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Welcome to the Manga And Anime Lovers Unitedhomepage!
All are welcome to join...only on one must absolutly love manga and anime. So lay back, relax, and have fun!!!!!

Members of this wiki:

1)[.X.X.Lips Of Deceit.X.X.]The one and only creator of this wiki.
2)[Hey unfaithful.]Anime and manga rox my sox!
3)[une histoire d'amour]
4)[I Want to Be Bella, And I Want My Edward]/[lost soul 13]
5)[Chaotic Serenity]Anime and manga so pwn Western comics. ^^

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Still working on page...please be patient and pleaase feel free to help!

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2005-12-26 [taylorrr]: Have you SEEN how mean all the people on [Anime Sucks] are being???? THEY REFERRED TO MANGA AS DOS BULLOCKS!!!!! And they called me a talentless ignoramous....

2006-01-27 [Fatal Warfare]: you should tell them to respect you authority

2006-07-18 [The all powerful Midori]: can I give a suggestion? Could there be a 'Elftowners mangas' page where, if you have a manga you've created, you can put the realted wiki and then people can go and see what you've done?

2007-04-08 [Raven Skye]: I love anime and Manga can i get some 1 2 sign me up

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