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Here are the names of all those who have had five (5) or more poems featured on Main Street. They are our Master Poets... You shall all bow to them!


The Master Poets

[*OGD*] - 10
[*Phoenix*] - 5
[-Orion-] - 5
[Amaurost] - 10
[Apollo of Crowingblade] - 5
[Argent Dawn] - 12
[Artsieladie] - 10
[Galax'Or] - 10
[Ayame the Snake] - 6
[Captain Rachel Black] - 5
[Chimes] - 10
[Cillamoon] - 7
[Cliché] - 14
[Codename B] - 5
[Danboo] - 7
[Danno] - 6
[Dark Side of the Moon] - 11
[Dil*] - 9
[elf_fu] - 7
[eterna2] - 5
[Every Rose Has Her Thorn] - 5
[Falx] - 10
[Fifi McFu] - 5
[gaiawingz] - 6
[Giraffe_Spirit] - 6
[iamthejester] - 7
[itoe] - 11
[Jitter] - 6
[FlowerGirl21] - 5
[Kiddalee] - 6
[Lady Chaos] - 13
[Lady Di] - 7
[Linderel] - 11
[Mortified Penguin] - 5
[Melocrie] - 7
[Midoriko] - 5
[Mödi] - 8
[Nikkin] - 6
[OceanBorn] - 5
[Olwen] -5
[Pillowthief] - 6
[Rainbow Dragonflies] - 6
[Ravendust] - 11
[ravenna] - 10
[Rice] - 10
[Robert Mischief] - 9
[kians mummy] - 5
[9jlriexqk,ktpk] - 12
[Sheona] - 7
[Starna] - 5
[Sunrose] - 6
[Susie-Q] - 8
[Tableau Vivant] - 13
[Tekkon KinKreet] - 5
[Teufelsweib] - 6
[the squeegee] - 5
[thoughtfox] - 9
[Tons O' Fun] - 5
[True, plain and simple] - 6
[Tyrana] - 8
[Leb] - 8
[Wes Foxx] - 9
[Ylaraniala Majere] - 7

Those who have had their poetry featured on Main Street 15 times become Grandmaster Poets.


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2006-07-12 [Wes Foxx]: Congratulations, [Linderel], on breaking what seems to be a DP record!

2006-07-12 [True, plain and simple]: Indeed. From the looks of the queue there's a few others that are going to get up there too real soon. :) (And to avoid confusion, [Linderel]'s poems were in the queue from before she was a Daily Poem Boss)

2008-07-19 [LinkTurrner]: how do you get in????????

2008-07-20 [Nite_Owl]: You have to have had at least five poems featured on Mainstreet to become a Master Poet.

2008-07-20 [LinkTurrner]: Ok but how do I get mine up???

2008-07-20 [Linderel]: See the Daily Poem. :)

2008-07-22 [LinkTurrner]: thanks

2008-10-11 [Chetleon]: I think that there should be a new catagory, for people with more than ten poems. But that's just me.

2008-10-11 [Linderel]: Grandmaster Poets - for people with fifteen featured poems. :)

2008-10-13 [Chetleon]: Ah, I see. Now that makes sense.

2008-12-04 [Akayume]: Wahhh! I feel so honored to be listed here!!! :3

2008-12-05 [Chetleon]: Hmmm are there any new additions to the list? I can't tell.

2008-12-05 [Linderel]: Depends on what you mean by 'new' :P

2008-12-06 [Chetleon]: OH, I meant any new names on the list, like first timers.

2008-12-06 [Linderel]: And I meant, 'new' since when? :)
Anyway, the newest addition is [Akayume].
...and since you were the previous one to get up here, of course you'd mean names added after you. Duh. *is obviously braindead*

But anyway, you could find all this out for yourself by using the 'view diff' button. :)

2008-12-06 [Chetleon]: Lol. Okay, I see. . . And I'm only braindead at the most inconvient times.

2008-12-15 [Akayume]: I have a question. (: How many poems do you need to have featured to get the fully colored badge and not the green one? (Like, 10? Orrrrr?)

2008-12-15 [Linderel]: That'd be eight.

2008-12-16 [Akayume]: Okay! :D I must have overlooked where ever that has been said before. >___<' I'm sorry, pardon moi.

2008-12-16 [Linderel]: It's probably not even said anywhere but on Donors... <_<

2009-02-02 [Junko987]: why don't they make pages devoted to the master poets' poetry?

2009-02-02 [Chetleon]: I actually agree with Elizabeth on this one, it's difficult to view older poems. I think we need a wiki for that.

2009-02-03 [Linderel]: We'll think about it.

2009-02-03 [Junko987]: It would make a lot of sense on your part.

2009-02-03 [Linderel]: Why don't you tell me your reasons for thinking that. :)

2009-02-05 [Junko987]: Because it would show other people why they won. What got them to be Master Poets, ya know?

2009-02-05 [Linderel]: ...there is no such thing as 'winning' involved in this feature. <_< And personally, I'm not so fond of the idea of displaying my earliest featured poems on an official page.

2009-02-06 [Nite_Owl]: Haha, it would be kinda weird ^^'

2009-02-09 [Doormat]: I facepalm every time I read my older poems.

2009-02-09 [Linderel]: The things that once were the culmination of our talent... xD

2009-02-09 [Junko987]: you don't have to feature the oldest stuff. but you should display the new stuff that's being featured.

2009-02-09 [True, plain and simple]: Why can't people just use the search functionality provided on the poem feature page to search if they're that interested in seeing those poems?

2009-03-02 [Leb]: *dumb question* How do you become a Master Poet? The limit for entries on Daily Poem is four, so where does the other one(s) (the fifth one and beyond) come from?

2009-03-02 [Linderel]: The limit only means that you can have four poems on the submission page at any one time. When the submissions are moved to the queue, you can enter more. :)

2009-03-02 [Leb]: OOOh! :)

2009-03-02 [Nite_Owl]: To answer your question, you become an official Master Poet once you've had 5 poems featured. The badges change periodically at different numbers of features, though.

2009-07-07 [Tickle Me Emo]: It appears that I am the exception, though, because this page says I've only been featured four times :)

2009-07-07 [Linderel]: Ah, whoops. I forgot to change the number after your username. xD

2009-07-07 [Tickle Me Emo]: Haha, I figured it was something like that. Thanks for fixing it!

2009-07-22 [Chetleon]: Ya know, To Elizabeth's (Junko987) question, or opinion, I think I have a great compromise, why not ask the poets if or what selected poems they would like selected as they're "contribution" to the Master Poet's Catalogue, and let it be their choice as to whether or not they even want to participage.
I'm just saying, if the idea's even still floating around, if it's not just ignore it, because I don't think the idea's very plausible.

2010-07-03 [Akayume]: I have a question. When does your badge upgrade to being in colour when you're on this list?

2010-07-03 [Linderel]: Upon reaching your eighth feature.

2010-07-03 [Akayume]: D'accord. (: Thank you!

2011-02-06 [Chetleon]: Wow, I've reached the big 12 mark.

2011-03-04 [Ravendust]: So... I've been featured five times. My question is- should my badge have changed to this one with color, then?

2011-03-04 [Linderel]: No. The badges are graded. The first featured poem gives you a green Daily Poet badge, the third one gives you the coloured version. The fifth poem gives you a green Master Poet badge, which will gain colours upon the eighth featuring. So on and so forth.

It might have proven useful to read previous comments on this page.

2011-03-04 [Ravendust]: ah, mmkay, I wasn't really sure how that worked, sorry I didn't take the time to really look back and it'd probably have been smarter to do so.

2012-02-27 [Rice]: Since I'm at 8 features, do I get a shiny badge? :O

2012-02-27 [wicked fae mage]: Yes, you do. I'm just not capable of badging you.

2012-02-27 [Rice]: That's fine, I don't mind waiting.

2012-02-27 [Ravendust]: I'm at 8 features too :o ^^

2012-02-27 [Flisky]: I got it, Rice. :)

2012-02-27 [Rice]: <3U

2012-04-22 [Deus Ex Taco]: 11. Soon.

2012-04-30 [Tickle Me Emo]: Oh yah, me too! I think I guest-booked [wicked fae mage] about having 14 features but my badge only saying 13... not like it's a big deal or anything! But I am just SO CLOSE to Grandmasterhood!

2012-04-30 [wicked fae mage]: And I apologize for all of you that my privs don't let me edit others' badge slots yet. :(

2012-05-02 [Flisky]: Fixed it. ^_^

2012-05-02 [Tickle Me Emo]: @[wicked fae mage] it's totally understandable! Not a problem at all, no need to apologize :) I think mine was already behind anyway XD

And thank you, [Flisky]! :3

2012-07-03 [Ravendust]: 5 to go before I can become a grandmaster poet, awesome! :D

2012-12-29 [LIL_ELF_GURL14]: only 9 more to go till im a grandmaster aha.

2013-01-07 [Deus Ex Taco]: SO

2013-01-07 [Deus Ex Taco]: CLOSE

2013-03-26 [kians mummy]: oh yeah lol. :)

2013-03-26 [kians mummy]: it's on the wrong place though as it's not in s Category lol. :)

2013-03-26 [kians mummy]: Also how come I don't have the right badge? :)

2013-03-27 [Ravendust]: [kians mummy] - you do have the right badge, the more poems that get featured the more detail the badge gets. The one shown here is the completed master poet badge.

2013-03-27 [Linderel]: As for being in the wrong place, sammie, that's what you get for changing your name. :P The alphabetic order isn't automatic; every time someone changes their handle we have to shuffle the lists manually.

2013-03-27 [Linderel]: There. Fix'd.

2013-03-27 [kians mummy]: Thanks to the both of you. :)

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