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Username: [Nite_Owl]
Character name: Marcus Machitis III
Gender: Male
Age: 26
Class/Rank: Knight of the Militia of Atrophar
Appearance: With light brown hair and hazel eyes, he looks like the average man without his armor. However, although having nothing to stand out for his appearance, most anyone in the Empire could tell you his name easily. Being the head knight of the militia for the Emperor’s protection and saving their leader’s life on more than one occasion has given Marcus a good strong name and reputation to uphold. His polished military armor and green tunic give away the title of an official, especially with the eagle badge on the left breast. His own family’s crest rests both on his shield and tunic: a serpent encircling an emblem of luck, loyalty, and wisdom. Most of the time he dislikes his armor as it inhibits his movement and ability to fight. However, his precious sword never leaves his side.
Personality: He his kind and helpful, but extremely defensive and protective of others, especially his childhood friend Yalesigna. The people united under the late Emperor see him as being a great leader one day and trust him. He loves to joke and smile and laugh, and always tries to cheer people up (which he usually accomplishes). Underneath this good-natured mask, however, he is a serious fighter and does not hesitate to kill if necessary.
Weapons/Magic/Skills: Marcus’ main and favored weapon is a long sword passed down through the last three generations of his family, a prized possession that aids him well. He is extremely skilled and agile in battle despite the weight of such a blade, and he is definitely a difficult opponent to defeat. Apart from this, he can wield nearly any weapon, although he is not nearly as skilled with others as the long sword. In fact the only other weapons he can decently use are a bow, which he rarely carries with him unless it is to be used for hunting, and throwing daggers for long range (these he usually carries with him into battle as a precaution).
History: Marcus was born into a noble family and lived well without ever knowing true poverty or hopelessness. His father, Marcus II, was very good friends with the High Priest, and so he grew to be very close to Yalesigna at a young age; being an only child, Yale to him was like a sister. As Marcus grew older, the two saw each other less and less as they filed into their separate roles and expectations took over their lives. He trained hard ad long for several years until just after his seventeenth birthday when he joined the army to aid the Emperor (another dear friend of his father’s). With his good name and skill he rose steadily in rank to the top as Bourgian’s personal guard. Over just a few years, when thing began to tense in the empire, Marcus defended their leader successfully many times over until the dreaded assassination of both the Emperor and many of his officials, one of which was his elderly father. From then on, Marcus became a loyal activist for the Immaculates and was dubbed leader by his former Lord’s brother. He swears he will not return to Lucenbourne until their mission has been carried out and Atrophar is brought to peace once more.
Other/Details: Marcus can generally be seen with his seemingly ageless hound, Skylos, who is half-jokingly rumored to be the embodiment of his late father with all the entailed loyalty and respect. Also, Marcus has a strange fascination with nature, especially trees.

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