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Username: [Talos Cyrion]

Name: Malek dornsen

Age: Unknown

Siding: Corus' rebellion

Rank: Soldier

Race: Sea Elf/deamon sorcerer

Appearance: Typicaly tall (6'6), pale skin, auburn hair that reaches past his shoulders with fiery green eyes. Simple, yet formal attire. As a Shadow seer he wears bright, checkered cloths that array a dazzling pattern of colors. This is accompanied by a helm that hides his entire face and head, giving in battle the terrifying visage of a silent and faceless killer.

Abilities: Shadow assasin, he manipulates light and sound to dissorient his attackers, combining this with his abilities as a water elemental and a skilled swordsman to be one of the deadliest assasins alive.

Personality: Secretive, and quiet. Speaking rarely unless spoken to, and commited to whatever task he has set at himself at. When he does speak his voice is deep and subtle.

Weapons: Four gold hilted katanas that he wears on his back, and a serated, poisoned whip he wears at his side that is easily capable of slicing through even thick armor. Throwing knives and stars are also kept with him, also poisoned tipped.

History: Malek became the Shadow seer after, by stroke of fate or sheer luck, killing the former Shadow seer an a brief but harrowing fight. Since then he has either served as a hit man for higher much like his predescesor or when it suits him he simply resides at his home by the sea overlooking Deidad Island. He knows of Turan very well, for he poisoned the elf and very nearly killed him all those years ago.

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2010-07-15 [Eyden13]: Ok put rank as soldier, choose one side, and then add a link back to Tyradias then you set. ^-^

2010-07-15 [Talos Cyrion]: okie, i think i might wait to introduce him till the next special event

2010-07-17 [Eyden13]: K

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