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Welcome to...


Welcome to the City of Spiders! This Wiki is dedicated to the Drow, especially those of the city of Menzoberranzan. I'm working on this page and it might take awhile to do all that I want, but I've got big plans for this place. So, check the place out and I hope you like it!
-[Ssapzyne Del'Armgo] (creator)


8/25/05- Well, after a while of working, I've finally got this wiki open! Yay! Look around and tell me what you think! Comments wanted...

10/8/05- I just opened a new page on the goddess "Kiaransalee" in the Religon section. Go check it out! Thanks to [Kalnafein] for the info on her!

11/9/05- I just got the new "Drow Stories" section up. Go check it out!

1/6/06- Just a happy New Year to everyone and a little notice: I recently signed up Menzoberranzan as a Safe Zone wiki. BAsically, this means that there is no discriminating people here. Of course, RP fighting and insulting and stuff like that is always allowed; this IS Menzoberranzan, the city of the Drow. But that was just a little FYI.

2/4/06- I just added another religon page, the god Thraud, done wonderfully by [Linn Scarlett]. Thanx!

Thanks to the creative thinking [Kalnafein], I've made the Menzoberranzan Debate page. Go check it out and add ideas if you've got them! I put two up already!

I've just put up a new religion page on the Drow god Ghaunadaur. I'm working on one for Selvetarm that should be up soon, along with House Agarch Dyrr!

Happy Pi Day everyone! Wait, nevermind... Anyway, a correction was made in the page for Vhaeraun. The picture I had was of the god the Mask, not Vhaeraun. The picture was changed, thanks to [Kalnafein] for telling me about that.

Also I added a picture in Lloth's, Eilistraee's, Vhaeraun's, and Kiaransalee's pages if you ant to look at them. I'll be getting Selvetarm's page up in the next few days... hopefully.

There's 3 new banners for the taking! Go check them out!

I've added the Drow Sites page. It has a listing of more Drow sites you can look at.

About the Drow

Ok, first off, being this wiki is dedicated to the Drow, I will first define what is a Drow. If you do not know what a Drow is, I suggest you follow this link:
What is a Drow


I've made a list of the top 8 houses of Menzoberranzan which you can join. I put down some Info on each other the houses along with the family symbol. Read about them, choose which you like most, and put your name there!

First House: House Baenre
Second House: House Barrison Del'Armgo
Third House: House Faen Tlabbar
Fourth House: House Xorlarrin

Because this is a new wiki and there are not too many members, the last 4 Great Houses will not be open yet. As soon as we get enough people, I will complete the last 4 and you can change to one of them if you wish...
Fifth House: House Agrach Dyrr
Sixth House: House Mizzrym
Seventh House: House Fey-Branche
Eighth House: House Tuin'Tarl

Drow Religon

These links will lead you to sections where you can learn about the different goddesses/gods of the Drow. Choose which deity you are the follower of.(Note: there are a few other Drow gods/goddesses, but there's not too much known about them to list them and info about them here)

The Demonweb Pits

The Temple of Eilistraee

The Shrine of Vhaeraun

The Tomb of Kiaransalee

The Wastelands of the Blade

The Cave of Ghaunadaur

Menzoberranzan Maps
Confused of were you are in the City of Spiders? Come here for maps of the underground cavern.

Menzoberranzan Role Play
Think you want to journey around Menzoberranzan? Come here and interact in the City of Spiders!

Menzoberranzan Banners
Tell others of our city! Get a banner here!

Drow Books
Love the books? Come here and talk about your favorite Drow books, characters, and other novel-related material.

Drow Games
Have a favorite game or want to talk about them? Come here!

Drow Stories
A section for all those creative writers who like to write about the Drow!

Menzoberranzan Debate
A section for debating aspects of the Drow VS all other random things!

Drow Sites
Still have questions or want to learn more about the Drow? Come here to check out more sites! (Includes Drow Language Sites)

Coming Soon
Bregan D'aerthe
House Agrach Dyrr

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2006-03-27 [Kalnafein]: Yea if your lover got killed yo were going to fight with the ferocity of the nine hell's to avenge him lol

2006-03-27 [Foxspike]: lol alog them lines

2006-03-27 [Linn Scarlett]: sounds like a lot of ferocious fighting then: any drow that find out of teh love another drow for a third drow is so going to extort one of them by telling the other he's going to kill their love O.O and drows are matriarchal, not patriarchal like the spartains

2006-03-27 [Kalnafein]: I wish I had another boy drow >.<

2006-03-27 [Linn Scarlett]: O.o'

2006-03-27 [Kyrinn]: another boy Drow?? Dare I ask?

2006-03-27 [Linn Scarlett]: you don't kyr you don't :P Khan is the biggest sarcast since phaeraun :P

2006-03-27 [Kyrinn]: Ahhhhh... I see.. O.o

2006-03-27 [Linn Scarlett]: definately so :P

2006-03-27 [Ssapzyne Del'Armgo]: *finishes reading conversation* ok...

2006-03-28 [Kalnafein]: I'll take that as a Compliment Linn

2006-03-28 [Foxspike]: did u know a mere 300 hundred spartians held a vally from wait for it............250,000 enemy soldiers. the spartians would unbeatable but some basred greek sold them out. gave the enemy a secret route behing the spartains. the snitch was killed instead of being paid so i think serves u right kinda thing going on. the spartains were surrounded but they fought to the last man. they had a saying return with your shield or on it. on it being dead lol not sleeping

2006-03-28 [Linn Scarlett]: *chuckles* i ve nothing with the spartains :P I never knew them and never will, so i wont miss em either :P

2006-03-28 [Kalnafein]: Sweet! My Computer can play MechWarrior Vengeance on a higher graphic setting lol

2006-03-28 [Ssapzyne Del'Armgo]: Spartans were cool... a bit too militaristic for my taste...

2006-03-28 [Ssapzyne Del'Armgo]: BTW, a bit off-subject, but I just started a new wiki: Rants Against Adults. If you guys want to join you can. I just got bored and randomly came up with it...

2006-03-29 [Linn Scarlett]: what is it supposed to do O.o

2006-03-31 [Ssapzyne Del'Armgo]: Basically give people a place to rant when adults annoy them...

2006-03-31 [Linn Scarlett]: I am so glad i've super parents ^_^`

2006-03-31 [Kalnafein]: well for those of us who aren't 12 or under do you have any other groups of interest?

2006-03-31 [Ssapzyne Del'Armgo]: I am not twelve! My parents are just control freaks! I originally wanted to just make it a rating wiki, but I was afraid of people saying racial stuff, ect, ect.

2006-04-01 [Kalnafein]: Tell them to bugger off, you people act like tis is hard and if they swing on you, swing back

2006-04-01 [Zardra]: this is so cool! ^__^

2006-04-02 [Linn Scarlett]: *shrugs* i have no problems with my parents :)

2006-04-02 [Foxspike]: im 20 now so im an adult but rant against me i built these walls to bind u all muh ha ha ha ha

2006-04-03 [Linn Scarlett]: ...right... in that case I am an adult too

2006-04-03 [Foxspike]: lol well i think this calls for a mass reeductaion of the younger generation

2006-04-03 [Kalnafein]: I prefer Mass Executions lol

2006-04-04 [Foxspike]: lol what ever work best in a way its disapline

2006-04-08 [Ssapzyne Del'Armgo]: I know someone that can handle the executions; just give me a place and time... lol.

2006-04-08 [Foxspike]: red square russia at 9 am sharp

2006-04-08 [Ssapzyne Del'Armgo]: Gotcha. lol.

2006-04-11 [Kalnafein]: Trail of Annihilation lol

2006-04-12 [Ssapzyne Del'Armgo]: Trail? You mean highway! lol.

2006-04-12 [Foxspike]: we will kill enougfh people to make even Stalin proud

2006-04-13 [Ssapzyne Del'Armgo]: Stalin... he makes Hitler look like a sissy...

2006-04-14 [Foxspike]: quite so

2006-04-15 [Ssapzyne Del'Armgo]: I know that he would have people act out the deaths of the people he had executed and he would laugh his head off... just a TEENY bit of a sicko.

2006-04-15 [Linn Scarlett]: *finally got the fifth WotSQ book* X_X

2006-04-16 [Ssapzyne Del'Armgo]: Sweet; it's pretty good

2006-04-18 [zankou]: your missing house Do'urden!

2006-04-18 [Linn Scarlett]: it's only 9th :P

2006-04-18 [Linn Scarlett]: besides, Drizz wasn't thát cool :P Khain came out as owning him totally *winks at Venris*

2006-04-18 [zankou]: don't be dissing on my brother...drizzt is cool

2006-04-18 [zankou]: besides he almost killed off house baenre..

2006-04-18 [Linn Scarlett]: hahaha the weak part of my family obviously :P

2006-04-18 [Linn Scarlett]: Gromph owns *huggs her uncle*

2006-04-18 [zankou]: well good point....

2006-04-18 [zankou]: I serve the spider queen though, and he does not.

2006-04-18 [Linn Scarlett]: *spits* I hope she bites her tongue and dies of her own poison

2006-04-18 [zankou]: oh? then you take the side of the darthiar?

2006-04-18 [Linn Scarlett]: *laughs* you truely think Lloth is the only god here? I and my city hail to Thraud, who is Lloth's superior and not her petty minion, like Vhaeraun or the Girl-goddess Eilestraee!

2006-04-18 [zankou]: not at all! Im also a follower of moraddin..

2006-04-18 [zankou]: duerger can be fine allies...

2006-04-18 [Linn Scarlett]: ...and lizard food *sniffles* I prefer the other half of my family as allies... though most don't really like me (half demon >_<_)

2006-04-18 [zankou]: Ive been a member of Bregan D'aerthe, since the fall of house Do'urden

2006-04-18 [zankou]: and its done well for me i suppose.

2006-04-18 [Linn Scarlett]: Hmm Jarlaxle is such a sexy devil *chuckles mischiviously* well ive never been a member, but you can say ive been 'involved' with Bregan D'aerthe

2006-04-18 [zankou]: yes he is a little fetching, for a male.

2006-04-18 [Linn Scarlett]: ghehe you have no idea how true your word are *blinks and grins while staring off into the distance*

2006-04-18 [zankou]: i plan to restore house Do'urden, and rule over since drizzt wont...

2006-04-18 [Linn Scarlett]: No really? *chuckles* and how do you want to do that? Like his insane sister? *recalls the event Jarlaxle had told about with the Dinin-drider and the maddened priestess*

2006-04-18 [zankou]: no i wont atempt to kill a favored one....

2006-04-18 [zankou]: i will kill anyone who trys to stop me though

2006-04-18 [Linn Scarlett]: Hmm House Do'urden back on the council... that would be interesting... you know, I might be inclined to help you

2006-04-18 [zankou]: you could, Bregan D'aerthe will as well. i promised them a place among my highest orders.

2006-04-18 [Linn Scarlett]: Jax will sure suck up to that *chuckles* Well, seeing as me nor most of my relatives like my dear aunt Triel, and Quentel is off in a failing attempt to find Lloth, we might aswell try to root them out. I know for one, that my uncle would like the throne for himself

2006-04-18 [zankou]: sounds good..

2006-04-18 [Linn Scarlett]: It is *chuckles* might as well get rid of those annoying Dyrrs along the way

2006-04-18 [zankou]: so how long befor my family's name is restored?

2006-04-18 [Linn Scarlett]: That depends on your loyalties dear, and what the gain would be for me

2006-04-18 [zankou]: What house are you in currently?

2006-04-18 [Linn Scarlett]: Idrill, First House of Gor-gornoth. Baerne is it's second house.

2006-04-18 [zankou]: ah then joining my house you would be demoted.....i see

2006-04-18 [Linn Scarlett]: You think so? From a first house to what, a scrapped ninth? *laughs* Do not forget who you are talking to priestess, I am married to the first patron of Gor-gornoth

2006-04-18 [zankou]: very well..

2006-04-18 [zankou]: i shall join your house till i can claim my own back from the abyss

2006-04-18 [Linn Scarlett]: That is a far more suitable discission indeed. I shall console my Lord about it

2006-04-18 [zankou]: i shall go and put my name down.

2006-04-18 [Linn Scarlett]: good girl

2006-04-18 [shadow_walker]: just a slight question i might have asked before but how do we jion in on the role play?

2006-04-18 [zankou]: i have no idea...

2006-04-19 [Linn Scarlett]: just start acting as if you've always been here :p Our dear mistress isn't finished yet with official pages i recall *nudges Sapp*

2006-04-19 [Linn Scarlett]: or, you grovel and plead a bitt near my feet and i might let you into my city.... as you might have noticed this is not my site nor my city, but the one of our referred mistress Ssapzyne

2006-04-19 [Linn Scarlett]: Ssap should i read the note to them? *resites* "if you can't handle sarcasm, ironie or outright comments towarding you/yourself//yourcharacter than this is not the place you want to be. One Drow and all Drow, if you can't handle it, your problem" *coughs* *eats chocolate* so yeah. thats it i think ^_^ *nudges Ssap again*

2006-04-19 [shadow_walker]: i can handle anything you throw at me

2006-04-19 [Linn Scarlett]: *toys with a black orb* Oh reallly? Nice...

2006-04-19 [zankou]: delicisous

2006-04-19 [Linn Scarlett]: If you say so *lifts an eyebrow*

2006-04-19 [Ssapzyne Del'Armgo]: Sorry about the roly play taking so long. For whatever reason, my parent's are refusing to upgrade to DSL and the role play would be an incredible pain to try doign on my stupidly slow computer. Plus, I'd need some major help with it. But for now, it's just go into the role play, post an action and it just goes on... Lloth willing I'll eventually manage to get it up.

2006-04-20 [Linn Scarlett]: you can always count on me :p (more than on your goddess it seems :p)

2006-04-20 [zankou]: greetings..

2006-04-20 [Linn Scarlett]: yes? *lifts eyebrow*

2006-04-20 [zankou]: just saying hello....thats all.

2006-04-20 [Ssapzyne Del'Armgo]: Hi... *looks around* Hmmm... it's awfully peaceful here... makes me sick. lol.

2006-04-20 [iliketoast]: i'll stop the peace *runs in and throws 12 starving crazed angry flesh eating weasles at everyone* hahahaha

2006-04-21 [Ssapzyne Del'Armgo]: *looks at Delhea* Hey... you got weasels on you face...

2006-04-22 [zankou]: get em off!!!!

2006-04-22 [Kalnafein]: It figures I'm gone for eleven days and everyone starts worshipping a Spider or some fruit loop who has a piss ant city . So what have I missed? ::

2006-04-22 [shadow_walker]: nothing much

2006-04-22 [Kalnafein]: we seem to have grown in numbers...

2006-04-23 [Ssapzyne Del'Armgo]: Yes, I'm quite happy about that... spread the word peoples!

2006-04-23 [zankou]: Ill get right on that

2006-04-23 [zankou]: ori'gato naust gyolaen uns'aa!

2006-04-23 [Linn Scarlett]: hmm ive met up with a handfull of drow at the local fantasy event yesterday ^_^

2006-04-24 [zankou]: awesome

2006-04-24 [Ssapzyne Del'Armgo]: sweet... we never have things where I live... sux.

2006-04-24 [Ssapzyne Del'Armgo]: Just a note, because the old banner violated the Art rules, I made a few different ones, check them out!

2006-04-24 [Linn Scarlett]: twas loads of fun. going as Drow to the next event (this august)

2006-04-24 [zankou]: vendui, lu'oh ph'dos?

2006-04-24 [Linn Scarlett]: if you use a translator, atleast remove the innecessary spaces >_<

2006-04-24 [zankou]: im going to speak drow from now on...jugare?

2006-04-24 [Linn Scarlett]: oh and for the message, Ula'zil zuch

2006-04-24 [Kyrinn]: O.o I dont speak Drow...

2006-04-24 [zankou]: usstan kla'ath l' orbb valsharess!

2006-04-24 [zankou]: lol

2006-04-24 [zankou]: nindelen ichl myar...

2006-04-24 [Linn Scarlett]: Telanthaad udossta xanalress zhah'ula xuil unsa *owns the Drowic Classroom

2006-04-24 [Foxspike]: i can speak english.....soon i gotta learn french, dutch and german other wise lol im buggered

2006-04-24 [shadow_walker]: just a question were did you learn to speak drow? any info would be very appriciated

2006-04-24 [Linn Scarlett]: several DnD books have a chapter about it (like the Tome), then there is wikipedia (i recall) and internet itself

2006-04-24 [zankou]: usstan screus dal ussta ilhar....

2006-04-24 [Ssapzyne Del'Armgo]: There are translation sghts if you want a quick translation... I use it a bit more than I wish I did, but until I finish learning Egyptain Hieroglyphics and Spanish I can't handle any more languages

2006-04-25 [Linn Scarlett]: I am working on drowic as often as i can X_X stupid exams

2006-04-25 [shadow_walker]: never mind i google searched it and found a site with a lot of sayings and what they mean stuff like that

2006-04-25 [zankou]: awesome!

2006-04-26 [Ssapzyne Del'Armgo]: do you remember what site it was? I should probably put up a page w/ a bunch of drow websites

2006-04-26 [Linn Scarlett]: yes you should :p

2006-04-26 [shadow_walker]: just a minute and i could tell you

2006-04-26 [shadow_walker]: there you go

2006-04-26 [zankou]: awesome

2006-04-26 [Ssapzyne Del'Armgo]: I've got the page up... there's only 2 or 3 sites there but I'll try to add more. BTW, I added a link to your Drowic Classroom Linn; I hope you don't mind

2006-04-27 [Linn Scarlett]: thats ok

2006-04-27 [zankou]: you should try this one:

2006-04-27 [zankou]: its pretty good..

2006-04-28 [shadow_walker]: yeah but that was blocked at my school

2006-04-28 [zankou]: really?

2006-05-01 [shadow_walker]: yeah the school tightened security because of the rape space thing so most sites are blocked now

2006-05-01 [zankou]: bummer

2006-05-01 [shadow_walker]: yeah tell me about even this site is blocked but i hacked through the fire wall

2006-05-01 [Nuit Darksin]: lol

2006-05-02 [Ssapzyne Del'Armgo]: nice...

2006-05-03 [Foxspike]: rape space the hell is that? and why would some one want to go there?

2006-05-03 [zankou]: sick thrills, i think...

2006-05-03 [shadow_walker]: no thats just an inside joke that some of my friends started after what happened on my space

2006-05-03 [shadow_walker]: you know the email site

2006-05-03 [Linn Scarlett]: tell you what, i just let a half-drow/half-deepdragon make babies with a Glabrezu >_>

2006-05-04 [zankou]: ewww!

2006-05-04 [Linn Scarlett]: No, major drama and damnation! Now I've a Draegloth to cope with >_>

2006-05-05 [zankou]: whats that?

2006-05-05 [Linn Scarlett]: A drow lover that doesnt know what a Draegloth is! shame on you! :p ---though i can't really blame you, only if you are a Llothian :P Draegloths are the unholy offspring of the union of a Llothian priestess with a Glabrezu

2006-05-06 [Nuit Darksin]: *makes snarling face*

2006-05-06 [Linn Scarlett]: *lifts eyebrow* afraid of a mere demon ranger?

2006-05-06 [Linn Scarlett]: also, you might want to know you are breaking the uploading art rules with the image of Gir, better remove it before the guards see it >.>

2006-05-07 [Ssapzyne Del'Armgo]: As long as the demon's mother makes sure it knows its' place, they are not a threat... unless you piss the mother off...

2006-05-07 [Nuit Darksin]: no not afaird just don't like demons is all

2006-05-07 [Linn Scarlett]: *takes it personal* well i guess i don't like you either drizzt :p Well.. my mom is.. away... so to say .... *glowers at her sire* And Craven's mom, well he doesn't like her

2006-05-07 [Linn Scarlett]: he ate her

2006-05-07 [Nuit Darksin]: it's nothing against you it's just had some bad running ins with demons

2006-05-07 [Linn Scarlett]: *growls* Sure it si

2006-05-07 [Nuit Darksin]: it's not i assure you

2006-05-08 [Kalnafein]: ::chuckles:: the children of Lolth laying with wretched Tanar'ri never supirsed me, foul weaklings that they are

2006-05-08 [Linn Scarlett]: *pats Venris on the head* demons are fun :d

2006-05-08 [Kalnafein]: ::scowls:: Only the Demons of the Burning Legion are worth consideration ( Yes I have been playing WC III as of Late)

2006-05-08 [Linn Scarlett]: The Burning Legion sucks ass >.> ((has been playing WoW for a loooong time))

2006-05-08 [zankou]: i happen to be great friends with the balor, Errtu.

2006-05-08 [Linn Scarlett]: Hm, don't mention that you know me to him ok? >.> Him and my sire don't really... like eachother

2006-05-08 [Ssapzyne Del'Armgo]: I jusr got WC III Frozen Throne this weekend... it's pretty cool so far...

2006-05-08 [Linn Scarlett]: ahhh i still need to play that one :) but wow owns

2006-05-08 [Nuit Darksin]: yes WoW does own over all. and the ending for WC 3 is the best

2006-05-08 [Linn Scarlett]: jup :D

2006-05-08 [Nuit Darksin]: love drow hunter my fav job ever

2006-05-09 [Kalnafein]: I prefer the Undead myself and my Fav hero is the Crypt Lord

2006-05-09 [Linn Scarlett]: arthas all the way *does boogy*

2006-05-09 [zankou]: i love the twilight elvs myself..

2006-05-09 [Ssapzyne Del'Armgo]: I prefer the nightelves, though that one High Elf, Sylvanus Windrunner, was a pain in the ass. I'm glad Arthas made her a banshee...

2006-05-10 [Kalnafein]: Night Elves are Knock off Drow... The ONLY Night Elf that is worth keeping around in my eyes would be Illidan Stormrage and that is because he thinks and acts like a true Drow, not some cheap knock off...

2006-05-11 [Ssapzyne Del'Armgo]: They are kinda like Eilistraeeans...

2006-05-12 [Nuit Darksin]: ok whay about drizzt d'urden

2006-05-12 [Kalnafein]: Elune, Eilistraee name slook awefully similair....

2006-05-12 [Linn Scarlett]: same kind of twity followers... i see a pattern >.>

2006-05-12 [Ssapzyne Del'Armgo]: Night elfs worship a goddess of the moon and night... hmmm... must be a coincedence *sarcasm*

2006-05-12 [zankou]: must be... i follow the one God and Mina.

2006-06-06 [Ssapzyne Del'Armgo]: Just curious, but has anyone read the "Realms of the Elves" book?

2006-06-07 [Nuit Darksin]: which one? there's like alot of them

2006-06-07 [Ssapzyne Del'Armgo]: The Anathology edited by Phillip Athans; it has stories by R.A. Salvatore, Ed Greenwood, and a few others

2006-06-07 [Linn Scarlett]: nope, where can i order it?

2006-06-08 [Ssapzyne Del'Armgo]: I think you can find it at pretty much any bookstore. I know it came out pretty recently. Here's the amazon link to it:

2006-06-08 [Nuit Darksin]: that one i never read. i think you might be to able get at the website, barnes and nobles, or books-a-million

2006-06-08 [Linn Scarlett]: me neither *goes to order it on*

2006-06-08 [zankou]: vedui!

2006-06-09 [Linn Scarlett]: Vendui >:)

2006-06-09 [zankou]: how goes it in the underdark?

2006-06-09 [Nuit Darksin]: boring

2006-06-10 [Linn Scarlett]: *nod nod* yes we need some house wars *reads books* -_-

2006-06-10 [Ssapzyne Del'Armgo]: Just a curious question, but does anyone else here think that Baenre has ruled Menzoberranzan too long?

2006-06-10 [Linn Scarlett]: Not really *chuckles* family is family

2006-06-10 [shadow_walker]: thats kinda true baenre has been in control to long but really face what house or houses could match them in militairy strenght?

2006-06-10 [Linn Scarlett]: None really, especially not since several are vessel houses of baerne

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