftown implements some sort of thing. I'd hate to have to bring it to a forum, but it would make things thousands of times easier.

2007-06-28 [KnightAngel]: Okay ^^' Now you just made me confused but I got the part about IRC ^^'

2007-06-28 [Shadow-ofDeath]: I have an IRC channel set up where I am the admin. I stole and edited a dice-rolling function, it allows one to type in
/advdice (amount of dice)!(Sides of dice)
and get a set of numbers.
This just requires everyone to have mIRC.

If I go to a free forum though, I can make a very large roleplay. All the people here get to instantly start off at Chuunin level (That would make them all level 8, if I recall).

2007-06-28 [Shadow-ofDeath]: Alright, I might be able to get a free domain for us...

What should I call the website?
I was consider

2007-06-28 [KnightAngel]: I think the other one says itself and well I just downloaded mIRC ^^'

2007-06-28 [Shadow-ofDeath]: Not going to work out with the "Free domain", because they are liars.

My friend might be able to set me up, he's got about twenty computers at his house running servers.

For now? I'll try out mIRC for a while and see how it works.

2007-06-28 [Shadow-ofDeath]: Our page is #nrp on

2007-06-28 [KnightAngel]: Hehe okay :P unfortunately of course it has to be troublesome o.o Something about trouble with disolving server or something like that <.<

2007-06-28 [Shadow-ofDeath]: ?


I might just give up... this might just be a dead RP. Well, I'm gonna keep trying to get the IRC working, I might even set up a bot.

2007-06-28 [KnightAngel]: "Unable to resolve server" That was what it said <.<

2007-06-28 [Shadow-ofDeath]: I changed the server to Rizon, sometimes a server is down and you can't connect, so try it there.

More information:

2007-07-04 [Shadow-ofDeath]: ALRIGHT, NEVERMIND. The RP will live on as it was before, I'm going to keep those changes for personal use, however. I've got a friend who loves Naruto and we've been working on a system like that.

We need some more people. I will be allowing a few members to become Jounins, but they will be the members who have been the most active, and must already by at chunin rank.

Please, everyone, tell your friends. The Jounins will be able to be the leader of the three man teams... which we sorely need.

2007-09-12 [Danboo]: nani?

2007-09-12 [Dwarf Ronin]: Can I join?

2007-09-17 [Shadow-ofDeath]: Yes you may, just create a character.

2008-05-11 [Sagacious Turkey]: ...

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