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2005-04-25 20:46:43
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Do You Want Some Live (kinda) Action?
This is where to come to settle scores, when distance and a webcam cant be found.

Meet in the Comments Section of this page to battle to the death. This is a battle of wits. Only One (1) Comment at a Time.

An offical must be appointed to make sure that the fighting is clean.

Are you Ready? Lets Get it ON!


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2004-12-03 [Whim]: No one in particular.

2004-12-03 [Pillowthief]: That is the correct answer. Being witty is only in the opinions of other people so nither me nor Whim could answer that. Sunrose will have to decide....

2004-12-03 [Sunrose]: Well...neither of you are convincing me and I find it a tad disappointing you people are quitting already. I declare no winner at all: boohoo for you!

2004-12-03 [Pillowthief]: Not fair!

2004-12-03 [Sunrose]: It is actually: no compeating no winner..

2004-12-03 [Pillowthief]: No one quit

2004-12-03 [Sunrose]: you both did, when you started asking me who was the winner..

2004-12-03 [Pillowthief]: Poo on you.

2004-12-03 [Sunrose]: sore loser..

2004-12-03 [Whim]: I can go back to bothering Thief in more conventional and less sanctioned ways.

2004-12-18 [Pillowthief]: (This wiki has been cleaned of unneeded comments. Unfortunately, ET doesnt update the number of comments below, so there is only *5* pages instead of 12. Please go to page *5* to start at the begining...

2005-04-12 [Kayne]: *Sees only 5pages.*

2005-04-13 [Pillowthief]: Hmm. They finally fixed it...

2005-04-23 [nokaredes]: Hey, wasn't the banner made by Emily and not [Sheona]?

2005-04-25 [Pillowthief]: Ah, the brown ones are made by [Sheona]. Thanks, I hadnt caught that. Was it [la vie lemon]?

2005-04-25 [nokaredes]: Yep. (You know because in the URL, the first part of the number is the member number of the person who uploaded it ^_^)

2007-04-05 [Pillowthief]: Haha, you suckers are still watching this page?

2007-04-05 [nokaredes]:!

2007-07-20 [Mortified Penguin]: ...*eats ramen*...

2007-07-20 [Pillowthief]: Forgot about this wiki... Hmm? It still has 8 watchers?

2007-07-20 [Mortified Penguin]: ...mmm... mud...

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