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OK, fans of Miroku can join this! Just add your name below and tell us in which way you like Miroku!!!
If you have any questions, please contact the President [Mizz Morpheus] or the Vice President [Dark Angel]. Thank yooooouuuuu for checking out this wiki page!
Created by [Mizz Morpheus]


Okay, here we have our club pic. If you want you can copy the adress and put it up to your ET to show that you are a proud member!
But I want to tell you that this pic is copyright by me. So please, do NOT put it anywhere in the net, it's just for ELFTOWN uses!!
[Dark Angel]

[Mizz Morpheus] I love Miroku!!! I mean, he's so hot it HURTS!!!!!!! *faints*

[kayo] I wonder what miroku would think if he knew he has so many fans waiting to bear his child? his pervertness is what turns girls on!!!!

[Dark Angel] I do not really 'love' Miroku (hehehe, you know who I love, do you Luluta?!) but just for this great, famous sentence "Please bear my child" and Sango's and Kagome's faces it is worth! Yeah, Miroku go! I'm sure there are a lot of female fans who will do! lol

[inazuma] Hehe, I love him in any way. ^.~ I agree with all of you. He's hot, his pervertedness turns girls (and sometimes guys) on, and his famous line. He roooocks! *hugs little Miroku plushies*

[KMR #1] I like Miroku in many ways. He's funny. He's Cute. He's deturmined. He's Smart. He's stround. You might say I have a crush on him, but I also admire him for his cool (if a little scary) charecter. But tont tell him that! *winks*

[Hellcatje89] I don't really love Miroku but he's so super sweet and is always trying to be nice.And most of the times he gets a slap in the not fair

[Fireblade K'Chona] Miroku's hot, he's a bit angsty, and he's funny as all heck! What else could a fan want?

[Paris Legal] Hot doesn't even begin to describe Miroku! He's just down right sexy! And he was my anime boyfriend on some quiz I took. Yeah... he's such a perv. ... I love it.

[Rin] I love Mirkou cuz he's hot! And funny and has mercy and we both beileve that there is no good or evil after death!

[Shinobu] Miroku Rocks ^^ he's sooow cool ^^

[Hisamie] Mirkoku can be intersting at times.

[Lady Alaina]Miroku is VERY cool! Its just so funny how Kagome and Sango give him cold looks at times! And he even fell into a trap because he likes beautiful women!(I better watch out for him!) He is soooooo predictable!


[Akika_Inari] Hmmm...he asks so many women, and they all turn him down? WHY?!?! 

[Cat0132] I love Miroku! he reminds me of my husband from a story of mine, so I can't help myself! He's so hott and nice, and hey his total obession with women is funny! p.s. why do girls ALWAYS turn him down?

[Arisonu] Miroku. Oh so glompable! *Drools and drowns in her own spit.*

[Melody "Yami" Anizamu] MIROKU!Cool, he's pretty cool.


[yuki undefined] I love Miroku, he's a pervert! i'll bear his child!

[FukaiMori]- Well it's hard to say..but he's just so cute. ^^lol And he can be cute and times.. ^^;

[Woodstockspawn] Um... I think Miroku's just funny... ^__^'

[mirico]: god hes hot! i wish i could meet him *sigh*

oooooooo! miroku is a bad boy! Asking a 7 year old to bare his child?

[Jacqui] i love miroku ^_^

[Rabenu] ~ what do you think hed do if he knew that all of these peoples loved him?

[BlankPage] ^_^ BWAH!!! I LOVE MIROKU!!! Che...some don't cause he's a "pervert" but hey, what guy isn't??

[KMR #1] All guys are Perverts, it's just sick when your a small one...But *sighs* Being a big on is cute! But my heart belongs to another. Oh, well, I can always ask to "bear Miroku's child" lol!

[Sen Amroth] i just looooveeee Miroku ^.^ who cares if he's a pervert sometimes lol.

[Rabenu] Sometimes? lol

[Demon Kitten] Miroku rocks

[ArkyLarky] Miroku ish one of my favorite bishouens EVER!!! *huggles him* ~^^~

[Kikai] Yay!! Miroku is finally mine!! *laughs evily* He's cute, courageous, and he protects the ones he love (which is every girl he ever laid his eyes upon) but still!!

[vash_159]-miroku tis the best of the best!!!

[Basha] the very sad thing is that the girls who will bear his child cant get to the futile era..

[SS Deathstar Super Galactik] I'm his son!!!

[kirsa] who the hell wouldn't you love the perverted monk!

I just had to ask, but [SS Deathstar Super Galactik] who is your mother, I want to know which girl it was, I mean he has asked so many.

[scars of winter rain] wow it's amazing how many people
"apriciate" his "pervertedness", he is cool... but i wouldn't bear his child... and no matter how many of you love him sooooooo much... there is no way you are changing my mind

[jaderii] Miroku is SSSOOO hot. The best ever I tell ya! Yee! ^_^

[Goodbye Forever] Miroku is too hot for words...*faints*

[Deathsinger] what can i say he reminds me of me

[bubblegirl] houshi-sama! (did I spell that right? I doubt it!)

[Ramirez] ::Points up at [Ayuru] and just laughs:: Ahem...ah...yes...whats this place again? Miroku... Ah yes, hes awesome. Favorite guy on Inuyasha...and his little staff dealy...jingle jingle...::cackles:: Um... yes...::runs off::

[Le Monstre Dans Le Gateau]: *meeps and clings to Miroku* Yay! *runs off with him*
[ddsfsfdsfd]Miroku is my anime god.....

[schizoid] well...I'm obligated to love him. I'm Sango!
[burntashes] go miroku!!!*perv

[squeezy] atention ladies! you are now permited to swoon over me!

[Rhymes With Orange] miroku is awesome!

[Bitch♥Please]he awsome!and a but grabbingmonk!KOOL!


[Paz] GO MIROKU!!! sorry bout that. Come take my quizzes on quizilla (Tiz a URL on my page) About Miroku.. yep.

[Katisama] Miroku's hot but a little.....hentai. i like a challenge. i'm still a fan tho^^

[Slytherin's Werewolf] Who cares if Miroku's a little hentai? He too hot for me to even care.

[Milk and cookies] I like his voice!

[MACCANATOR] hes really funny and seriousat the sametime

[WatchTower33] FUNNY!! WHOOP!!

[Gwen32] He is an inspiration to us all.^^

[caseclosed] ihes very cool and funny

[Inuyasha Girl]

[trodahawk] go pimp monk!!!!

[goneawaynow] miroku is fucking fine

[jessica|hates|.â„¢] Wow... ain't he great? Why do all the women he likes hurt him? I wouldn't hurt 'im... so cute!

[Fushigi Rockna] Miroku's such a funny cuite. XD heehee

[Lady_Lionheart] miroku's so cute with his famous line and I feel bad when he always gets hit...there has to be someone out there who doesn't want to hit him...yea me!*hugs miroku*

[lenardo] miroku is cool

[~Mrs.Matt~] Miroku is halarious and so sexy haha lol lmao

[PheonixFire13] Miroku is AWESOME!!!

[Playboy_Bunny_16] Miroku is funny and fine

[RavenTalon] Miroku is hot, but not as hot as Link. And Marth. And... ROY.

[Red kira] omg miroku club ^^ wwwwwwweeeeeee i love miroku but bankotsu is more sexy sorry miroku

[Larien Ar-Feiniel] *whoot* okay then, i guess this means im a member of the club, right?

[Sk89q] I like miroku b/c i aspire to be like him!!

[shippolove] I like Miroku, he's hot! For some strange reason, I like perves.

[Bulma] I think Miroku and Songo make a great couple.

[Lost In Thought] I absolutely think they make a great couple. Sango and Miroku that is.

[.X.X.Lips Of Deceit.X.X.] Need I say anymore?!

[lonely but loved] miroku is sooo drop dead SEAXH

[MorbidBitch] i like miroku becuz he is so cute and when he does something wrong he acts like he did nothing

[Raesha] miroku is the best! he's hot, he's smart and loyal. . . did i mention hot?

[Shadow07] Miroku is really cute!!!!!!!!!

[ArchRose] Miroku god, if you were real i would never leave your side, cuz your a sexy beast. You just need to convince sango before i take your offer. hehe

[Konoha ANBU] Miroku freakin' rocks!!!! He is sooooooo CUTE!!!!!

[RiddleRose] Yay! My pervert!

[{*Suna's Kazekage*} Gaara] i like him because he is really hot and funny. he is also not afraid to speak his mind

[Ikko] Go Miroku! He is so funny!XD

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2005-09-09 [Raesha]: of course. you're only human.

2005-09-09 [Paz]: Nope, I'm not human (has been proven)

2006-02-11 [Equivalent Exchange]: Miroku!

2006-02-16 [Equivalent Exchange]: I mean, hey all

2006-03-06 [DMK_DarkMage]: you know, miroku's a cool guy...  well when he;s not being a perv  but he's cool none the less

2006-03-07 [Equivalent Exchange]: definetly... like in the ep where he talks to Sango after she still is healing... cept after the nice convo he gives her.. she asks him why he's stroking her thighs lol

2006-03-30 [Raesha]: miroku is the perfect man (even if he is slightly lechorous and a cartoon character...)

2006-03-30 [Equivalent Exchange]: true ^^

2006-04-06 [Raesha]: ^_^ i love him!

2006-04-20 [{*~Chelsea~*}]: hello

2006-05-11 [Raesha]: hi!

2006-05-13 [Equivalent Exchange]: hey

2006-06-14 [Raesha]: what's up?

2006-06-15 [Equivalent Exchange]: nuttin much...

2006-06-27 [Raesha]: are you sure?

2006-06-28 [Equivalent Exchange]: *looks around* Yes... Im sure

2006-11-24 [Raesha]: wow. u sound sure...

2006-12-03 [Equivalent Exchange]: I am, I think ^^ Actually, Im doing nuttin except talk to you now

2006-12-04 [Raesha]: ah. okay!

2007-05-09 [Raesha]: Marching Bandits! is my newest wiki! ALL BAND PEOPLES MUST JOIN! PLEASE!!!

2007-07-29 [*Sakura-chan*]: SO MANY PEOPLE LIKE MIROKU!!! lol

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